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  1. UPDATE: KSU has now paused their voluntary workouts after 14 students tested positive for he virus. It's getting bad #INSIDERRRRR
  2. College football 2020...maybe not? #INSIDERRRRRR
  3. Hearing that Seth will finally be announcing his new job at Kansas State University. #INSIDERRRRR
  4. Lmao the downvotes for not pumping his tires. We can tell who wears green colored glasses here!
  5. Division will always happen. No two programs are identical.
  6. No thank you, that's the best part.
  7. Or you just have never heard of the two schools playing lol
  8. Hearing that COVID-19 will have the Earth all wiped out by then. #INSIDERRRRR
  9. Spoiler alert: Modern day rap does not spoil the youth.
  10. Probably ranked Saban and Dabo then called it a day
  11. It's not. It's called everyone here has a mentality of settling for less.
  12. So prior to George Floyd, did anyone think The Eyes of Texas was even the slightest bit racist?
  13. Tough blow for a dude who gained so much traction in 2018
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