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  1. Stix


  2. Stix

    FAU offers new concession prices -- $4 beer

    Bring in Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer to set up the the tap system, he'll get it right.
  3. Stix


    Y'know, I do too - somewhere...
  4. Stix


    Jamario Thomas & Patrick Cobbs in 2005. Can't find the USA Today story, but here's the pic courtesy of Rick Yeatts: and:
  5. The next thing should be to do something on the west side to provide some shade.
  6. Stix

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    You did miss it! According to Wren and John Hedlund, at the Coaches Caravan, the current field is not regulation width, and prevents NT from hosting playoff games. The new facility will be regulation width. The master plan that's been posted here shows a new softball field eventually being built in the main (former golf course) area, and the west side of Bonnie Brae becoming a parking/tailgating area.
  7. Stix

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    So, is it called the "Derek Thompson" rule?
  8. Stix

    DRC: UNT hires new softball coach

    Ties to the region have been a common theme with the recent coaching hires.
  9. But to be serious - what is the significance of dunking your ring in the fountain? Maybe the best person to answer this is @KRAM1.
  10. Dunking? Should this be moved to the basketball forum?
  11. Stix

    UNT's Justify Wins Triple Crown

    What is the connection to North Texas? Haven't heard of one. The only thing I've heard is that George Soros has part-ownership of Justify, and I'm not aware of any connection between Soros and NT.
  12. Less than 24 hours away now! Who's coming?
  13. Gotta love the picture of Aston that Vito chose! 😃
  14. Well, what does a round-trip ticket cost from Midland on SWA these days? 🍺