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  1. The problem I had with Dickey, he didn't like it here or the fans. He somehow thought the job here was beneath him and was trying to go elsewhere almost from day 1.
  2. Also meant to say I couldn't recall how long they suspended the lighting but I think they resumed it after a few years
  3. They light the tower with the number 1 when they win a national championship,so they started using phrase early and suspended it after the shootings from the tower
  4. 80 can't be the same as AAC will have 14 football playing schools not 11
  5. Zero U has a great team built through the portal and this is what the future will looks like in the guy with the NCAA the toothless Tiger!
  6. I talked with a person in AD dept he speculated Houston (from Port Arthur) and Tulsa. Also the staff was very upbeat about the people they are talking to. Happy
  7. Marty saw him work with special teams coverage and I think one series on defense on special punt/kick off got blocks on return looked in position on coverage team
  8. I believe Gunms(30) is going to be a matchup nightmare for people and I thought Aune looked more comfortable plus I thinks Earle has that something. Head looked good I think we will surprise some people. Overall defense solid and the offense looks improved🦅🏈GMG
  9. Doesn't make any difference unless the conference has exceptions
  10. Just go to website and print off roster as that's what I've done in the past because the AD dept doesn't every year
  11. I think this has Gush fingerprints all over this ex. Ridge Texada
  12. One the best position moves was the WR Bernard Jackson to RB tragic death ended a possible NFL career
  13. Jones came in as QB and moved to TE his parents sat next us at the games great people
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