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  2. We need to stop our stocking of this kid. He is chasing a dream. We can look back in four years and go man we dodged that one when he has transferred and hit the Juco ranks
  3. The recycled vernacular in the world of football does not stop at coachspeak.
  4. Me as well. Its down to the ineptitude or laziness of the support staff at the pit. Not sure if they work for the AD or facilities. On a side note, can we get an adult behind each basket that pays attention and knows when and how to wipe the floor? Every game we have someone that slips and falls hard on the floor. Surely we can hire some UNT students for every game, men's and women's, instead of children.
  5. Sounds like an 18 regurgitating what every coach says to him.
  6. I’m not sure I follow. The kids today grew up in a different world than I did. The kids that went to school when I did likely wouldn’t care what an OC did or didn’t do 3 jobs ago. And I don’t see how any particular thing could be important to every single one of them short of the university shutting down.
  7. He sounds like season mode NCAA 2014. Pretty basic.
  8. The thing that rubs me the wrong way is how he went about it. He talked about family, about leaving a legacy, about how he committed to us because he didn’t want to be someone’s backup plan and sure as shit when a P5 comes calling, we become the backup plan. Reminds me a bit of Garrison (Johnson?) last year.
  9. Today’s kids are the same ones that went to school when you did. This is very important to all of them.
  10. I mean I get it. I get that playing at UNT gives him a better chance at success bc of the level of competition. I just have a problem wishing failure on someone that hasn’t even made it out of high school. anyways, I’m tired of talking about the kid. I think we still have a nice QB room as of now with one being a grown man lol
  11. On my phone. Easier to screenshot then link 2 tweets.
  12. These kids get all excited to move far away from home in a different state and usually end up coming back. I wish him the best but it’s sad that you come visit a recruit when you don’t even have an OC. Embarrassing
  13. Let this shit go!!! So tired of seeing things about this kid. Wish him the best and if we ever play him I hope we beat him like everyone we play. Can we talk about something and someone with substance please.
  14. I don’t think the ones that watch football would care as long as we win. The only students that would throw a fit would be the ones that have never stepped foot in Apogee Stadium. The ones that wanted to block the athletics fee, those types.
  15. Good lord, let's let it go. Kid isn't coming here. He's this years garrick Johnson. Committed but was never sold and continued to try to upgrade. I'm out on him, wish him the best and when he's ready to get out of Florida or Mississippi to come home MAYBE we would want him. Let's move on to guys that are interested in us.
  16. Bro we need linemen and corners. Not QBs looking for stars.
  17. https://thespun.com/sec/mississippi/lane-kiffin-jeff-lebby-ole-miss-oc-hire-ucf
  18. We will never know but it would’ve been interesting to see. Alec Morris wasn’t that good and instead of putting in a 160lb Fine, it is reasonable to assume Seth could’ve chosen to put in Starkel. All indications from Littrell and Fine were that the intention was to redshirt Fine in 2016 so he could develop his body. Then SMU happened..
  19. Not sure it’s worth the risk of alienating the students. We had 11k students at one game, 8k plus at a couple others. It’s the metoo era, that won’t like that hire.
  20. You sure he would have started here over Fine?
  21. +1 this post if you don’t know how to link tweets so you just upload screenshots of tweets.
  22. I know Starkel was never committed to us. He only committed to the Aggies. We were just an also ran. I wasn’t bashing the guy. I was just pointing out that he had the chance to come play close to home, perhaps dominate CUSA and instead he has had a difficult stretch in the SEC and I sarcastically said I wish the same on Renfro.
  23. Hope non of us bitch when a scholarship is pulled! GMG
  24. Christmas trees and deer heads
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