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  1. Anyone who watched Kason Martin in the state championship game against Highland Park (which was very close), would hope to see him out there.
  2. I am stunned that you guys are complaining about our band. True, I missed the Houston game but I was there for UTSA and the band has never sounded better than it did that night, and they have always been good.
  3. Yesterday’s (9/21/19) Green Brigade halftime performance was the best I’ve seen in a very long time. PLEASE let’s have many more excellent performances like that one.
  4. ...and we can’t listen to it on KNTU. They’re no longer carrying our football/basketball games. 😡
  5. My mood? Tired of being the long-suffering UNT fan.
  6. Newspapers matter to your older alums.
  7. SUMG, it is not in Sports Day 2. I looked carefully, twice. I’m wondering if the Tarrant County edition omitted it because of an early deadline, but I’m not happy about it.
  8. The wing is NOT an eyesore. It is something that sets Apogee apart. My architect son admires it, and I like it, too.
  9. I live in Tarrant county. There is no mention of last night’s game in the Dallas paper. 🤬 Why is that?
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