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  1. I most certainly will be there. I don't think there's ever been an official get-together. We certainly can do something, but since the game is at 2pm, there's not much time beforehand. How about after? As for where, I was going to suggest Buffalo Wild Wings, but apparently it's been closed. Any other suggestions?
  2. https://www.unt.edu/sites/default/files/slide_mcconnell.jpg
  3. OK, since no one else seems to want to...
  4. You're missing something, @CMJ 🙂
  5. You haven't been to an NT game at Rice, have you? We outnumber the Rice fans (not that it's hard to do that). Yes, a lot are family members, but there's also a lot of NT alumni in Houston who come out, and some who drive down from DFW as well.
  6. @emmitt01, might this suit you ?
  7. We don't even make the top 25 on a Coaches hot seat list...
  8. You're forgetting about Lance Dunbar's last game against the MUTS.
  9. Tickets... Since there's no way Rice ever comes close to selling out their stadium, I normally just buy my tickets when I get there. But the Alumni Association sent me this link to buy tickets from from our Athletic Department. Wait - $30 for General Admission? I went to https://riceowls.com, and it has this link, which has GA tickets for $13. Huh? It isn't even Ticketmaster, it's fevo.com (never heard of it). Well, it does say "713 Community Heroes", and then clicking the ABOUT tab, it says "Rice University is set to celebrate 713 Community Heroes at Rice vs. North Texas game. Community Heroes can purchase up to 7 tickets at $13 for this game." So they're supposed to be for a special group? I finally found the ticketmaster link: https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/rice/EN/buy/details/19FB1123. GA tickets are $20 there, and there are $30 reserved tickets which include the sections (110 & 111) which are usually the visitor sections. So maybe the ones you buy from NT aren't actually GA. If you're inclined to buy online, you can support the Mean Green, or you can try to get $13 tickets. Or, you can just wait until you get there. I've found that you can sit in the visitors sections even with a GA ticket - I don't recall ever seeing any "Seat Nazis" at Rice Stadium.
  10. Thanks, @meanJewGreen! Better late than never? Here's the official Alumni Association announcement - I didn't have time to post this last week, and then was out of town for the weekend.
  11. It should. The University Drive NY Subway is (I believe) a franchise. The owner there (Mike) worked at the Ave. C NY Subway when he was a student. Notice I always say NY Subway, not Sub-Hub. They may not be able to call it that anymore, but I'm not worried about "Subway" suing me. 🙂
  12. Ah, Carrot Top - the pride of Cocoa (not Cocoa Beach) FL. Edit: or maybe Rockledge - I forget. Yes, Rockledge.
  13. Yeah, it was like... synchronicity
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