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  1. Starting to think we're only going to see these 4 guys sign during early signing period. The coaches have all been out for several days now, and the only guys we're seeing offered are class of '23 & '24 guys. It would make sense because we only saw the Cam Robertson commit shortly after we rescinded Paige's offer. To me, it's odd if that's the case, because we already have such a stacked RB room... why would we use one of only 4 HS offers on Qualon Farrar when there are so many other pressing team needs (not that I'm upset we have Farrar committed... can't wait for him to sign!)? Maybe we see some JUCO guys or late qualifiers sign in the February window?
  2. We have to get through this weekend of Conference Championships before they announce anything officially (probably on Sunday), but I would expect leaks to start coming out either today or tomorrow about us being invited to and accepting a specific bowl since we're not really affected by any of those championship games.
  3. That is a very hot take. I think there’s definitely a place in the veer for a little bowling ball RB like Torrey. Ragsdale may become a better RB in time, but I dunno if his heart/will is as big as Torrey’s right now.
  4. We’ll at least win the first round game of the CFP!
  5. Pretty sure we won the C-USA tourney & a NCAA Tournament game in the same week not even 9 months ago. Are we that myopic as a fan base?
  6. I love Ikaika, Isaiah, & Ayo... but we'd be in trouble if Torrey doesn't play.
  7. I bet ESPN & several prospective bowls have already contacted McCaw to see if Malik Willis is going to declare and skip Liberty's prospective bowl game. Of course, McCaw probably lied to them all. If Willis plays, Liberty will be wanted by lots of bowls. Tough to bet on that though when you have to announce your bowl by this Sunday, while Willis will have a few weeks to think about skipping.
  8. Whether Mr. Lovelace meant this or not, this is the gist of his tweet to everyone who read it. He would absolutely be wise to cut this thing off before it grows legs.
  9. Yes, the bar was very low with Bowen, but Reff had the 2018 defense at #5 in C-USA, so it's not like it's been this way for a long time. I'm not sure how to process this year's defense. It leaked like a sieve early on, and then, seemed to gain steam as the year went on. We played some garbage teams down the stretch, but the defense was a huge part in making them look like garbage. Our total defense this season was 27.5 PPG (#8 in C-USA) sure, but total defense starting with the Liberty game (where most people say the season turned) was 20 PPG, which would be #1 in C-USA. I just don't know if the late season surge is a mirage or not. Can we really have the #1 C-USA defense next year? I thought the UTSA game would be a prove-it game for the defense, but between the elements and shoving the L down UTSA's throats so hard they quit in the 3rd quarter, it wasn't. That game just snowballed. I honestly think the UTEP game told us more about the defense than any of those other games... at least, I hope it did because the defense won that game for us. Maybe the Bowl game will tell us more. Either way, I'm not mad if Bennett returns! 😂
  10. The longer SOC keeps marching (this weekend, a tough matchup against Coach Trice's Lovejoy defense), the more coaches' eyes see Qualon. C'mon Dec. 15th!!
  11. Yikes. This is a huge risk for Cinque. Riley got him his shot here. I doubt Riley has any desire to help him out again (especially while he's busy marching back to the Championship game right now).
  12. You need to choose one or the other Mr. Lovelace. Imbibing on gamedays, or Twitter. You cannot do both, as each, by themselves, are risks. Combining them is a recipe for disaster for everything your parents worked so hard to create. Thank you for all you're doing for UNT, but this is a black eye... not only for you & your parents' company, but for UNT as a whole. Please don't do it again.
  13. Believe it or not, they could both go, and with the talent on the roster, the right HC with a good DC could get more than 6-6 out of them once buy-in is achieved. Bennett is a good DC, don't get me wrong. I don't think Wren Baker can be held hostage by anyone anymore. He'll just replace you with someone better. Ask Tracy Kee.
  14. Absolutely not. Fingers crossed that he'll be available to return as OC though.
  15. Definitely. Add in Enoch Jackson, and that's definitely the best DL in C-USA next season... just like it was this year with Novil & Colvin.
  16. The game will be in the Alamodome. No elements to cause 5+ turnovers, and WKU's offense is not ground/pound. It's going to be a very good game, like it was last time.
  17. I wholeheartedly agree Plumm. I gotta think this is a huge challenge for Wren Baker. I would be willing to wager quite a bit that he is negotiating with ESPN and Armed Forces behind the scenes and promising them that NT will bring at least 30K to their bowl game. In that same vein, he's likely trying to secure Frisco as the fallback by promising a sellout (which NT can most-definitely deliver, even without a single ticket sold by our opposition.) If it's announced that NT is going to the Armed Forces Bowl, look for a very aggressive ticket campaign from Wren & Co., because our fans' reputation, and his word, will be on the line.
  18. If we've learned anything about C-USA leadership, it's that they don't do a dang thing when it comes to which teams go to which bowls. If ESPN and the Armed Forces Bowl wants UNT to show up en-masse to Amon Carter so they raise a ton of money and make their bowl crowd look good, that's what's going to happen. Judy may not like it, but that's how it's gonna be, because she's unable to negotiate against it.
  19. Their fans will remain delusional even if they lose this game & their Bowl game. They're learning how to be NCAA FBS fans.
  20. Yes we do: https://meangreensports.com/staff-directory/jessie-gardner/412 Also, As great as the Murphys are... the key to the DL's future is actually this guy, who is flying incredibly low under the radar, just because he happens to be playing behind a NFL-caliber DT who is the heart of this defense. Once Novil graduates, Brown will be the man. We simply CANNOT lose him.
  21. Maybe Littrell took a page out of McCasland's playbook and used the early portion of the schedule to battle-test the guys for the last part of the season.
  22. Right. Think about all of the college coaches throughout the years (1000's). I'd bet there are less than 50 guys total that would count as "Patterson-like". I mean, look at guys like Schiano, who was Rutgers' "Patterson" and got them to the B1G conference... then took off for greener pastures. Fickell is about to be the same with Cincy. Heck, our own Patterson-like guy bolted for Iowa back in the day. Those guys are not a dime-a-dozen. Now, I will say that if NT wins the bowl game and Littrell hangs on, then possibly figures it out and finds success again... maybe the faith Wren showed him through 2.5 horrible seasons will result in a reciprocated faith from Littrell that he could be that guy here. I doubt it though. EDIT: I'd much rather bet on Boise's & UCF's models of successfully hitting on Head Coaches over multiple hires, with success building more success. I thought that maybe Littrell would be that first step back when he was almost gone to KSSt. He may still very well be, but with some struggles in between.
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