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  1. Quick look at his Twitter feed shows Tulsa, Northwestern, KSt, and Toledo offering. I still want to know how out of state programs are identifying and offering prospects 20 minutes from us quicker than our staff. Toledo? Really?
  2. Four is optimistic at this point but a lot of unknowns ahead. If we started the season tomorrow, that is where I would be on a prediction. But thankfully we don’t and there is still time to get the team better prepared and fill in a few remaining gaps. But finding it harder to be optimistic, to be honest.
  3. Saw D’Andre Payne “promoted” to CB coach so it looks like they are finally admitting they don’t give a damn about TEs and not replacing Gilbert. (Hope no one paid to learn about the next TE coach…)
  4. I disagree. It is never full and you can improve the game day experience to keep your customers, eventually charging more for premium seating. Revenue is the goal, not just number of butts.
  5. Agreed, especially getting the bball games here. On the other hand, not many SBC teams we can beat with this program. 😢Could not even beat bad CUSA teams last season.
  6. Losing to UTSA at home in front of 5k is a fireable offense, IMO
  7. Right? I mean, I know we are always looking for the next Wes Walker but this is getting ridiculous! 😂
  8. Well we don’t have the LBs (or DEs)to play this system so IDGAF.
  9. I think this is the kid who is an Okie St legacy and had plenty of their stuff in his feed.
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