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  1. So, it was raining hard in Frisco? How are ya, Harry?
  3. Never been to CSUN, but yes, HBU is bad - I've gone to an NT game there once or twice. But probably not for much longer:
  4. UNT Alum Mickey Jones Dies

    RIP. I knew about his acting, but didn't know about his drumming career. Amazing.
  5. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Apparently you weren't around Denton in the 70's & 80's.
  6. I stumbled on this picture of the interior:
  7. Deja Terrell- Nice Story!

    So it's Deja Vu, Terrell family, all over again! :)
  8. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    Not good for us, but it sounds like he fits the profile for Rice & Rice's new coach.
  9. He looks like he just got his braces removed.
  10. Rice (1/13/18)

    You're not the only one.
  11. Rice (1/13/18)

    Here's the Houston Chronicle Story: I saw a tv report on it last night here in Houston, don't remember which channel, and I can't find it online. But if it wasn't for the end of the report saying that Rice lost, you would have thought they had won - all of the highlights were of them, and their top scorer.
  12. Rice (1/13/18)

    Thanks, that's what I needed. Unfortunately I can't hear it because of the noise level in here
  13. Rice (1/13/18)

    I'm at the game , has music? Anyone have a link for the broadcast?