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  1. You get a down vote for the truth...hummm 13 points in the first half...thats a killer
  2. I'm Masochistic in regards to NT football...I'll renew but at the last minute.
  3. I still maintain his absence in the Bowl cost NT the game.....IMO
  4. Anything less than 8 wins plus a bowl win and Seth is out of here...maybe 9 regular seasons wins plus bowl. I don't want to hear...he doesn't have the players yet or yet another "Re-building Year". We seem to of been re-building now for a couple of years since MF departed. Just my opinion.....
  5. CUSA is dead in the water. Judy is reactive not proactive and until they terminate her this conference will suffer.
  6. They're just testing a weak commissioner....kind of similar to what can happen in politics....lol
  7. If YOU, not me, want to drop to FCS maybe they could sell Apogee to Denton ISD and just rent one of their smaller stadiums. Cause your blowin smoke if you think UNT could put 10000 people in the stands. Talk about a fan base that would lose interest.....
  8. At some point lower tier universities in FBS will find a legal remedy requiring athletes to sign some type of contract that enable them to recover monies spent on scholarships etc from those who hit the portal and a share of NIL. Pandora's Box was open and it's going to be hard to close.
  9. Wren knows more about basketball than he does about football. I know he's been involved with several winning football programs but his background is basketball. Is NT just part of his learning curve and he'll figure it out? If so...we're paying the price right now.
  10. The NCAA has opened Pandora's box..
  11. "It's all about me me me"........ Screw the TEAM and my obligation to them. Where's my participation trophy? Give me some down votes!!
  12. I'm I'm sure next year's football opponents look at NT as a probable win.
  13. Guess another RE-BUILDING year after year. Tired of it Wren. Signed: Another season ticket holder
  14. Hmmm..Guess when your leading rusher doesn't play makes no difference. 32 attempts for 80+ rushing and 32 or so attempts at passing .... I thought this team relied on rushing to move the ball.
  15. Well not defending SL but our #1 RB decided not to play in the Bowl Game which changed the offensive game plan. If he played I feel certain the outcome would of been different.... I would of been begging him to play...maybe Seth did.
  16. Guess they believe once NT enters the AAC we will bring more fans to there game.
  17. Can I support the team BUT NOT THE HFC?
  18. This right here Mr. Vito!!! But that not what today's Journalism does.
  19. This team needs to get use to adversity or should be use to it...one or the other. They still have at least one more year of Adversity....
  20. FCS....my god.....all these Universities wanting to move up to FBS and we have fans wanting to move down. I say "Hell No".
  21. We have infinite threads about firing the HFC.....
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