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  1. Two Sun Belt Conference schools took out nationally ranked “powers.”
  2. I watched the state championship game the year Kason was a senior. Manvel didn’t win, but it was very close and Kason was very impressive. I was thrilled that he signed with us, and I eagerly anticipated watching him play. It was disappointing that he didn’t get the chance to start.
  3. Do we still have Martin? He’s never been given the chance he deserved.
  4. Can someone post the halftime show? Those of us who were unable to go to the game would like to see it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Some of us had no choice. Covid affects more than players.
  6. My attendance and that of my son were just cancelled due to Covid. 😢
  7. Not my paper (Tarrant County)…Denton edition, I guess.
  8. I didn’t find any coverage of our game in the DMN this morning, nor was it mentioned on Channel 8 sports last night at 10:00. There were other late games covered.
  9. If you’re not at a watching party? Thx
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