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  1. As far as Plug-&-play, immediate impact, it’s gotta be Rogers, Vaipulu, Miner, Cleveland, & Rauschenberg right? As for the HS class, I dunno, I think Anderson & Starling obviously have potential early, but I think I’ll say I’m most intrigued by Magiya since he’s only been playing football for 2 years. Upside with him could be enormous.
  2. My man, I’m not arguing that William Johnson was a success. Sheesh. But what would you call Mason, Rico, Hambone, Ejiya, & Khairi? Successes, right? I’m just looking forward to who those types of guys are in this class. People were commenting about how amazing this class is with the limited amount of time Morris had. I was just recalling people were saying the same thing about 2016’s class… and rightly so. It was a good one! (& Littrell didn’t have the luxury of taking over a team that had just played in a CCG!)
  3. Huh? Littrell was hired after the season just like Morris. Remember “Lock the Gate”? I love that you singled out a flop in this class & ignored the future HOF’ers. And again, as has been hashed out over & over here… Littrell’s relationship (not Harrell’s) with Fine’s HS coach is what got us Fine. The boogeyman is gone now. It’s OK to reminisce about the good times.
  4. We were saying the same things on SL's first signing day: https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Season/2016-Football/Commits/ Looking forward to finding out who of this year's class is going to be the next Mason Fine, LaDarius Hamilton, EJ Ejiya, Rico Bussey, Khairi Muhammad, etc... That was a pretty special class!
  5. How awesome would it be for us to land Nelson and Starling... and also win back Gaddie to finish up here and teach-up these young studs?
  6. No doubt! He's worked hard for this his whole life. He should be able to do this on his own terms. Some guys like to announce ahead of time to enjoy all of the congratulations along the way. Some guys would rather make it a last-minute surprise and enjoy the anticipation along the way. Neither way is wrong.
  7. If so, that's pretty telling, and that's what sucks for him.
  8. 11 days between his commitment and this video posting. Spencer Sanders committed the day before Deshawn, and he's in there... Interesting.
  9. After glancing at 2-3 of "this user's" posts, that was my first thought. Crazy how far it's come... still has a bit more to go.
  10. He's a coach's kid, and good bloodlines with his dad being a D1 baller!
  11. Coach Harrell offered an 8th-grade Quinn Ewers while he was here.
  12. We may not get mad, but we should certainly question his loyalty, and make fun of his idea of "commitment". Maybe even jab him a little bit about his change of heart being only about NIL money.
  13. I like this one. I think Jayven breaks fall camp in the 2 deep this year.
  14. Welcome aboard Noah! You're going to love kicking in Apogee (or whatever it's gonna be called)!
  15. NT would be wise to stay partner'd up with Tobe. He's an original, flying in the face of the current hip-hop scene.
  16. Right? This kinda reminds me of the Gunnell talk.
  17. Yessir! '94 was an incredible year. I spun the heck out of that Weezer Blue Album, Nirvana Unplugged, Rubberneck, & Dookie (I'd include STP's Purple album as well). Couldn't buy Illmatic (The Greatest Hip Hop album of all time IMHO, just a masterpiece encapsulating everything Hip Hop/Rap is about, & the producers on all the tracks... a who's-who.) or Ready to Die, but man I listened to tracks off of those any time I could (I'll never forget the first time I heard/saw the Hypnotize music video. How's this ugly fat dude flowing like this?). Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymusic (or even ATLiens) wasn't on my radar until I got into high school & they blew up with Aquemini, but it's so great. EDIT: Ugh, Hypnotize was on Life After Death, ...way later.
  18. Those are great Rock albums I spun the heck out of Vs. In the Hip Hop genre, some awesome albums dropped that year too: Midnight Marauders is one of my favorite All-Time albums, and one of the greatest rap singles of all time(C.R.E.A.M) came out on Enter the WuTang.
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