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6 minutes ago, MEANGREENCOACH2 said:

YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING stop your damn celebrating.

I'd love to read your posts after the Arkansas game and see if you're actually living what you preach

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16 minutes ago, MEANGREENCOACH2 said:

When you think you are the shit..  and you haven't done anything yet..  WHO HAVE YOU BEATEN.  Look at their records, you have beat nobody.

Ridiculous piss poor football..


Every time you make a tackle THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE quit your damn flexing.  It's a basic tackle you are supposed to make it.  You wave incomplete when the QB throws a bad pass.. YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING stop your damn celebrating.

I couldn't agree more. Flexing after you got burned none the less. I was happier losing by several touchdowns a few years ago than watching this behavior. Spitting on a player, getting ejected, then getting another personal foul giving them 3 points is an embarrassment.

Littrell talks culture. The culture is crap at NT right now. Losing with class when you worked your ass off is better than melting down and behaving like jerk offs. And stop the dancing bench warmers on the sideline. It reminds me of 2014 behavior. 

I have never seen spitting at UNT in my life and I was a player through the Simon years.

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