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  1. I actually go all the way through the queue and it told me tickets were unavailable.
  2. had an issue with cookies, then a restarted it and was in some sort of waiting room, then it took me back to a page that said there is an issue with cookies.... I have check to make sure cookies is activated. no use. come on... the fact that it is this complicated turns people off from attending games
  3. Will the university arrange buses from Denton for students? I seem to recall them doing so for the HOD bowl last time, as well as away games at SMU in the past (though it did not seem so at the most recent smu game).
  4. I am going to guess 7,000-8,000 people in the stands... The hype that was around the team during the last HOD bowl does not seem to be there this season, The game is on a Thursday afternoon even though its 2 days before Christmas I can see a lot of people having to work that day
  5. A sell out would be nice, but I am not counting on one or anything close. The fan base has not been there the last couple seasons, will a bowl game in Fricso bring them back?
  6. will it be on TV or streamed anywhere?
  7. Patterson was obviously frustrated with the evolution of college sports with regards to the transfer portal and nil. Even though TCU is in a P5 conference they still loose players and coaches to bigger name programs. This makes it very hard to develop players over more then one season, programs have to think shorter development for their players. UNT is in the same position, always at risk of loosing quality personal to bigger named programs.
  8. 2014 was a different time... over the last 18 months or so the world has changed, we have gotten used to watching everything at home on a variety of ever improving devises. It just seems like fewer and fewer people are attending big events these days. Dont get me wrong, I would love to see a sell out, however they will need to promote the hell out of this game to make that happen.
  9. Really 16K in Frisco on a Tuesday night??? I would expect maybe half that. UNT didn't bring anything close to that to SMU and that game was on a Saturday with perfect weather conditions.
  10. This has not been a great season for attendance at UNT games... realistically what would the UNT turn out look like for the Frisco Bowl?
  11. I thought getting to 4 wins would secure his job for next season. Another issue, what happens next year if the program takes a step back, prior to going int to the 2023 season in the AAC? A coaching change would impact recruiting and the transfer portal, I am not sure thats the best way to enter a new conference.
  12. which ESPN channel will the game be on? I'll be tailgating at the Cowboy's game, just want to make sure I bring the right device to watch the game on my TV.
  13. anyone know of any Dallas options for watching the game??? dont think I have ESPN3
  14. I said tech was the exception. Liberty was still a better team, even with their back up. Would a better coach have won that game? Maybe. though you could say the same thing about a better QB.
  15. All the games that they lost were to much better teams (with the exception of tech). Its easy to let that go to players heads when they know they are out matched.
  16. will the game be streamed anywhere?
  17. I think he keeps his job.. at this point I do not see the school buying him out and hiring a new coach, I dont think the money is there right now.
  18. the Basketball forum needed a sneaker thread... noticed Vern was wearing Pine Green Jordan 3's at the game, while coach had some Jordan 1's on
  19. Remember they have to pay him either way, so if they hire another coach then they would essentially be paying for 2 head coaches, not to mention what happens to the rest of the staff. I think he has a decent shot at keeping his job based on that already, so unless they get blown out by UTEP or FIU I think he sticks around.
  20. I always want a win, however I thought this would be a 3 win team coming into the season... that said, I think he probably keeps his job with 1 more win. SL has a contract and is owed money for next season either way... Should the school find a hire a suitable coach, that coach would probably want a similar salary and maybe more to bring in his own staff... I just do not see the spending that kind of money right now.
  21. will the game be on TV or streaming?
  22. as bad as SL might be, if he is fired now then the team probably doesn't win another game the rest of the season. I think with SL they have a shot at winning 1 or 2 more games. plus you have to pay him anyway, so whats the up side to firing him now?
  23. the transfer portal and the NIL have not been kind to their program, I think thats less on GP and more on the fact that TCU is not a major player when it comes to power schools.
  24. He is the type of coach I think UNT should be looking for, has had success in a power conference, knows how to build a program. However it does not seem like patterson has passion for the game right now. also I am not so sure UNT is prepared to do what it takes to bring in a coach of his caliber.
  25. I thought this was a 3 win team coming into the season, so I do not necessarily see him getting sacked even if he only wins 3... To my knowledge there are not a lot of proven coaches lining up for the UNT job, so what are the realistic options to replace SL? Every time a coaches name gets brought up on the forums, it seems to get shot down immediately... they say the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence, but is there even grass on the other side of this?
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