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  1. Ibleedgreen

    The Band

    The black shorts made a big difference to the overall appearance and the band sounded terrific, as usual. Some of you guys are jusr looking for something you can complain about. Good job, GB!
  2. Ibleedgreen

    UNT vs LA Tech TONIGHT! (8/17)

  3. Ibleedgreen

    UNT vs LA Tech TONIGHT! (8/17)

    What time?
  4. Ibleedgreen

    Kansas Coaching Candidates - Seth Littrell

    Well, to begin with, the downtown area reminds me of downtown Aspen, CO. Lawrence is very hilly, wooded with a quintessential college town look...and KU has traditional college ivy-covered buildings like you might see in New England. It looks nothing like the flat prairie Kansas we see when driving up I-35. I am mean green through and through and I like Denton, but I’m just saying...
  5. Ibleedgreen

    Kansas Coaching Candidates - Seth Littrell

    Old guy student...If you think there’s nothing to do in Lawrence but sit around and wait to die, you’ve clearly not been to Lawrence. I definitely hope we can keep Littrell, but Lawrence is one of the coolest places around. Denton’s improving, but it has a long way to go to beat Lawrence.
  6. In 2000 or 2001 the university announced an official ring (like A&M), the one I purchased when I graduated in 2001. Now there are several official rings, and I am not happy about that. You either have an official ring, or you have several rings with the letters UNT on them. I guess it makes money for the seller, but it is not as special as a tradition.
  7. Ibleedgreen

    Turn on Fox Sports SW

  8. I know this comment will go over like a lead balloon, but I hate to lose the green space that makes that part of campus attractive.
  9. Ibleedgreen

    Injured players

    How are Guyton and Wilson?
  10. Ibleedgreen

    Injured players

    How are Guyton and Wilson?
  11. Ibleedgreen


    I just want to say that driving up to campus from Fort Worth on I35 yesterday, that big battle flag looked absolutely awesome waving in the wind.
  12. Ibleedgreen


    Why do the KNTU guys keep saying "from Leer Field?"
  13. Ibleedgreen

    Is Game Streaming

    Lost it.
  14. Ibleedgreen

    Is Game Streaming

    ESPN 3. Just started.