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    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

  2. UNT74HM

    TCU QB flunked drug test

    I never understand why when people say legalize it that they also say tax it.
  3. UNT74HM

    Fran Fraschilla & North Texas

    Fran's situation of being from Dallas and being out of coaching for awhile reminds me of Bill Blakeley's history. Coach Blakeley had been out of coaching (Dallas Chaparrals), lived in Dallas, and knew the key DFW high school players. I think that he commuted to Denton after taking the job (not sure about this). The only issue with Fran commuting would be that he would be late for all the games due to I35 being backed-up due to traffic. Fran sounds like the coach we need.
  4. UNT74HM

    For The Mike Leach Camp

    I would say that the best way to get a realistic view of the situation is to talk directly to Mike Leach.
  5. UNT74HM

    Upgrades To The Super Pit

    As I remember, the ceiling in the Super Pit used to be white. Now it is a flat black which sucks all the life and out of the building. If the ceiling was white, the light would reflect back down and create a brighter, more energetic atmosphere. The green seats contribute to the darkness, but of course they need to stay.
  6. UNT74HM


    I believe that we lost 12 games in a row to OSU before this last win. To answer your question, "when will we rise above the Stigma of the name 'North Texas'?", the answer is simple. If we should we beat OSU 12 times in a row and then lose the 13th game, then we will be saying "Oh we suck because we lost to OSU." It all comes down to the winning, not the name.
  7. UNT74HM

    Tv For The Game?

    DirecTV Channel 643 at 6:00 PM CST
  8. UNT74HM

    Smu Tickets In Hand

    Section 125 Row 23 Seats 9-14
  9. UNT74HM

    North Texas Vs Oklahoma On Tv

    ... new coach, new offense, new defense - these are good things!
  10. UNT74HM

    2007 Oil Bowl Rosters Released

    Check this link for information on the signing of Thomas Moreland: http://www.forneysports.com/
  11. UNT74HM

    A Look At The Recruiting Class

    Does anyone remember Kenny Washington's record as a Freshman when Fry was the coach?
  12. UNT74HM

    New Stadium

    I attended a high school playoff game at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. I was really impressed. Something like that would fit our needs nicely.
  13. UNT74HM

    Important Message

    Hi Harry, Please give me access. You gave me a password last week so that I could see the database, etc. but I cannot see the new bpards. Thanks for all the work that you put into the Mean Green!
  14. UNT74HM

    "...unt(coaching Job) A Demotion....

    . . . however, one positive aspect is that it sets the stage for next year. The story will be, "will/can Todd Dodge bring success to UNT?" Then as the team shows progress, in will be "against all odds" (even though we know better). Compare this to accepting a job at Texas or A&M where the situation is that you are supposed to win. The best you can do is maintain the status quo. At UNT, you have a chance to be a hero. The situation sets up Todd Dodge to be a hero.