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  1. It's my son's birthday that day, and he wants to go! We'll be there. I'm excited to see Malik Willis in person. And I want to support the players.
  2. I'm sure y'all have seen the circulating rumors of the AAC expanding & bringing your Alma Mater along! Exciting times, if true! Please know those of us here on GoMeanGreen.com support you guys and all of the hard work you've put into this season. Few, if any, of you are being singled-out as failing us. We know y'all are having to go at this with a guy 'leading' you poorly, and unfortunately, this is showing up on the scoreboard. As frustrated as we are, we can't even imagine how frustrated y'all are! Take courage! The rest of the world see's what UNT is capable of, hence our invite to the AAC, and flirting with the Mountain West. You guys are a huge part of that. I challenge you guys to look at this exciting time as an opportunity to find motivation outside of Coach Littrell. Dig deep and exit Conference USA this season as the force we all know you are. Then, when it comes to moving up to the AAC, ideally with a new coaching staff you guys can believe in: Kick in the door, waving the 4-4! We're behind you! Glory to the Green! Much love! - Your fans
  3. The need for the AC expansion is very critical. It has to be first. I bet the new arena isn't far behind though.
  4. If C-USA implodes, UTEP needs to get buddy-buddy with TXSt quickly, because they'll be their only lifeline to remain in any kind of conference at all. UTEP is staring an independent life, like their neighbors in Las Cruces, squarely in the face. They're in a very precarious spot... thanks to years of apathy towards athletics. They only have their leadership to blame.
  5. NT is in a position of power right now, but not quite that much power! 🤣
  6. Wren already has baseball on his radar. Unfortunately, it's way down the list after the Athletic Center upgrade and a new basketball arena.
  7. Izzat it? That's the reason all of the existing schools would decide to split the pie with them?
  8. Obviously, Memphis right now is pretty darn good. Not sure how long they'll be in the AAC. SDSU is usually ranked (in 2020, they ended the year #6). Utah State is VERY VERY Good. Nevada is too. COSt is coming up, and when UNM has a decent coach, they're really good too. Either way, UNT B-ball is gonna be challenged big time. Looking forward to it!
  9. Why? What do either of those schools bring to the MWC? If the MWC can't find enough value in us & UTSA to offer, what on Earth would UTEP & NMSU provide?
  10. We’re just waiting for that hammer to drop. Gotta believe any kind of move up will only help in the search. How are y’all feeling about Traylor? Think Tech will come kick the tires?
  11. I mean, backfill with a bunch of ranked/really good teams…. Not a bad idea. That’s why it probably won’t happen. #Judy’d. Be on the lookout for another letter (this time, without Smatresk’s signature!) asking to regionalize with the SBC.
  12. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Also, and I’m not sure how y’all feel about it, but add LALa & Appy.
  13. Cheers man. UNT only played 9 games last year. Pretty sure Covid jacked up all kinds of schedules. A SMU VS UTSA bowl game of some sort would likely have me in attendance. I hope both of y’all keep winning & make it happen!
  14. That’s the scuttlebut out there. They could join into a stronger conference & up their brand a little more, like Wichita St. joining AAC. Few wont be there forever!
  15. I’m so sorry. Get ready for this kind of idiot fan from this particular school. An ounce of success, and they’re national champs that everyone is scared to play. They’re athletics toddlers, still learning how the world works. Outside of their dumb fans (which try to, but don’t speak for all of them), UTSA is a nice addition.
  16. Wait, y’all aren’t coming with?
  17. Dang, this is concerning, and I know if NT were in UTSA’s football situation right now, they couldn’t say we wouldn’t add value. But, here we are, staring 1-11 in the face at the worst possible time! 😩 Hopefully President Smatresk tries to convince his buddies out there 1 more time before accepting this AAC invite. I mean, heckuva consolation prize for us!
  18. Shouldn’t this provide some pause for y’all who’ve already popped the champagne? The mere thought of us ‘C-USA move-ups’ makes the upper eschelon AAC schools hope to go MWC…. Shouldn’t we want the same thing the top AAC schools want? We’re in for an exciting week Mean Green fans! Buckle up! … except Littrell, he can go ahead and exit the vehicle.
  19. Going to see Pepi next Saturday before he leaves for Europe!
  20. MWC basketball is better, especially if they’re talking about adding Gonzaga as a b-ball only member! Just hang on…
  21. UNT is in a position to hear this thing out. Awaiting MWC’s counter-offer.
  22. Do you guys not realize what this means?!?!? The bidding war for UNT is about to begin!!!! This leaked news will no doubt make its way to Craig Thompson’s desk. If MWC wants into Texas, they’re gonna have to act quickly and kick NT a sweet deal, before this AAC move shakes out!!! The move to the AAC is not guaranteed! I bet something like this leaks out from the MWC by Friday targeting NT & UTSA! Exciting times for our beloved Mean Green! Just fire Littrell already so we can be even more excited!
  23. That really was a great day. We were all so excited for what was to come! Fast-forward 3 years from then… man, we were all fretting about him leaving because he had us at back-to-back 9 win season…. The sky was the limit with him! Fast-foward 3 more years &… WTH happened?!? Who could’ve seen this coming? He’s beaten-down beyond belief any time he speaks publicly. Hardly the same guy in this video.
  24. Again, how do you explain the sudden turnaround at UTSA, Arkansas, Ole Miss, etc…? You people that are saying this are going to be shocked at the turnaround the guys we have on our roster CURRENTLY are capable of if the right guy is hired.
  25. Are you wanting to see a contract or something? I think some good evidence was the dozen or so KSSt fans who decided to come on GMG.com and tell us about the negotiations and how close they actually were. Why would these guys care to do that if there were no smoke to that fire? Not to mention several mentions from actual reporters about the negotiations. I honestly think Littrell thought he could back out of those KSSt negotiations because he probably felt like he could do even better after 2019. In the meantime, sic 'em (Wren & Neal), Jimmy. Boy was he wrong, and Wren & Neal are left holding the bag.
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