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  2. How has UNT cut down on the number of P5 teams? There still seems to be one on the schedule every year right now through the year 2030 outside of 2023. Since 2008, we have played 2 "P5" programs in the same season twice. That's 2 of the last 11 seasons. Now the concept of the scheduling has changed as far as literally always going to them outside of 2003 Baylor, but the games vs those opponents are still intact. We are still playing "opportunity" games vs Mizz and ATM as well. But now we have H/H's vs the likes of Tech, Baylor and Cal.
  3. My point was, at least in my case, "honestly and integrity" was instilled in me and my three siblings at a very early age by my immigrant Father. And I still live by those two words......until I die.
  4. Do we have a shot with this guy still? 247 is showing him pretty interested in us and a few others. Would be our top or one of the higher rated commits if so.
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  6. This hasn't come with age. My parents stressed that your word had to be true or people wouldn't trust you. I've tried to live that way, and think it is a thought of the past now with many.
  7. DRC: UNT will have its best shot when it hosts Houston and will also travel to Cal. Basketball season could also offer opportunities https://dentonrc.com/sports/unt-summer-questions-series-no----can-unt/article_dcef4029-0980-5911-a1f5-e7d5cb3f7d03.html
  8. Save yourself some time. Go to 48:30. You're welcome. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  9. Love it, and I know that is how this comes across. Guess I am officially now "old school." Thinking about changing my screen name to Old Blue.
  10. we really need to get out of DFW to get our players some shine for the NFL draft.
  11. Everything about this is funny to me. On the last episode (for now) of Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, the hosts have on the editor for the big Athlon College Football preview mag to which they contribute and gauge Steven Godfrey's reactions to the way-too-early bowl projections in real time: We show up about 48:30 in here: https://megaphone.link/VMP5716226326 Projection: Heart of Dallas Bowl First Responders Bowl, UNT vs TCU at SMU's Gerald J. Ford Stadium. Let that sink in for a moment. The irony, schadenfreude, whatever you want to call it would be delicious. Also, I think it would be an amazing matchup and frankly well-attended game. Win win wins all around. The podcasters also make a joke of how many players TCU would be willing to trade for Mason Fine. Fun stuff.
  12. Well, unfortunately the Green Brigade has joined them in doing (with apologies to Little Eva) the "suck-a-motion" when it comes to being a top notch College Band...….like they used to be before Dr. Winslow (and his ilk) took over. Here is something that I dream of hearing the North Texas fans doing at the end of every game..... Our Alma Mater is much better......and has an original melody.....unlike the "I've Been working on the railroad" crowd.
  13. We should have made Apogee a dome like the freaking Rangers are doing because its just too hot. Maybe we can have the football team play flag or two below until the weather cools to a more comfortable temperature. How did our band ever survive in the past before the invention of the khaki shorts/black socks look?
  14. How about wearing the uniform of the band like every other band in America does?
  15. I think that the khaki shorts are the killer of the look. Why not green shorts, white polos and a green cap. Case settled.
  16. Does it have to be non-lethal? If I can be guaranteed to see it happen.....not really sure what would be left in life after that.
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