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  1. Jim we are scheduled to play at Marshall and FIU home in this 2 year cycle, but according to the Sun Belt board and Marshall's board all the newbies are coming on board July2022 (ODU,S. Miss., JMU and Marshall). They are saying it will announce by the end of the month.(JMU has a problem with the CAA not letting their Olympic teams and possibly basketball not being able to play for conference championships in 2022-23. It's going to be an interesting next sox months
  2. The above comments are absolutely correct and want to add my THANKS🦅🏈
  3. If one these said he wanted to I don’t care how many you have I would bring him into the qb room and competition 🏈
  4. I’ll be there with 5 others and a lot the problem is being put together on the fly plus AXS communicating with everyone!
  5. As I used to when his Dad would come by our seats JUST GOVE THE BALL 🏈 TO JEFFERY!
  6. When is A DEPT going to release today’s signings, Billy do you have a list yet?
  7. I forgot about Pegram, he played for the Steelers
  8. Y’all young whipper snappers should’ve seen Haynes, Renfroe and Live even if it was just to watch NFL and AFL films, these guys would be in the TOP 5
  9. This forum needs to show a little love for a MEANGREEN alumnus Jordan Murray starting tackle for Hamilton Tiger Cats. The game is Sunday on ESPNnews
  10. Billy I agree if Riley Dodgegoes to TT as reported then they are SCREWED because he has no college experience, just a thought and quote unquote are in a Power 5 conference😀🏈
  11. student don't get with ID just like with NO Bowls people sponsored a student because have to same thing with the CBI tournament
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