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  2. Much more revealing about the poster than the football teams involved. I hope those future employers get their blood pumping over that online degree.
  3. There’s no way, with our top few donors donating millions year after year. These numbers have to be maneuvered around for this Knight Commission report.
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  5. Thor, it was a joke. I was making a generalization myself about people that make generalizations. .
  6. Hometown of President Eisenhower!
  7. Which is why the semi-pro leagues need their own level of play and the rest of us can have a chance at a national championship...
  8. I was at Riprock's with a good buddy of mine. When he busted that run, I got so excited that I jumped up and knocked over a pitcher of beer.
  9. Some like college football and some like semi-pro football.
  10. Sadly, about 75% of UNT students and alumni feel this way. So many UT, OU, A&M, Tech, OSU, LSU, and Arkansas t-shirt fans in denton. But it’s probably the same in Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and El Paso, too...
  11. Looking across 35 from the Apogee lot a week or so ago, it looked like lighting is also going up there.
  12. it was as hard as concrete, could have saved some $$$ if they did.
  13. He apologized and corrected himself. Good move. And my favorite quote from Coach Littrell- “At the end of the day you gotta stop the run to be a successful defense” Rick
  14. When the interviewer apologized Mason said to him "You're fine.". The announcer missed a great opportunity to reply, "No, you're Fine".
  15. My only question is, did they leave the turf under there?
  16. IIRC, Thomas chose us because of a program UNT had that helped those with a learning need/disability. I think he was dyslexic? He had some quality offers.
  17. We don't have any green shirts laying around that these guys could wear?
  18. Wasn’t that against Idaho after pulling up on a run out of bounds holding his hamstring? That was the end of the magic right there. He never was the same the next three years. Rick
  19. Haha! It’s gonna be a fun year! GMG!
  20. i don't totally disagree with you, but generalizations are there for a reason, just like stereotypes. more often than not, they fit
  21. Also, I believe Dickey pulled him out of a game when he could have set the NCAA record for yards in the first 10 games
  22. It’s a good sign for North Texas when a nine-win campaign is considered by many to be a disappointment. Hopes were high that they could make the C-USA Championship Game for a second consecutive season but losses to rivals Louisiana Tech and UAB ruined that opportunity. They finished the regular season with a pair of victories (Florida Atlantic, at UTSA) but got blown to bits by the JUGGERNAUT Utah St Aggies in the New Mexico Bowl. North Texas (hopefully) learned that it’s important to have something better than PURE FILTH as a back-up QB after watching what happened after the first quarter injury to Mason Fine in the aforementioned bowl game. HC Seth Littrell is doing some good work in Denton. Do they have the MINERALS to make another C-USA title run? read more: https://megalocks.co/north-texas-mean-green-2019-college-football-preview/
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