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  1. Do students still get free tickets to athletic events? Didn't the student body vote for these fees?
  2. RBP79


    A thankyou from MGSF and Sean-Thomas Faulker #25.
  3. The way I read the several post before mine......
  4. So if it's that easy why isn't everyone doing it....just wondering out loud
  5. All these pre-season rankings are all over the place. I'm fine being ranked this low cause it means we'll surprise a few people IMO.
  6. When you come on here I know your either bored and no life, UH continues to suck or your just plain jealous. But I always appreciate a good laugh.
  7. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2022/05/12/record-setting-quarterback-grant-gunnell-transfers-to-north-texas?ref=article_preview_ 3 years left..
  8. Amazing that money would screw good intentions like this up....."Show Me The Money!!"
  9. The UTEP game being moved to the first game of the season will be a ball buster for the loser. I see it as a toss up presently.
  10. Seth got lucky when Phil agreed to come to NT.
  11. I hope we don't bust his bubble with that 30000 number....
  12. Commitment has been replaced by financial gain Teamwork replaced by "I" /"Me"
  13. They make the rules....if you don't think the Transfer Portal and NIL are disrupting college athletics....just hang around a bit longer.
  14. NCAA is successfully destroying themselves/amateur athletics.
  15. I can't spare you...DeAndre not playing was a major blow to the offense. Not to mention a couple of stupid defensive blunders by players who have since departed. I do agree this coming season doesn't get me excited.
  16. Well...I'm one of the few who believe play the big boys often enough (referring to football) and you'll eventually get the talent. Ie...BSU, Cincinnati, even FSU back in my day.
  17. NIL creates Semi-Pro league. NT, as well as the majority of universities, will never compete with OU, Texas, and the Alabama's of the P5's.
  18. Winning will bring in the money. Unfortunately our recent history isn't there. This coming Football Season has a lot of riding on it and at the present time many have little confidence in its success.
  19. Will remain optimistic for the coming FB season until this team proves otherwise. Also....when your main offensive weapon bows out of your bowl game your probably not going to have the out come you were hoping for. And it doesn't help when some on the defensive side make stupid mistakes.
  20. Maybe the garage sale will be prior to opening FB season. Last one I went to you could pick up your tickets and parking pass at the same time. I know everything is digital...lol. I still go and get my tickets printed off. It's just easier and faster for me.
  21. And our number is 55... https://collegefootballnews.com/list/hoops-helmets-2022-college-football-basketball-combined-rankings-1-130
  22. The same arguments made for NT not joining the MWC could be made for schools jumping from Big12 to the PAC. Perhaps it would be just as advantageous for PAC to join Big 12..lol. Just my opinion.
  23. If I remember correctly...Brandon "Booger" Kennedy was deemed too small also. His height hurt him but how fast he could get body moving was impressive.
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