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  1. Wren and Commissioner Aresco already know each other. The AAC commissioner sent Wren a congratulatory message when he was chosen Athletic Director.
  2. I've heard that there may not be game day sales. We should know in July.
  3. Way to go, Javion. The Mean Green are proud of your deserved award. Thank you for your part in making the UNT basketball program more respected throughout the nation. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a yearly trend.
  4. If no or few precautions are taken then I agree that there will be no college football this year. However, the purpose of the agreement as I understand it was to relieve the university of countless lawsuits if anyone got infected. The fact I see is that those infected would blame the university regardless of where they might have contracted the virus. If clear heads win out I could see that each player would be tested on arrival and perhaps weekly thereafter. Those with symptoms would be tested in a shorter period of time. If a university is liable for all of its athletes
  5. I've read that he ran a 4.5 forty back in his high school days and played shortstop in the Yankee's farm system which requires good speed. I think that his speed will get him out of sack situations as opposed to Fine. He is our highest rated quarterback at .8646 when he graduated from high school. He has speed and skills.
  6. I think that North Texas is going to be better than most think this year. My prediction is 7-5 for the regular season and withhold a bowl prediction until I see the matchup. Home wins: Houston Baptist, Charlotte, Louisiana Tech, Rice Away wins: Middle Tennessee, UTEP, UTSA The bad news is that we'll start the season 1-4 with losses to Texas A&M, SMU, Houston and Southern Miss. The good news that it's possible that we could win out if we can get past UAB. I believe that we will be much stronger at the end of the year than at the beginning. We have more talent but le
  7. Not to pour cold water but I think that we have several linebackers on the roster that are better than Jamerson. I don't believe that we can get Alexander who is warm for Kansas and TCU. I don't know if Boutwell could be of benefit or not but I doubt that Chapman could help. He played at Fouts when Alexander was about four or five years old.
  8. I don't think that there's any doubt that he would start in spite of decent strength at linebacker. Someone listed him as being from Fort Worth but he played high school football at Flower Mound...even better. He has a national championship ring so what more does he need to accomplish? He needs to come on home and play where his family, friends, (maybe) girl friend can see him play seven times a year. Let's hope that's his reason for transferring. Sic 'em Walerius.
  9. I renewed mine yesterday and I'm down for the same as last year plus one. I asked about the spacing and I was told that decision will be made in July. That could be because the governor could move capacity back to 25% or forward to 75%. Unless they come up with a proven vaccine I seriously doubt that we'll be at 100%. I haven't heard anything about South Carolina but since Clemson had the highest number of infections in the FBS I feel that there will be no more than 50% allowed to attend and only smaller schools (Furman, the Citadel, etc.) might sell season tickets at fewer than one-
  10. I agree that the SBC would be a step down but all programs are not inferior to all CUSA members. For example, are Appalachian State and Troy inferior to Florida International or Old Dominion? As the Western Division of CUSA is the stronger of existing alliances I would hope that they would have the lead in selecting who would be taken in to the new CUSA. If it were my choice I would take Troy, Louisiana, Arkansas State and Texas State and give up UTEP. That would only be a ten team conference but enough for now.
  11. I agree with the first part of your statement. If CUSA and SBC are to survive, the cost of travel and related expenses need to be drastically reduced for two conferences with minimal revenue. The latter part, regarding the schedule cancellations for this year being necessary for change, is not going to happen this year but should be started soon as it will take a couple of years for restructuring and schedule changes to occur. I still cling to the hope that we will be able to join a conference that does not include most of our current conference mates. Normally, I wouldn't think
  12. Look again Deep, that is sTh (for St. Thomas) across the front. Actually the S and H are smaller capital fonts; the middle large font T is the end of the St. and the beginning of THomas.
  13. I wish the best that life has to offer and a long and happy marriage.
  14. Well, it appears that 247 gave him the highest mark because he received a composite rating of .8681. That's still excellent and that would be the third highest mark of a recruit that actually enrolled and was not a transfer.
  15. What happened to the three that tested positive earlier?
  16. Whoa! I just started to buy three and the price was over $300. In fact the sales tax was more than $38 according to the invoice. The only thing that I didn't understand about the billing was after the line item was the letters NOK. Anyone know what they're talking about? Edit: I just found out that this is the currency amount for another nation. I'll have to call to find out how to change it to U S currency.
  17. It's necessary in this world. The university can't police that everyone follows the rules and believe me if anyone caught the virus they would complain (and yes, file a lawsuit) that it was transmitted to them on campus. It seems that most who have caught the virus don't know where, or often when, they became infected. There are way too many students for social distancing but I do understand that the university will furnish masks for both students and faculty. The good news is that there will likely be a vaccine available this fall.
  18. Milo posted that the governor had announced that the state would be open to professional and college teams to start at 50% capacity on time.
  19. I also saw that he did not play at Commerce and wondered why. He could have had a high school injury that he needed to strengthen and/or wasn't offered a scholarship. Maybe he just wants to be on the scout team in order to stay in shape. At least he can say that he was a member of a FBS team.
  20. Hasn't California already done the same thing?
  21. I count 105 including the signees but not three walkons. The 88 includes 4 who have already reported (McCrae, Lee, Jackson and Stout). The other 17 are due to report for fall workouts. Note: There are three names without pictures in the list of 88. Those are probably the three walk-ons. They are Booker-Brown, Osuofa and Nobriga.
  22. His Top 4 are Colorado State, Nevada, North Texas and San Diego State. Since the other three are in the West and he is in the West, I don't feel good about this one.
  23. Well, we kinda sorta did last year. DE Ladarius Hamilton was named to the second team defense (but as a LB).
  24. Despite the fact that we have some fine running backs I really look forward to Oscar Adaway joining that group. He is just oozing with potential. An offensive lineman who was dominant in high school was Daizion Carroll. He was an excellent center but I see they have now moved him to guard. I hope that they will move him back because center seems to be the weaker position this year. I hope to see Simpson pick up where he left off last year and would like to see his high school teammate Damon Ward this year as well. On the defensive side I am hoping that Alex Morris will develop along
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