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  1. Refs are ABSURDLY whistle happy so far.
  2. Lol. Nevermind. Forget I ever said anything.
  3. Your opinion -- that free throw shooting is a "lost art" at UNT -- was attacked because it is incompatible with the fact that UNT leads the conference in free throw shooting % prior to tonight (I have not seen the numbers updated after tonight) and people quickly pointed that out to you in the chat, which seemed to rub you the wrong way. We were referencing actual statistics and you were just reacting to what was happening in the moment. No one is attacking you solely for having a dissenting opinion, and no one is arguing that we were great from the line tonight. We clearly were not. (56.5%)
  4. Sigh. That's exactly what I was getting at, sir. Injuries hurt.
  5. I'm just going to leave this here: UNT Bench Combined Minutes: 35 ASU Bench Combined Minutes: 78
  6. He's not going to be double or triple teamed just about every time he touches the ball anywhere near the paint when he is in the NBA. It will not be at all surprising if he looks much more effectively utilized in the NBA for that reason alone. He's not going to be the single most important player on the court every game. Every opposing team's #1 defensive goal coming in to every game won't be "contain Tony Mitchell." I'm not a fan of Benford either folks, I just think the premise of this thread is a bit misguided.
  7. Honestly I think USA lost this game more than we won it. I'm not saying anything against the players or Benford (Quite the opposite, nice effort with a still shallow bench), just that USA had a really bad 3PT and FT shooting night. Happy we got this win, though.
  8. Just for fun. On average, we are making 3.36 three pointers per game this season. Nationally, that puts us at 337th among D1 teams... out of 345. Our 3pt FG% thus far is ... 24.5% We are not making enough 3s per game (5) to qualify for the NCAA's stats for 3pt FG%, but if we were we would be 2nd to last. Ouch. Anyways. GMG. Let's crush Troy regardless.
  9. Man I typically try not to whine about refs but this has become a complete joke. -- EDIT -- Completely absurd. The officiating was so one-sided down the stretch it almost looked rigged. Most unbelievable stretch of calls I've ever seen in basketball.
  10. First of all, relax. Stop calling people idiots and use your words to construct an argument that actually makes sense... ...and is based on actual, real statistics. Jordan Williams has not shot 8-20 from 3. (That would be 40% ... which would be, ya know, good ... ) He has shot 4-20. (20% ... bad ... but obviously not as bad as Clarke's 6.25%) Oddly enough, if you had used the actual statistic it would have better supported your argument, as weak as it is. (prior to today) Tony: 6-11, 54.5% Jacob: 3-4, 75% Yes, those are small sample sizes, but I'm just pointing out that you seem to be angrily pulling things out of nowhere while spouting "idiots" more than once. Makes you look hypocritical IMHO. Sorry. These comparisons simply don't make sense. AAU =/= NCAA D1 ball. 3A High School CERTAINLY =/= NCAA D1 ball. More importantly, Benford publicly said in an interview (essentially) that Clarke is a defensive liability. He said something along the lines of "[Clarke] needs to learn to guard somebody." There is video footage of that. In your own words "do your homework before posting." I could be wrong, but I don't believe anyone has blamed our perceived underachieving thus far on Clarke. That would be ridiculous. We've had other, bigger issues, clearly. We are (or SHOULD be) questioning whether he is ready to fill the role that it would be very beneficial for him to fill this season -- right now -- given the injury to Walton, TJ's ineligibility, the fact Alzee is not a deep threat, etc. etc. Yes, obviously calling for him to transfer, quit, or have his scholarship pulled is incredibly extreme at this point. I'm with you there. Eagerly awaiting your response, An Idiot With A Low Basketball IQ
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