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  1. Wish he would of played in the Frisco Classic last Dec.. When your number one offensive threat decides not to play guess what happens?? .
  2. Lose to UTEP we start 1&4....thats not going to get Seth another year with several big conference games coming up. El Paso is make or break for SL. IMO Not a big SL fan but but I'm hoping for a win in El Paso. It's just more fun winning.
  3. All that money and they couldn't even keep their last HFC at Smut. Hmmmm.....I venture to say there are cracks the the dam.
  4. No thanks...but having spent two years assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector and Del Rio Sector of the US Border Patrol I kind of have a sense of the dire consequences of what's happening there. Just a joke about the disaster of our present policies.
  5. Just stand at the border and make all the illegals go to the game before being released back into the public...
  6. NIL will eventually implode. Anytime money becomes involved, especially at this level in what's suppose to be amateur sports, the worst personal traits become dominate in the mad rush to get more money. Just my opinion
  7. SMU has had one since the 80's.
  8. That first game will determine SL future.....just my opinion....
  9. Expect SmuT to be the top of G5 when it comes to FB and paying players. They have extensive experience.....
  10. Your Kool Aid must be a little more stout than mine...at least better than 6 wins. But that first game is quickly becoming a pressure game and SL doesn't do good to often in pressure games of late.
  11. Pretty soon we will hear.." I'm here to play FB/BB or whatever.....not go to school.....just show me the MONEY"!!!
  12. If that is a correct prediction a bowl win might be hard to come by.
  13. Frankly...I don't give a damn where Smut ends up! I'll trade Smut for CSU, AF, Army, LaTech any day just to shut them up!
  14. When they say DFW they include TCU, North Texas, and pretty much any University in the Metroplex.
  15. Did they put the name of the player on the back of the jersey?
  16. It's tailgating is elite only in the minds of Smut....
  17. Another semi-pro farm team..
  18. I said months ago that this game will be a mental marker for which ever team wins. Game is important to both teams.
  19. Cali Governor Newsome sez he may step in to the fray of these two schools leaving to go into B10...this may get more interesting. Sorry..left out he was referring to UCLA.
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