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  1. I dunno... Unless he gets an offer from a P5 school, which he certainly could, I think NT would be a perfect G5 for him to start his HC career. There would be literally ZERO immediate expectations on him here because we'll be coming off a 1-11 season. Remember how low our bars were for Littrell when he took over? And how we were all ecstatic when he somehow won 5? He'd inherit the top C-USA recruiting classes of 2018 & '19, and they'd be hungry to prove themselves after such a disastrous past 3 seasons. If I'm Lebby, and I don't get the P5 calls I'm expecting, I'm listening to North Texas.
  2. Yes, HE would. Hopefully No, BAKER wouldn't.
  3. I retract my argument. You're probably right. I forget the vast majority of SEC fans are Larry from Shelby, AL. 🤣
  4. This coming from a UTSA alum, who is watching, in real time, a team post a drastic turnaround from last year because of a new coach? I've said it before, and I'll say it again... if a guy like Kendal B. or Lebby comes here, watch Austin Aune immediately look like 2011 Case Keenum. It's amazing what a confident coach can do to an entire group of impressionable 18-23 year-olds hungry for someone to LEAD them.
  5. Absolutely. But then, I look at how they basically let the SMU game slip right through their hands, and how tough they hung with MSSt & a ranked NCSt, and think, LET'S DO THIS!!
  6. Don't forget the "...we need to look in the mirror..." & "...it starts with me..." You know what? I'm starting to think Seth doesn't have a mirror!
  7. I don't understand the utter contempt you have for Aune. No one, not a single soul, is saying he's the second coming of Mason Fine or anything remotely close. I mean, Lifer said: "You have Aune returning that had a pretty good 2020 season. Not great but not terrible." It's not exactly a ringing endorsement, yet you feel the need to stop down & trash him again. I get you were a Bean guy last year (I was too), but I don't think Aune is the garbage QB you constantly make him out to be. It's just weird, IMO. You know what would help Aune, Bean, Ruder, heck anyone, develop? An actual QB coach. Let's not take our eyes off the actual problem to attack the symptoms.
  8. Not sure what happened, but the 19-3 win over LATech is alarming. Especially after being trounced by a severely-underachieving BoiseSt earlier this season 54-13. I don't think FAU is the team to bring them back down to Earth either, so they'll likely roll into Apogee at 7-2 (after playing UTSA to a very close game) with all the confidence in the world. Heaven help us.
  9. You think they'd give him a microphone on any of their shows?
  10. If NT moves to AAC or MWC, absolutely. If NT remains in C-USA, not only have our nightmares been realized, but outside of money, there is no reason for Skip to move to a worse football program. I gotta think Skip has had other schools give him a call... maybe it's not about money for him as long as he feels he's making enough for him to be happy where he's at? Of course, I'm interested, but the question is... is he?
  11. Is this not normal? Are other schools having Official visits during the football season? I'm not plugged into recruiting like @TheReal_jayD, but I don't know that it would make much sense to have Official visits during the football season, unless it's a bye week. The football players need to focus on the game during the weekends, whereas an Official visit means pairing a prospect with a current player and letting them show the recruit around for a weekend. This seems like something we'd rather do during the offseason. I've seen a ton of recruits at the games though, I guess on Unofficial visits.
  12. Seeing as how they could quadruple his salary, and he'd be walking into a dream scenario roster-wise, I'd say so.
  13. That's kinda the jist of the exclamation marks. All I'm doing is adding onto your proposition with qualified guys that are tied to our program! As for Harrell running the offense, you must have forgotten the number of times NT was run down from behind while he was here because he couldn't quite counter-adjust to opposing defenses' adjustments against him. It wasn't uncommon to see something like 30-17 at halftime, then end a game barely hanging on to a 44-41 win. Love Cobbs. You're right. He's doing a great job as RBs coach. You know what? I don't even think I'd be mad if the new coach (not Harrell) decided to hire Orr as DC, but I'd hold my breath because of the legend he is here... I dunno if I'd want that legacy tarnished if he happened to underperform. May want to go with a guy with college defensive experience.
  14. You can't say "completely neglected", because some of the best recruiting over this span has come on the defensive side of the ball. Reff's defense was bad in 2019, but I'm not 100% sure his system was the problem (it was decent in 2018). Obviously Bowen burned the whole thing to the ground last year, and Bennett is having a hard time rebuilding, but there are PLAYERS on that side of the ball.
  15. You obviously have a grasp of former (and current!) Mean Green coaches. It also appears you know of former Mean Green players who are in the coaching realm. That is fantastic, and I hope they all do well! However, why would you willingly limit your coaching search to former Mean Green coaches/players? Like, are these guys the only ones qualified to coach here in your opinion? How 'bout these other guys? Darrell Dickey! - OL! Freddie Kitchens! - TEs! Jeff Rodgers! - ST's! Mean Joe Greene!!!!! - DL! Gio Vizza! - Outside WRs! Riley Dodge! - Inside WRs! Ryan Walters! - CBs! Marcus Trice! - Ss! I mean, we could really put together a who's-who of Mean Green alumni!!! We wouldn't win crap, but hey! We'd really love our coaches!!!1!1!!
  16. Nevermind he hasn't really shown to be HC material... The job may be a little big for him, but boy we're already familiar with him, so let's bring him back! So cozy.
  17. This is an odd feather to put in Littrell's cap. There's a huge difference between "made a bowl", as in, your team earned a bowl appearance by winning 6 or more games... VS just happened to be a team that didn't want to quarantine during bowl season with a 4-5 record! Are you really trying to justify 2020's results with the bowl game that we quite obviously had ZERO BUSINESS playing in?
  18. If we’re talking bright spots, interior DL play is like the Sun. And DeAndre Torrey is like staring at the Sun with your eyes dilated.
  19. You’re underestimating Baker’s understanding & financial backing. This is “old Denton” thinking. Dont worry. That scenario would never unfold for 2 reasons: 1. Bennett is here to help out Littrell. Littrell leaves, he’s likely gone too after the season is over. 2. Baker knows he can hire way better.
  20. For those of you chastising folks here about calling for Baker to be fired, I don’t think anyone is doing that. The closest I’ve seen to this is an if/then scenario, which should be put out there... So stop falsely accusing. There are blatant “fire Littrell” threads. To my knowledge, there isn’t one of those for Baker. I think people are just wanting to apply heat on him to do the right thing. If he disagrees it needs to be done ASAP, that’s his decision, but he’ll feel that heat until he does. It’s perfectly fair.
  21. Probably safe to remove Brohm from any wishlist now after taking down #2 Iowa.
  22. He’s in there getting it done. He still has something huge to play for.
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