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  1. Joe Hamilton was amazing to watch. I’m old, too.
  2. The reliefs that were on the old women's gym (later named Stovall Hall) have been incorporated into the brickwork in front of the new Union, where Stovall Hall used to stand. It looks really nice and preserves that history. Perhaps something similar could be done at Apogee.
  3. I personally feel that it is incredibly important that these reliefs be saved. They depict important historical events in the history of UNT athletics; for example Olympic runners Elmer and Delmer Brown.
  4. FuboTV apparently isn't taking credit cards today.
  5. Who do you call for FuboTV?
  6. Bein is not on Direct TV or Uverse. That eliminates a lot of us who want to watch the game. And...I don’t want to subscribe to a service and then have to remember to cancel it or get billed.
  7. I am personally very disappointed in the TV package this year. We have UVerse, and I’ve been unable to watch any of the games....and the internet won’t stop spooling. 😡
  8. I may have missed this. Why was Hamilton picked to wear #75? Is it because of his position, or is it an earned honor?
  9. The black shorts made a big difference to the overall appearance and the band sounded terrific, as usual. Some of you guys are jusr looking for something you can complain about. Good job, GB!
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