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  1. I hope the brain trust figured out that we have 2 really good athletes at TE
  2. FF I agree with you but I’m for traditional looks Also hate Oregon’s ect
  3. I don’t remember if they had an signing event in December or having something next week 2/6
  4. We have 5 non conference games in 2022 so which one will be eliminated
  5. I’ve said all along we needed to use Chumleylike UT did with the big an Shopes(sp) as Chunley was a Dream QB at Pine Tree
  6. Billy See Does basketball redshirt work like football being able to play x% anytime during season.
  7. They were Arl State Rebels. PC made admin change to Mavericks
  8. Billy it was a tournament, but they only have 2 losses one to us at home helps NET
  9. I'm hoping a blue shirt as my OK coaching friend says this kid is GOOD!!
  10. I've been watching MEAN GREEN sports for50 years and we need to make the tickets a premium (to get a seat) and yes the atmosphere at the CBI was great like the Blakeley years. I think 7,000 is plenty. The UT BOR just approved a new 10,000 with a student body of 49,000.
  11. This year's experience for our should bode well for the future
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