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  1. Just promote Mosley and make sure the game day issues ect are addressed
  2. Harry can y'all if there is a problem
  3. Is anyone having problems with the forums not showing when you click on the link
  4. The Kansas coach was at Buffalo MAC not FCS level
  5. I am skeptical of Herman until he can win with his recruits, at he used the previous coach(Levine's) and was gone within two years. If a change is made I trust Wren and Smatresk with a good choice🦅🏈
  6. Coach was GREAT Coach but a better person and GENTLEMAN!!
  7. We as alumni and students need to care about seeing our team no matter who we play(like other athletic programs), but I'm sure this is too much to ask😀
  8. Wasn't that the game with Greg Cook and Steve Ramsey dueled it out with Shanklin catching a 90 something yard TD, Deep say my memory was is right😀🏈
  9. Beat me to it Cr I don't think Memphis shredded us, but that being said we will need to step up our game next year🏈
  10. I meant to add a little story about Fred with my answer NT was playing Baylor in Waco so my buddy drove down to watch the game. Holler was the coach if Baylor and Blakeley was our coach we we're getting hosed by SWC refs, but Fred missed every shot he took in the 1st half almost missing the backboard a couple of times, my buddy were just astonished. We were down by 20 came out second Fred was on fire and we came back and won by 18, talked to Blakeley & Tubbs after the game, he told us that Fred wore contacts and had put left in right eye ect!
  11. He was like Vic Trilli good assistant and recruiter not a HC 1 & 1A for the honors🏀!
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