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  1. He looks like he just got his braces removed.
  2. Rice (1/13/18)

    You're not the only one.
  3. Rice (1/13/18)

    Here's the Houston Chronicle Story: I saw a tv report on it last night here in Houston, don't remember which channel, and I can't find it online. But if it wasn't for the end of the report saying that Rice lost, you would have thought they had won - all of the highlights were of them, and their top scorer.
  4. Rice (1/13/18)

    Thanks, that's what I needed. Unfortunately I can't hear it because of the noise level in here
  5. Rice (1/13/18)

    I'm at the game , has music? Anyone have a link for the broadcast?
  6. Not my cup of tea. If I want a sandwich, I'd rather go to Jason's Deli. I guess we'll just all do our own thing and become a "sea of green" at the game.
  7. Torchy's Tacos? No, I see there's one of those in Kingwood too. Your turn to suggest a place.
  8. National championship games

    If the playoffs will never have all of the conference champions, and G5s will never have a chance to compete in them, then I say forget about even having a playoff system and "crowning" a national champion, and let's go back to the way the bowls used to be - with the addition of plenty of G5 bowls. The Rose Bowl used to be special, pitting the BIG champ against the PAC champ - without that, it no longer is interesting. Same with the other big bowls.
  9. Leach Files Suit Against Texas Tech

    So THAT's what Wayne Dolcefino has been up to since he left Houston Ch. 13 news. I don't miss him.
  10. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    ... and it's a beautiful day.
  11. DRC: UNT announces Choice as RBs coach

    I've always wanted to call him "Taster's Choice"
  12. Too bad. How's that abbreviated - TAMU-I-ITMONW? ;)