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  1. But it’s like bureaucrats will eventually say all monetary gain ie., scholarships of any kind should subject to ordinary in some and force under- the-table payments again throughout society(private school from elementary through college) look out what you ask for
  2. People should be wary of what you want as I can see a ruling one these days to show scholarships, cost of attendance and any compensation will be considered ordinary income and subject to income tax. This could be a Gagne changer as well as forgiving student loans ect
  3. Everybody stop the snipping she has had a great career at NT and is moving on with a financial help towards a masters plus a chance to get a national championship. JUST THAT SIMPLE.(period)
  4. Billy or Jay D to what’s the time table for Qb Rudder to be on campus Thanks
  5. This somewhat recruiting for Billy or Jay d the official sight roster shows the transfer lineman from Arkansas sad OLnot DL could one of you clarify also if eligible this season with how years left Thanks
  6. The real JayD or Billy how’s the basketball roster shaping up plus who are the signings already in house. How will these help next year. Thanks
  7. Probably won’t be there 3 other conflicts Granddaughter’s VB game, my high school Hall of Fame game & maybe Grandson football game. CRAP
  8. Yes NTSN he could dunk and played point guard in high school and for those talking about NFL careers if that was the case for this voting Ousuwaze(sp?) with the Cowboys ( Raiders)didn’t distinguish himself at UNT. Also Booger should’ve gone to Denver and rehabbed his knee problem instead of listening to an agent going to Raiders
  9. Just based on UNT careers: Booger Cobbs Spencer/Quinn
  10. Hey has SMU been able to do this in last 40 years when they weren’t cheating even with Brown in basketball inquiring would like to know?
  11. Billy Is this guy just committed or has he signed LOI yet inquiring minds want to know?
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