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  1. Coach Gales was an outstanding person who never knew a stranger. My condolences to his family.
  2. That would be great if CUSA wasn't already at 14 teams. Further, those 14 teams are too scattered for even that number to be workable unless you are a P5 university. If CUSA could dispose of four teams and cherry pick Louisiana, Arkansas State, Troy and Appalachian State they would certainly improve the quality of Conference USA football. However, that might also lower the quality of basketball, especially if Western Kentucky were one of the eliminated teams. What I would prefer to see is the two conferences divided on an east/west basis with UL-Monroe returning to the FCS. CUSA
  3. I totally agree that Abner is deserving but one problem is that he was in the AFL, not the AFC. I think that Abner was one of the most exciting players in college or pro football. He could eat you up whether running, receiving or returning. I was told that when Abner came to Denton to try to get a scholarship he was denied by Coach Mitchell. That was pretty common for Coach Mitchell; there was no Texas Football and what you were able to do at Dallas Lincoln carried little weight with him. When he first saw Abner he thought that he was too small for college football. But, Abner and hi
  4. I don't think that anyone yet knows how this will play out and we could be getting our panties in a wad over nothing. One thought is why should anything change? P5 already controls Division I and there is little incentive for them to change anything. If they just try arbitrarily to kick everybody downstairs they could be subject to anti-trust. If they make unreasonable qualifications to be in P5 then they might have to kick some of their members out because there are some G5s who have bigger stadiums, better attendance, in bigger markets, etc. that would then be P5s. Another scena
  5. Just a reminder but La Tech and Louisiana were in the Sun Belt Conference at the same time for ten years. La Tech doesn't have a huge budget and I believe that they would welcome the reduced expenses of playing Louisiana (their closest conference mate). You're absolutely right. However, I believe that the vast majority of president's would follow the advice of their athletic director unless it increases the school budget. I'd bet that Neil Smatresk would start the ball rolling if we have no hope for a better conference.
  6. Assuming that we are unable to get into the AAC or MWC (or even if we can) I agree that CUSA, as it now consists, is unworkable and that we should be a part of that change. First of all I'm not giving up on a conference change until Wren says it won't happen. We have far more to offer than in the past including a better connected athletic director, a more respected university (better scholastics and research) and president, and very good facilities. We have a good location with more than 200,000 alumni in the area which would likely give North Texas and SMU combined control of athletics vie
  7. He is in the transfer portal. Color him gone. I suppose that if he received no offers he might stay but I just can't believe that would happen.
  8. I don't know the number of scholarships but they now sponsor nine women's sports and seven men's sports.
  9. Another factor in the hiring of Lee Jackson was that he had been a state representative from Dallas for ten years and it was believed that he had contacts that would help in acquiring state funds. I'm not saying that he was effective but since he only held a master's degree (and chancellors usually hold doctorates) that was the reason given and not so much that he was an ex-Dallas County Judge.
  10. Amani Gilmore committed to Kentucky last year so I'd guess that he sits out the 2020 season. He is a 6-2 200 pound left-handed pro style quarterback from Amite (pronounced a-meet) LA. Last year he had a composite rating of .8464.
  11. I'd bet another $20 that no one on this board would call you.
  12. I'm in. Even if I have to buy the expensive mask now being advertised. I just hope that our opponents don't bail on us; especially LaTech and Southern Miss.
  13. It was a bad memory for me because I was unable to attend. I started from Garland more than two hours ahead of game time and after an hour I had gone about four miles. I knew that I couldn't make it so I turned around and went back home. That took me more than an hour. It was the only time that I was unable to attend a North Texas football game due to weather in more than seventy years.
  14. Sorry, but I was in the 15% that is still alive who enjoyed reminiscing.
  15. Yeah Deep, I expected to see your name on there until I saw that they only started in 1986.
  16. I have a question about taking another conference name. Would we lose the automatic bid to the national tournament and have to go through a three year(?) waiting process? Barring a new name that could be agreed upon why not agree to keep CUSA as the conference name? It had more good years under that name than what it has now become. I would rather have UAB than UTEP in the new conference. I have nothing against the Miners except being 600 miles from their nearest conference rivals.
  17. We were bumped down to #3 because CUSA and Rice have three and four more commitments than we have and two of our commitments have yet to be given a rating which means for now each is given a rating of .7700. One of those (Jalen Jones) should be our highest rated recruit thus far.
  18. For the record, I wouldn't mind seeing this but I do worry about how the division members will be chosen. I'd prefer that after selection of the highest group that they be put together geographically. Ditto for the middle group. Under the present setup I'd prefer to be in the AAC but in revision I'd rather not be in a conference that includes Temple, Navy, East Carolina and Cincinnati. Even the two Florida universities are too distant. I'd much rather see all conference opponents within a day's drive, if possible. I realize that there are some areas where that is not possible but le
  19. 1 I think that the most likely change is that we join the AAC. Wren knows a lot of the administration of the AAC from the commissioner on down having worked at Memphis. I believe that Neil Smatresk would be an asset in comparison with recent presidents in selling us and accountability. 2 I think that next possibility is a merger with Sun Belt teams by dividing into two twelve team conferences. There might be a couple of sticking points in that solution. ULM does not have the budget, attendance, and is too close to Louisiana Tech. It's time for them to return to FCS. The other prob
  20. I don't think so. They beat Houston earlier in the year. They tromped Louisville the game before the loss to Tulsa.
  21. According to a quote by Mason, "I am 5'10 and 3/4" tall." Now who wants to quibble over 1/4" with that much at stake? By the way, James Morgan, the FIU quarterback who was drafted in the 5th? round, was tenth in CUSA quarterback ratings. But...he is 6-4.
  22. Again, we can't drop a sport and remain in the FBS unless they change the rule. We have the minimum number now (16). I just don't see Wren Baker willing to drop to FCS when he is unwilling to pair with Sun Belt schools because he feels (and I agree) that we would be moving backward. He has supposedly stated that we are not in worse shape than most of our peers. I'm sorry, but this 'poor me' attitude is beating me down. Keep positive!
  23. Well, 1959 was Abner's senior year and the best team in his time frame. We won every conference game except Tulsa. (That was the year before Memphis joined the conference) This team had something that some of the other good North Texas teams didn't have...defense. I believe that Tulsa was the only team that scored more than once against them after the opening game. This team, however, did leave a bad taste in my mouth. They went to the Sun Bowl and got blown away by New Mexico State.
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