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  1. Billy Since Gilmore only played in one game at UK can this be counted as a redshirt year and be eligible next year?
  2. I was there also went to Gibson purchased clear plastic sheet and trash bags to cover up and sit on after driving.Earlier in the week talked to HAYDEN and he said it was going to be a sellout(1st for Fouts since opening). When we went for 2 and missed, I’ll never forget the FL STATE players doing snow angels. I had Coach a couple of years earlier when an associate of mine (he played for Bowden @ Howard nowSamford)got us on the sideline when West VA played SMUt in the Cotton Bowl(beat the stangs pretty bad). Good memories
  3. Harry Someone needs to inform the Athletic Department that we were in the Missouri Valley Conference(not Gulf States) in 1967 that was my first year we were in the MVC1957-1974
  4. Johnny is at Texas Southern so that’s a doubtful so just tell us
  5. Marty you are correct it’s better to be a FA after 5th round because the teams compete for players they want which means more $$
  6. Did anyone participate in meeting I was going to but had family obligations would someone give us some of the details?
  7. When we dropped to1AA our funding was below the LA schools because the state supplemented their budgets, but when the oil revenues dropped the funding dropped almost in half. That’s when they cut some programs and had to go schedule MONEY GAMES like us.
  8. I think his JC coach just went to Ar-Kansas
  9. Do we have any of these road - Dayton coming in for a return game this year?
  10. Billy In your estimation are we through or can we expect another move
  11. Billy are we through with BB recruiting or do you think there will be other movement
  12. This writer doesn’t know anything about civics the US is a Democrat Republic and where did we get the other 170 million population(it’s around 330-335 million not 500). She’s a joke as a journalist like so many now claiming to be so.
  13. FFR you beat me to it about Coach Fry and I don’t care where you were before as long you help my alma mater🦅
  14. I believe the NCAA will allow some kind of work out like the UIL used to with schools that didn’t have spring practice.
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