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  1. This has been asked on several threads and I've yet to see a official explanation..
  2. I'll say it again..... FIVE BOWL GAMES AND SETH CAN'T WIN ONE OF THEM. Wren....do you not see a pattern here?
  3. Five Bowl games and this HFC can't win one of them..
  4. UNT wins...or better. This will be Seth's 5th Bowl and yet has no victories. It will be a long off season for him if he fails again. NT-45 UM/O-less than 45
  5. I believe they still use a point system. Points = season tickets and number of years you had them...other bowl games etc that you bought from NT Ticket Office.. Hence the more points the better the seats. Yea...sometimes the prices are a little more.
  6. No....this is Texas. They move Bowls here when other states are fearful.
  7. Man...this returning topic is a beat down. REALITY...Seth will be here next year. IMO Wren has already made that decision....look at the AAC announcement. For those who want a new HFC may I suggest loosening those purse strings and donate wads of cash to the Atheltic Department to ensure You have Wren's ear.
  8. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-rankings-CBS-Sports-ranks-all-130-teams-after-conference-championship-weekend-177733399/ Ranking after Championship Weekend.. 21...nUTSAc 77...UTEP???? 87...UNT 89...Miami (Ohio)
  9. NT Ticket Office ph# 940 565 2527
  10. Well...lets see what happens after the NT ticket office start their sales...
  11. I will be attending...regardless of the opponent. If this team makes it 6 in a row....I want to see it in person.
  12. This game was a Prime Example of "Premature Gloat".....
  13. I'll wait to see how Aune does in the Bowl Game before throwing him under the bus. I know who we played these last 5 games but IMO receivers and QB have gotten the routes down better. Austin has thrown some good balls and also has managed the last couple of games better.
  14. Back when we were boiling the tar and raiding the chicken coops at 1 and 6... I said he had to win out...including a bowl. But that was before UTSA was ranked I believe. Regardless....Seth made a statement for his cause yesterday.
  15. This"in my opinion" has developed into a rivalry that will grow for both schools SMU...move over. So our arrival in the AAC we will have two immediate rivals.
  16. IMO.... Wren was never going to fire SL this year unless the wheels fell completely off. THEY DIDN'T.
  17. Counting our chickens before the eggs have hatched?????
  18. This will be entertaining to watch as this plays out......
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