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  1. IMO... Seth will be here next year regardless of the out come of the UTSA game. Wren has said (paraphrase)..."I'm paid to be the one who doesn't get excited..." or something like that.. Look at the AAC announcement when he and Neal were happy as a puppy with two peters.
  2. My heart says your right but my mind says we gotta chance...too much green Koolaid.
  3. Hey...Im with you. Two bad teams ...one playing real bad. But I want NT to win tonight and next weekend.
  4. Aune haters must be going nuts by the game announcers commentary.
  5. Now Google can be wrong but a quick search says UNT. Perhaps buried in the paperwork it might differ.
  6. I'm pulling for the road birds this weekend. They win... there will be lots of pressure on them for the magical 12 win season. All that pressure can lead to mental instability. Down side to a win here...Seth will be back for sure...IMO.
  7. That must be some powerful Green Koolaid being pasted around.....
  8. If they were that terrible they wouldn't of won the game. Below average...yes.
  9. UTSA....The pressure won't be on NT...its on UTSA. I know they will probably take us out to the barn but can they over come the mental task of going 12-0 and that last game a against a team that's possibly there number one rivalry??
  10. This statement is questionable from past experience.
  11. His opinion....unfortunately it's my opinion also. I just have no faith Wren will pull the trigger...maybe I'm wrong.
  12. I seem to remember a different story but the basic scenario remains true. But here's the story.. "Mason Fine - Wikipedia" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mason_Fine#Recruitment
  13. The best thing Seth has done at NT is hire Graham Harrell who found and signed Mason Fine. When Harrell left the wheels started shaking and when Mason graduated they fell off.
  14. I'm a Tuesday MAC fan or whatever conference happens to be playing on Tuesday night.
  15. Aune...he's apparently our immediate future though.
  16. So Seth can beat bad teams...I've known this for a couple of years. I just wish he could beat .500+ teams.
  17. Run the table till they get to NT...then divine intervention takes place.
  18. Would getting our arse kicked one more time in a bowl game move us forward...lol???
  19. So a quick search shows Vanderbilt AD is the highest paid AD, 3 million plus-April 2021, and it drops from there with mostly P5 AD's making a million plus and not alot of them. Wren is in the park.( Williams past away in 2019..the AD it's referring to at Vanderbilt) Google has lied to me before though. https://work.chron.com/much-money-athletic-directors-d1-schools-make-30835.html
  20. This is not about Seth as a person but as Head Coach and primary leader of UNT Football. Most businesses can't sustain a 3 year run of losing money without some type of re-organization that includes leadership change. He's now a millionaire, thanks to North Texas, and he'll be fine...
  21. Seth maybe here next season but the only reason I can see that happening is the money required to pay him off...
  22. I'm sure Judy is a great administrator....just not a great leader.
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