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Mike Tyson


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It looked like a hard hit (it would prolly kill me), but this is the #3 and #7 comptetitor in the Black Rhino. When I saw it live, I thought he was ok and would get back up, but he just laid there. After a few replays though, he may have gotten knocked out for a second and not had his bearings to get up.

After the match, Tyson told mini-Schaap that he didn't know if he was going to keep boxing. I actually feel sorry for Tyson more often than not now, and I hope he does retire. He is a side show and the tattoo proves that. Just save a few years of your life and get out.

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It looked like a rocket shot. I'm not sure it was a dive(granted the Rhino was a top challenger) because that looked like one of the better punches Tyson has thrown in awhile.

He needs to retire. Even though most of his money was taken by Don King I'm sure he still has *enough*.

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Maybe it wasn't a dive. My roomate said the first time they showed the Rhino before the match, he saw the look on his face and said "It's over in one."

Him taking the mouthpiece out may have been him saying "I'm not going through that again."

Also, the way he was smiling afterwards contributes to this theory, he was glad to get his money and still be able to walk around, that's all he cared about.

This is an interesting situation I hope we talk about tomorrow on the STSS.

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If you are truly KO'ed, then how do you have the ability to remove you mouthpiece as soon as you hit the canvas?

Actually thats almost a reflex action, I have seen alot of fighters do that.

I am not saying it wasn't a fix, but just because he removed the mouth piece doesn't mean he didnt have his bell rung.

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Still Mike needs to retire before he goes in there again with someone who can actually take a punch.

I think Iron Mike is a sad story, he needed a strong trainer like he had at first to keep him on the straight and narrow. Once he lost that influence he fell back into the wrong crowd, and the rest is pure Lovecraftian horror.

That being said, I think he is the greatest puncher ever. 44% of his fights end in the first round, this fight was only the 6th shortest of his career, if I remember correctly this is the 8th or 9th fight that has lasted less than one minute.


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