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  1. Any idea what the graduation rate is for Division 1 student athletes that participate in revenue sports?
  2. Michigan is starting from scratch. That $400K amount sounds about right. Rumor has it that Vandy backed up the Brinks truck for Edwards and based on the message board scuttlebutt that I've read, A-Scott definitely had a higher NIL than $400K.
  3. Cal tired of Kentucky fan base. The other moves seem location related. Definitely Arkansas to USC.
  4. Lost 3 starters in Kai, TP, and Abou last year. Returned 2 starters Scott and Jones, and a significant role player in Sissoko. Losing 2 starters in Jones and Scott this year and a significant role player in Edwards. Returning 3 starters in Buggs, Nolan, and Sissoko. On paper, the team is in better shape going into the offseason than last year if you look at lost & returning year over year.
  5. If it were only that simple. Virginia won a National Title and saw ZERO uptick in recruiting. We have won a grand total of 0 NCAA games since winning it all. Most think it is due to our slow pace & a defense 1st, 2nd, and 3rd focus with offense being an afterthought. The talent required to make a final four run does not desire to play at a snails pace and to put their offensive skillsets on the back burner. Virginia proved you can win that way, but it truly was an outlier. Losing to a 16 seed as the overall #1 seed and having zero wins since 2019 prove this style to be an outlier to winning a MNC and extremely hard to recruit players to commit to it.
  6. Fact - the players select the jersey color. I asked “a dumb question” and was told that they select the jersey color.
  7. Buggs is from LA. Sort of a homecoming for him. I’ve seen a large following for him at a few games.
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