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  1. Bowden is 63 and still receiving buyout from Akron so he was easy to overlook and not everyone wants an old coach. Rich Rod is 57 with some good coaching skins, especially at West Virginia. Bowden called him because his QB son was in the transfer portal and Terry asked him if he'd like to coach his son who has two years of eligibility left. Good timing and I believe that he is also getting paid on his buyout from Arizona. Both coaches have more than 150 wins and ULM was able to get them for a song. Good thing, because ULM's revenue is the smallest in the FBS and they have had one winning
  2. That might work. They'd never believe that he'd run it three times in a row.
  3. I'm lost as to who Hall is. The only Hall that I know that used to coach under Fuente is now the head coach at Southern Miss. We have no Hall on our staff that I can find. I'd be OK with Ekeler if push came to shove. He was CoDC when he was here last and at least he puts fire in the belly of his players and maybe he'd have done better if he'd had it alone. But, this is a make or break year for Seth and he needs complete confidence in his hire.
  4. I don't think that CUSA, in spite of its once good name, is salvageable as it is currently configured. Either take the 12 best based on attendance, facilities, reputation, etc. and make a super conference or divide CUSA and the Sun Belt geographically. We would likely need to eliminate ULM (due to weak program and proximity to Louisiana Tech) and UTEP (due to distance from nearest programs). If the South/West consisted of the remaining teams from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama that would give us 12 teams with a somewhat regional base. The other conference consisting of
  5. Is he immediately eligible or must he sit for a year? Although he was originally a walk-on the above posts seem to indicate that he is now a scholarship player.
  6. Haven't Hutchings and Jackson already reported for the spring semester here? Vailea could be the exception for those playing a spring schedule as he likely hasn't graduated yet.
  7. I am intrigued by Zacchaeus McKinney from Weatherford and I'd bet that FFR is as well. I believe that defensive tackle is our greatest need at present; especially if Novil doesn't return.
  8. If he was on a one-year contract, fire him on the expiration date. If two year, fire him as soon as the buyout and a replacement can be arranged.
  9. Obviously we have to win to make a contribution to a successful conference and I believe that we will. But, the other teams in the conference have to be successful as well and all/most of the better CUSA teams are floundering. As I see it, the conference needs to reduce travel expenses or reorganize with the best (teams, markets, attendance, facilities, etc. in the same league similar to what the AAC did to some of us and make a new conference with the better teams from CUSA and the SBC. My choices for the new conference would be Marshall, Appalachian State, Troy, Florida Atlantic, U
  10. If you made that in to one league that number would be unprecedented since the old Southern Conference. That might spread it too thin. I would rather see two conferences. The East, Atlantic, or whatever would consist of Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia down to Florida and the other would be Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. The East might consist might consist of WKU, MTSU, Marshall, Old Dominion, Charlotte, App State, Coastal Carolina, Georgia State, Georgia Southern, Florida Atlantic, FIU and also Liberty. South would then be Troy, South Alabama, UAB, Southern
  11. I still think that we are better than the MAC but it's obvious that we aren't as good as the SBC, at least at the top.
  12. Sorry, but he has thrown 6 passes, completed 5 for 2 touchdowns. He has a passing rating of 206.93.
  13. Well, Jim, if you are not an oldtimer you should be getting close. But, as a 1957 graduate (originally Class of '52) I believe that I qualify. Four years in the Navy and a change of majors account for the five year gap. I have to agree that the tall, skinny NT is probably my least favorite helmet design. I didn't even like it in the Joe Greene era but at least the jerseys and pants were more of that era and it seemed to fit to some degree. It's not that I don't like the superimposed 'NT' it's just that it doesn't go with that style helmet. I do like superimposed 'NTs'...for example t
  14. FWIW DC Texas Football lists his 40 speed at 4.5. On some of his runs it looks like he's clipped at least a tenth off of that. Hell, maybe he has run a 3.3!
  15. I hope so. I wasn't overly impressed with him at DE but I think that he could be really good at a rush LB spot. Another plus is that he comes from a good, well-coached program.
  16. If we can get him focused and staying here he could be a steal. He had a combined rating of .8812 out of high school which is even higher than Caleb Johnson. Now if Datraveon Brown and Simpson can reach their potential think of a receiving corps of Jackson, Johnson, Brown and Simpson. With a highly efficient quarterback they could be the best in the nation.
  17. I agree about the salary disparity but I disagree that UAB had two years of nothing. While they didn't play any games during those two years, they added players and were allowed to practice. When they returned in 2018 they were a well-oiled, cohesive unit. And, yes, I believe that Bill Clark is the best coach in the conference but he came from the FCS and was given a pretty good raise upon entering the FBS. Littrell, on the other hand, came from P5s and head coach should be a promotion and a raise. He had back-to-back nine win seasons and three consecutive bowls so increase in pay was war
  18. YAHOO!!! I realize that we have a lot of offensive linemen but I think that this one can be exceptional. He comes from one of two Denton schools with the most talent. We have gotten a few good Ryan players but the good Guyer players seem to have wanted to leave town. I hope that is the proverbial "foot in the door" for UNT. Thank you, Coach Bloesch.
  19. That's true. But we are 28th in points scored and 124th in scoring defense (3 from the bottom). If we had a defense anywhere near the capability of the offense we would likely have only one loss.
  20. In addition, we pick up Farrell who is likely better than any lineman that we currently have (and I believe that Bloesch will make him even better).
  21. I agree on LeBlanc but isn't Morris the backup at BS? I can't see anything beyond Gaddie and I'm not a subscriber of the Record-Chronicle.
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