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  1. I agree with Marty CUSA is so unpredictable and we don’t know a lot about previous season injuries and covid problems. My over/under is six.
  2. I wish him well as I was always intrigued by his potential, but probably should’ve been a wr (Riley Dodge)because I think he had problems reading denfeses.
  3. Because of Grandkids activities will not be at Spring Game so Harry or someone post thoughts on defense and qb situation Thanks in advance
  4. Lifer I hope you’re not dishing Dallas because he’s one the best football and everything UNT supporter this school has ever had with money,attendance and working for the school. My apologies in advance if that wasn’t your intent.
  5. By the way I was for Hayden going in football, but not having a plan for all the other sports as the AD.
  6. Cooley(N Tx Sport Net), I like Cooley have had the good fortune of watching Dan Spika's teams in the Valley in the the 'OLD SNAKE PIT' and much as I love this team it would in the top 5, but certainly not the best. My only difference in his assessment and mine would I would say because of his value to his team, Hamlet =Johnson the rest is correct. The only problem during the Blakeley era was going independent in ALL sports, because it almost destroyed non-football sports (football 'had the INDEPENDENCE BOWL as a carrot')the other sports didn't have a CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP to play for.
  7. Getting ready for MEAN GREEN / Villanova wondering if they are going to let people in for Spring Game and starting time.Please advise anyone.
  8. Didn’t see R Jones as participating could someone advise as to why injury ect
  9. RIP to a good guy and MG fan!🦅
  10. He can watch and help the underclassmen with the new scheme. Sometimes watching can help as much as doing.
  11. Billy this is same thing with most of the college programs look at UT Vince Young blew all the pro money and has to get a job at the school. This is what happens when the schools and “student athletes” are used as minor leagues!
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