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  1. What recruits high school and juco are enrolling for the spring semester? Inquiring minds want to know Billy or anyone.
  2. I hope Gabe us as good as the last center from a Denton school as Phillip Armour(sp) I won't say to WELCOME DENTON because you're already in Denton, but WELCOME TO THE MEAN GREEN!!!
  3. Silver stat quests wasn’t Fine but the COACHING STAFFS he played under
  4. It’s not the number of fouls, but the point in the game when called Ticky tack fouls that seems to not be caller both ways and stop momentum. When on the road need to be at least 10 points better
  5. Are we playing MS VALLEY ST in Denton or Fayetteville please advise
  6. Should’ve read disagreed especially for other sports but he was counting on the INDY for football
  7. Wardly I agree about $ when contracts renew will be substantially lower, I disagreed with Coach Fry pulling totally out of the MVC for all sports the Independent Route back then for football but it gutted the rest of the sports. Fry was counting on The Independence Bowl that quote unquote was set for independent teams because others mostly had conference hookups(gentlemen’s agreements). It made filling out a schedule in football next to impossible for everyone when teams started conference play(exceptions Notre Dame) and that’s why Penn State got into. Big 10 . So no I’m not for playing
  8. Kram We are playing inFayetville as part of Arkansas’ 3 team but we will be home team on their court
  9. Good coaches adapt their scheme to talent on hand and start implementing their philosophy as the players are available.
  10. Sports Networks what website are you getting this from please share
  11. How does WK have this information & no one law has it just wondering 😂
  12. Maybe I missed it but where’s Adaway China virus/hurt?
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