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  1. Read the comments. They're blaming his recruiting, not that he doesn't know how to coach. The exact opposite of what we're saying around here. Littrell hauling in nice classes but can't can't get them to play for him. Also, mostly well-wishes from the Hokie fans, with a few butt-hurt fans kicking him on the way out. I bet you'd see the same kind of reaction around here if/when Littrell is let go.
  2. Only if UAB beats UTSA first. If they roll in here unbeaten & ranked, it's going to look like the UAB/Marshall games.
  3. Lots of them legitimately out there wondering why they're not ranked #3 in the CFP poll because they're one of 3 undefeated teams left.
  4. Also strange that the change happened after news that NT was going to move up in the latest conference reshuffle. Playing like crap prior to that, then all-of-a-sudden there's a paradigm shift and we almost beat Liberty. The effort was certainly there that day. It's almost as if the players found their own motivation.
  5. Sounds like they think he wasn't able to recruit their area well & "engage the Mid-Atlantic community", and that's what led to his recent down years. Come on home to the fertile Texas/Oklahoma recruiting grounds you know so well Fue!
  6. We already lost our Super Bowl 35-12. No reversal here.
  7. We've recruited some really nice TE's over the past few classes. Wish we could see them being used.
  8. That's funny. I would suggest that player, and other players like him, stop looking ahead to the big UNT game and focus on the better team they'll be playing this weekend instead. Lest they roll in here with their perfect record blemished.
  9. Oh, me too! What if I told you about a guy who took over a G5 program who's previous 3 seasons' records combined to be 5-31. That's way worse than our last 3 seasons! This guy built up that G5 school to be the conference champion and ranked within 3 years! Is this the kind of program builder you're looking for? That guy is Justin Fuente! Again, if we were still on the shoestring budget we used to be on... I'd be cool with giving these two guys a call. But not now.
  10. I don't understand how you could make this statement. It's not even close. One was a disaster. The other was a winner. Here: Dykes at Cal: 19-30 Fuente at VATech: 43-31
  11. Not really worried about the 2nd one. He wasn't doing much anyway. A guy with a ton of talent & measurables, but the work ethic didn't match.
  12. give the points and bet 'til your hands bleed. I think this is going to get ugly.
  13. Or, a change might actually do some good and the guys would feel refreshed! Maybe Stout could be convinced to stay around with a new guy coming in.
  14. We've already lost one target by allowing Littrell to hang around. If Baker fumbles both McGuire and Fuente to 2 schools we compete with, I'd be very upset if they both do well & we continue spinning wheels with whoever he brings in instead. But if Sonny leaves, and both NT & SMU go after Fuente, our only hope would be for Wren to convince his buddy to come here over the money whip SMU brings.
  15. Because he had to actually build Memphis up from nothing those first 2 years. Norvell took over his program and kept it going. It's not like he was about to fall off at Memphis so he bailed to VATech. Littrell had to build, and did so rather well (only took him 1 season here instead of Fuente's 2 at Memphis). Now, he can't get anything going except against putrid teams. He's regressed. We look more like a McCarney team than we do the 2017-2018 Mean Green. And even in those 2 9-win seasons, we were never near being ranked like Fuente got his Memphis squad.
  16. But so much has changed since then! We're not the same old cash-strapped Athletics Department. I think Wren and Neal can afford to take more risks, and they're going to have to in order to see their vision come to reality here.
  17. Eyeroll not from me. I agree with almost all of this (not sure what you mean by the TXHSFB ties since Littrell promoted Bloesch to OC instead of hiring the HBU guy). The talent is here to compete, especially in C-USA. I just hope we get to see Adaway & Bush play under a new HC with a new philosophy that they buy into. I really don't think there is going to be a long rebuild here, especially with 1 more season of C-USA play to get the new guy warmed up.
  18. Guys, I have a confession: This loss is totally my fault. I got home after my boy's soccer practice, rushed to turn on a UNT: 56 - Buffalo: 45 game, and proceeded to provide all the bad juju we needed to miss just about every shot I saw us take (sometimes not even touching the rim) and made Buffalo look like Villanova, just shooting unconscious. I'll be sure to never do this again. It's either tune in to the start of the game, or come to the SuperPit in person, but never start watching on TV midway through a game. I'm so sorry.
  19. The Covid year was definitely a struggle. But just about every team played in it, just like we did. There were 16 G5 teams ranked at some point last year, including C-USA's Marshall. We were awful, but we did beat some really bad teams, and Bailey Zappe's HBU. Also, you say we're 'making strides', but would you feel the same if the SoMiss game and UAB games were flipped on the schedule? I mean, just about everyone who was saying we were only going to win 4 or 5 this year was banking on winning 3 in a row between SoMiss - UTEP - FIU. I don't think people thought UTEP was going to be as tough as they were, but still. We could win this weekend 42-10 and I wouldn't be surprised. Now, if UTSA rolls in undefeated and ranked, and we somehow beat them? I might be more persuadable.
  20. First, NT has to take care of the surest win I've seen on our schedule since Littrell has been here. Then, UTSA has to get by UAB, who no-doubt understand that if they win this weekend, they're in the drivers seat to win C-USA again. If UTSA wins this week, there is no way on Earth we win next week. They'll be laser-focused. If UAB beats UTSA, I feel like it will completely deflate them as they'll have lost everything they've worked for all year. They'll come to Apogee with their beloved unbeaten status gone, unranked, needing a UAB loss to even win the division... just deflated. We could catch them sleepwalking and win that game. And I'd still demand Littrell win the bowl game before even remotely considering him coming back.
  21. My man, you're saying next year we'll have a clear picture... The picture was clear after last year. It's 8K clear now. You're making the argument that the TALENT is here. Not that the coaches can get us to where we want to be. The Reeder/Wallis/Joseph arguments that you're tossing out are actually strikes against Littrell... not things to excuse away. And who's to say next season wouldn't have some other kind of injury bug or <xyz excuse> that you're willing to toss away? The excuses have piled up... unfortunately, so have the losses.
  22. I haven't heard of anyone who didn't get along with Wren Baker while he was on his way up. If guys Wren has worked with are to be monitored, another guy I'd keep my eye on is Barry Odom at Arkansas.
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