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  1. How they think will be good for the long term success of the sport is beyond me. Funny how they consider a 24-40k a year education nothing.
  2. NIL has deadened my love for college athletics. I didn't think that would be possible, but I don't care nearly as much as I did a few years ago because of the nonstop transfers and the money...it's no longer the same.
  3. I liked his decision making the last half of the year when he kept the ball running more. Just gotta make the simple throws!
  4. 50/50 plays are instructed to go to the offense, so it’s got nothing to do with them being Virginia. The lead might have been a bit wide to get the proper angle on the play.
  5. Just find someone that can complete a high percentage, keep chains moving, and can be a threat to run! We're not asking for much are we??
  6. Definitely some pot shots at the Murphy twins.
  7. I'd hope they would've had a conversation before moving to such a different position than QB. Can't imagine him having the build for that position. How do we miss so badly on a player's ability to play QB???
  8. I think it's pretty cool Rick is still involved.
  9. I’m not having any issue with stadium. Looks and sounds great.
  10. Can't believe I have to miss it w/ the game 20 minutes away. I have to ref @ Nicholls State. May try to hit the women's game on Sunday.
  11. As a coach told me while reffing a basketball game, the kids don’t want to be coached anymore…they want to be praised. When I saw Bennet lay into one of them after a personal foul, I instantly thought portal. Sad.
  12. The tough part of the Southeast being number 1 in football is that they are mostly very small media centers. The tv sets in the midwest, NE, and west coast are tuning out in large numbers. The lack of balance in college football is going to continue to drive viewers away. The portal and NIL are turning alot of people off of the sport just like the 1 and done turned people away from college basketball. All of these things were designed to help the student athlete financially, but it's hurt many academically and viewership will continue to decline for football and basketball.
  13. Kemon Hall recovered a fumble on special teams today. Guyton had a great block on the 101 yard KO return for a td today too. Go Bolts! Beat the Raiders next week!
  14. eventually these kids will see how many 'portal' players don't get scholarships anywhere else. The 'I love my brothers but I'm leaving' mantra will slow down to a trickle if they actually understand the landscape of college football. If you're not getting playing time on a lower end team, odds show that you'll be one of the many that overvalue their abilities and end up in the endless wormhole called the portal.
  15. Michigan is on year 8-15 of not having a good qb, so we aren't alone in that crap shoot. You'd think w/ the 7 we have in the room that there would be something better.
  16. Uh oh. I hope there’s not something wrong where he’s leaving. He will be a huge piece the next 3 years
  17. Is roderick brown playing?? Maybe I’m missing 93 in the rotation last week and this week?????
  18. They just said goodbye to the Southland, so it will be interesting to see if they let hurt feelings go and do what's right.
  19. my question is, what is SFA, ACU, and Lamar going to do now. WAC is essentially out of football w/ NMSU leaving.
  20. I'm assuming the game is on TV to have a watch party....What station/network/streaming options are there? I don't see any on the meangreen site.
  21. he's often won games w/ other's recruits (i.e. Sumlin), but is not well liked by HS coaches. If you have a subscription to the Athletic (which I highly recommend) they did a whole story on that 2 years ago.
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