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  1. You're shooting down the SMU-against-UNT argument, yet saying TCU & Tech would be against SMU? Isn't that the same thing?
  2. Remember how we all thought the term "P6" was really stupid about 1 week ago?? My thoughts haven't changed. Let's just be excited to join, and leave that dumb moniker out.
  3. No, if that’s what you want to use, go for it. We’re just joshin’ you. Glad you’re here!
  4. I like the super pit, but I’ve seen some renderings on the new arena & it can’t be built soon enough. It’s going to be beautiful and sit right on the top of the hill where the old Raddison was. I think a huge driver in it was that the Athletics dept doesn’t have sole possession of it, and if the University ever schedules something in there, it’s not available to the teams, which makes scheduling harder.
  5. Your name & avatar is short-circuiting my head….
  6. Do you think y'all throw a lifeline out to UTEP? Do you think LATech would accept an invite with LAMo down the road? What if MT & WKU come back hat in hand? I really think after after NT, UAB, Rice, UTSA & FAU (I guess) leave C- USA, SBC is obviously the better conference.
  7. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances Rank School Conf. Total Revenue 59 Memphis AAC $61,241,433 60 South Florida AAC $59,531,113 64 East Carolina AAC $56,118,480 74 Charlotte CUSA $40,717,393 75 FL Atlantic CUSA $40,113,869 76 North Texas CUSA $40,063,461 86 UAB CUSA $35,725,431 98 UTEP CUSA $32,333,272 The private schools don't have to disclose, so you'd likely have to dig around to find theirs.
  8. In looking at the conference map, it appears SMU can either partner with us (and develop a very nice rivalry across all sports), stay paired up with Tulsa (a school that is withering on the vine), or join up with the Roadrunners (who's basketball gym isn't even as nice as some Highland Park homes' private gyms). Rice likely pairing with Tulane & UAB with Memphis. If SMU had any sense, they'd read the room, swallow their pride, and embrace lil' ol' NTSU as their travel partner, because their other options are not as good.
  9. Well... I wouldn't go that far..., but at least Judy MacLeod is not the Commissioner of the AAC, so we're gonna be just fine if that's were we go.
  10. And swap SoMiss for Tulane! 🥳 But also swap LATech for Tulsa. 😥
  11. Purely hypothetical, But say Thompson & the MWC were blowing smoke saying they're strong enough as-is, and decide to about-face & not allow the AAC to cut off all Texas schools... and extend offers to NT & UTSA. What would be your thoughts there? Would you rather go with Rice to AAC? How do most UTSA fans feel about going West if it were a possibility? Just curious.
  12. It's Neal's job. Not sure if it requires signatures from BOR members, but that could drag things along a little bit.
  13. This makes a lot more sense. And yeah, I don't think the exit fees are just going to sit in stacks in Judy's office. The conference will likely spread them out to member schools. If Judy has a lick of sense, she'd keep from providing a lump sum to the leftover schools and spread those payments out over time. Otherwise, the SBC will come calling very soon.
  14. Supposedly starting in Fall 2023 when Cincy, Houston & UCF leave: https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/college-football/conference-realignment-aac-to-reportedly-receive-applications-from-6-schools-this-week/
  15. Possible. Where y'all headed?
  16. Oh now Shaft, I love you, but let's not get it twisted again. The truth is... I told you so. Just because I'd RATHER have the opportunity to join the MWC, doesn't mean I didn't see the "merger" idea as a total farce & that the AAC could do what they just did. Heck, here I am saying it in your own thread: And are you just going to ignore the entire Eastern part of that proposed "merger"? Now, let's move on.
  17. I was reading that the CSU alumni weren't excited about moving East. I dunno about Air Force.
  18. AAC was always in the driver's seat to take on who they want, instead of being forced to completely re-engineer conferences with a bunch of schools they don't have any interest in.
  19. No room... unless they're re-entering negotiations and 2 schools out of this list would be removed <gulp>.
  20. Nothing is signed. If the MWC wanted to, they could extend an offer to NT & UTSA today & I bet we'd tell the AAC, "thanks for the opportunity, but we've received a better offer".
  21. Wow, wonder who said this? I not sure what leftovers they will find to help them do that, NMSU, Liberty, Idaho? Oh, I think I have a great idea of who said this. Not very many people dumb enough to actually believe that...
  22. https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-the-aac-close-to-massive-6-school-expansion-to-reshape-conference-014015069.html Paying this exit fee is not Wren Baker's job (his job is finding Littrell's buyout). This is Neal Smatresk's job. I think he'll be able to cover this.
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