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  1. Seriously dude. Why are you here? It literally makes no sense. I get you are funny and not as big of an asswipe as the rest of you people, but goddamn, get a life. SMU dropout living in Denton posting on a UNT football forum in June. LOL
  2. This is what happens when you give people a sense of power because they moderate a message board. It’s also exactly why message boards died, and why I guess @KingDL1is intent on torpedoing any off-season traffic to GMG. I mean, it’s cool, it’s not my message board, be a flake all you want. The Eagles Nest has always been for people to blow off political steam. Hell it’s in the description. But, once again, not my board.
  3. Go Zone exists as a place for Chris Watts to hide his real estate money. It’s a scam. They’re registered out of state, can’t drive worth a damn. I don’t use the buses but a lot of people do and Go Zone doesn’t cut it.
  4. There was a couple year stretch early in Seth’s tenure where Denton and UNT seemed to be fully in sync and the crowds were consistently larger than we ever had. Now it’s back to square one.
  5. UNT thumbed its nose at July 4th, stopped supporting Mean Green Game Day with the downtown CVB, stopped having small businesses support the tailgates (it’s all mega corporations) and consistently blows up city blocks using eminent domain. They didn’t bother to get any input from Denia before slapping a massive stadium in their backyard, and didn’t let the city use The Pit (so the city built the convention center). For years instead of investing in the campus they just let it rot to focus on failed investments outside of Denton. Now UNT is speed running updating campus but doesn’t really change the fact. Our biggest donor, G Brint, said on Twitter many times before he got rid of it, that Denton held UNT back. Denton is treated like shit by UNT so Denton just stopped giving a shit. I love living Denton and I love UNT. They’re just a dysfunctional fighting couple which makes zero sense because they both need each other.
  6. UNT: we don’t want to host July 4th anymore Denton: ok, we’ll move it to the park UNT: why doesn’t Denton like us anymore? There are about 50 similar examples I can name off the top of my head. As someone who went to UNT not from the area but now makes their permanent residence in Denton, I’m just saying, unlike most college towns, UNT is actively fighting at Denton at every turn. It’s like they’re bitter they aren’t in Frisco or something.
  7. It would be SMU if we could beat them once in a while. Looking forward to drubbing them on the basketball court yearly though. I think SMU, UTSA, and would love to see the Memphis become one. Hate that we left La Tech behind, that was a great growing rivalry.
  8. Much like Madden game will be crap though
  9. But yes, please tell me how the right thing to do is still blindly support this dumpster fire of a football program.
  10. Remember when people had to be turned away from the Caravan at the Cotton Bowl post HoD Bowl? What’s that Toadies song again, Backsliding?
  11. It’s definitely due for a market correction. Our house has almost doubled in price since we bought it in 2019.
  12. 2008 was a total collapse of the financial system. We were a few hours away from complete obliteration of the dollar. Current conditions are inflationary issues. Most homes in 2008 were through ARMs or subprime mortgages. There are many cash buyers on the market due to inflation.
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