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  1. These deals are a two way street, I suspected that schools further away geographically would be the first to reach out to other conferences.
  2. Doubt it will happen, the P5 schools will want to be in a power conference with other caliber schools. And a new conference means all those media revenues are up in the air.
  3. whats going to be left of the former Big12 is not a power conference, and I dont see them adding the right schools to become one.
  4. I dont think expectations are very high for this season, 3 or 4 wins seems to be the consensus. I think is more dependent on how those losses go. are the games close? is the team putting up a lot of points? is the team taking bad penalties?
  5. I wouldnt discount basketball, there is a lot of media revenue there, and you could make the argument that the remaining B12 teams will have a better media draw with basketball rather then football.
  6. I think this will end up being more of the Pac12 learning from the mistakes of the Big12... With KU and WV probably gone, the B12 is no longer a power conference. I think the remaining schools need to sort this out sooner then later while they still have some value.
  7. at least 1 P5 at home, maybe a gimme game to get the season rolling, wouldnt mind seeing some of those mid majors in Denton
  8. with out Texas and OU, that TV deal will be nothing close to what it used to be.
  9. I dont see the remaining schools as a P5 conference anymore, because they will not generate the media revenue with out Texas and OU. Iowa st. might go to the Big10, and WV is looking to leave too, then the B12 is down to 6 schools. Its going to be hard enough to generate any revenue with 8 schools let alone 6.
  10. that $37 million a year per school for media rights is not going to happen with out Texas and OU in the Big12 It does seem that ESPN does not view the remaining schools in the B12 as a power conference, clearly they see more media money in adding them to the AAC.
  11. The AAC has the TV deal, if they can add a school like Baylor or OSU that would mean a lot of more revenue. The Big12 deal with espn/fox is up in the air, and the revenue is certainly going to decrease by a lot with out Texas and OU.
  12. Would be nice to see UNT in the AAC, but as it sits right now the MWC is probably the better fit. Big12 revenues have been in decline, and will drop even more with out Texas and OU. Iowa State probably moves to the Big10, VW will probably look for a new home, and those revenues will sink even more. At which point the AAC might become the better revenue generating conference. It seems most are focused on football, but I think out basketball program is the key to moving up to a better conference.
  13. Pac12 has a media marketing advantage because of the time zone... plus I dont see that conference being any better then the current AAC. and you would think that at least one or two of those left over B12 schools will leave... whats that conference look like if Tech were to join the pac12, or Iowa state joins the Big10?
  14. why would they move to the B12, if they all stay in the AAC they would be in the better conference... especially knowing that every school left in the B12 is looking for a better conference.
  15. I dont see the left overs in the B12 being a stronger conference then the AAC going forward. 1. Every school left in the B12 is going to be looking to jump ship. 2. I don't see many conference games with bit TV ratings left in the B12. 3. Not playing those big TV games against Texas and OU will hurt the recruiting of the remaining schools. If the AAC picks up one or two schools from the B12 then they will look like an even better conference
  16. With out Texas and OU would the Big 12 still be a P5 conference? knowing that those schools that are left might all be trying to leave it, why would any AAC schools then want to join it? The AAC would certainly look like a stronger conference.
  17. Would the Big12 even survive Texas and OU leaving? I could see this leading to a massive split, and probably a new conference all together.
  18. the Big12 need Texas more then Texas needs the Big12. I think any other conference would love to have Texas, sure the Longhorn network could be an issue, but could probably be worked out.
  19. I agree the MWC would be the best option should UNT leave CUSA in its current alignment. however I also think our basketball program might be key to joining a new conference
  20. A national TV game against Marshal and people don't like it??? We should be thankful for what we get, our football program has not exactly been a major media draw out side of a P5 game, and expectations for the coming season are not great. If people want to change things, it starts with getting butts in seats at the stadium, a Friday night game might actually be easier for some students to attend.
  21. for a big enough organization it might work, but for how long? TV and cable TV are are dying out, everything is moving to app based subscription or pay-per-view content. I think the first conference that can cut out the middle man, and offer a QUALITY direct to consumer streaming service, will have a massive advantage for the next 50 years.
  22. This is great for the program, some decent opponents likely on national TV.
  23. UH was a #2 seed in NCAA march Madness... Its more then football, basketball brings in a ton on money for these schools
  24. I dont see UNT ever being in the some conference as SMU, it wouldn't make sense in the same local media market. I think its more likely that we see a major realignment of G5 schools when the TV contracts allow.
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