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  1. He lost a lot of his early staff and didn't replace that well. Coaching matters as much talent.
  2. I was following along until you said that. I realized then you were punking us and this isn't even the right depth chart.
  3. I mean we went from Harrell to what coaching them? This is most likely where the problem lies.
  4. Unfortunately it seems he isn't a good fit as a head coach. It seems obvious that the success he had early was about his assistant coaches. Once he lost most of that first staff things have gone the wrong direction. He should have been either able to get good replacements or make up the difference himself, but has not been able to. Some other program will get the benefits of the lessons he's learned, but a new direction is needed.
  5. They are sending them to you to help with the ceremonial burning of your season tickets to protest the dumpster fire of a season.
  6. I'll play. It's difficult to know specifics since I don't know the coaches, but Baker should. So you replace Littrell during the bye week, with the coach with the best leadership skills. Baker should know who that is.
  7. Close. The downhill spiral started when Jaelon Darden fielded and fumbled a punt inside our own 10 yard line which La. Tech turned into point right at the end of the 1st half.
  8. Any recommendations for what to do if you're in this zone? asking for a friend.
  9. The reason people come see the band is because they are good. Like Ohio State, Alabama in football good. And that has nothing to do with why we suck at football and people don't come to games.
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