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  1. What can I say? The P6 conference gets the gravy.
  2. I missed my selection time and they selected for me. I'm in the same section but about 16 rows up.
  3. I still believe that Aune is the one but so far it seems to me that Bean is slightly ahead. Of course not being able to see the practices, I don't who is working the most with the first team offense or whether they've been against the first team defense. I know that it's usually said that the defense is ahead of the offense early but this defense seems better than any since Littrell came here so the new quarterbacks should be a little farther behind the curve.
  4. I count 58 players who were 3-star composite-rated when they came here as either freshmen or transfers. Most, maybe all, of those are legitimate FBS players. In addition we have a few who have developed into 3-star players were they recruited today (ie Novil, Mose). I believe that our recruiting and recruiters are finding some hidden gems that are not on the P5 radars. Our university, location and facilities should keep us competitive with all G5 universities and perhaps a better conference would be enough to make us an elite G5.
  5. Doesn't Jordan Rucker have to sit out as well?
  6. I've been thrown off by the switching of Mose from guard to center so I'm not sure where I stand now. I was figuring that maybe Carroll took over the center spot. He was a very good center in high school. But I'm not sure that I see him starting at the guard spot. So center will be Mose, the guards will be Gray and Turpin and the tackles Brammer and Byers for my picks.
  7. Aune. More accurate passer and more mature.
  8. Then make the buyout very expensive. It would be better to travel to a larger stadium this year due to social distancing.
  9. I'm guessing that the connection might be Coach Bloesch. Tulsa offered him in 2017.
  10. This guy has been showing "warm" to us for about four months now. His video is above impressive. He's listed as an athlete and could be used as a running back, wide receiver or a return man. He might could even play defense but I was less impressed with his play on that side of the ball. Is his offer still on the table?
  11. Maybe you should do Top 10. I think that 'Hatchet' Beatty belongs in the Top 5 but surely in the Top 10.
  12. While I'm boycotting the NFL this year, next year I may be a rabid fan again so my very best wishes for Mason to succeed. His success is of most importance but I wish that there was some way that he could continue to work with Drummond.
  13. That's the only figure given so far and that was by the governor about six/eight weeks ago. I have three consecutive seats but I don't know if the spacing will be one or two seats to the next group.
  14. Another huge factor was that they had only won six games in the last three seasons with half of those happening in 2017.
  15. Looks like we offered the day after he committed to Tulane.
  16. He's a talent either way. I think that he will be needed more at safety. If he has no fear tackling he would be a keeper. I love his closing speed.
  17. That was almost predictable. They get a better offer and then go sit for the rest of their career. One that I was high on, Jason Kerl, may still be available to us. I can't find that he has signed with anyone. It could be an academics problem such as not having enough courses taken to be eligible. I could be wrong but I believe that his dad was a coach and he'll likely get eligible this year if the pandemic hasn't screwed him up.
  18. I'm leaning towards there will be a season this year. The reason is that the P5s will lose combined multi-millions if there's not. That could mean that only FBS will have a fall season but another question is will it start on time? Maybe, if the summer heat reduces the spread of the virus. I don't worry that much about the players because they're young and healthy and with proper treatment could could be back in playing shape in a short period of time. I saw where Texas Tech had 20 something test positive when they reported and all but 2 are now negative. I've got the lon
  19. Coaches were hired before the pandemic so the salaries would not have been out of line at the time...especially for the quality that we are getting. I believe that this coaching staff is a vast improvement over the 2019 staff and will have more wins even with the tougher schedule. They've had more time to get acclimated to the system and the players due to the virus and the players seem pleased with the coaching changes. I'll be terribly disappointed if we're not bowl eligible this coming season.
  20. He obviously had the technique and the footwork to be able to be that highly rated. That much weight just might earn him a starting job as a true. I am really curious about what the new offensive line coach will mean to this year's team.
  21. Wren and Commissioner Aresco already know each other. The AAC commissioner sent Wren a congratulatory message when he was chosen Athletic Director.
  22. I've heard that there may not be game day sales. We should know in July.
  23. Way to go, Javion. The Mean Green are proud of your deserved award. Thank you for your part in making the UNT basketball program more respected throughout the nation. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a yearly trend.
  24. If no or few precautions are taken then I agree that there will be no college football this year. However, the purpose of the agreement as I understand it was to relieve the university of countless lawsuits if anyone got infected. The fact I see is that those infected would blame the university regardless of where they might have contracted the virus. If clear heads win out I could see that each player would be tested on arrival and perhaps weekly thereafter. Those with symptoms would be tested in a shorter period of time. If a university is liable for all of its athletes
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