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  1. Amen Wardly I know some on this board have no clue how much on shoestring this Athletic Departnent was operated in the past 🦅🦅
  2. I think should be top hitters by decade to get an idea of the great players and hitters that unless you’ve Beatty he was the Buckles before some on this board were out of their diapers🦅
  4. Lifer what are her strong suits?
  5. This AGGIE hasn’t been close to any of these stadiums, now if he is talking about game day atmosphere ok I’ll agree with Kyle but it’s a crappy place to see a game (that’s the reason I won’t be going to the game this year). Also I agree Ford & Appogee should be rated together.
  6. I second your statement Dallas Gr and if people think we know the extent this you’re dreaming and thank the RED CHINA!
  7. Congrats to Mom & Dad starting for the MEAN GREEN Qb September 2038 JHT🏈🦅!
  8. I think this recruit is for the DLine
  9. Well deserved for Hamlet and the whole BASKETBALL 🏀 program!!!
  10. GG I don’t know your time as UNT fan but SFA brought over5,000 to games you in Fouts and was in the top five attended games there. They have the second most alumni in DFW after Harris County. Needless to say they paid for their guarantee!
  11. So Quoner give if I give your dog treats and you a bottle of water can go to your house or business spray with graffiti and maybe ask for ID to get in your home that’s alright with you give me a break
  12. I’m just saying what good for one is good for another and if young people never look at history we WILL repeat the same mistakes
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