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  1. So, we turned Scrappy/Eppy in to a strutting, bad-ass Eagle?
  2. Nice T-shirt but the "slim fit" description could keep many "older" fans from purchasing. Just saying.
  3. I've always said that if UNT Athletics could get $25.00 annually from every living teacher that has graduated from UNT we could probably raise $10's of millions of dollars each year.
  4. I'm not knowledgeable on what I'm about to say so just jump in if I'm off base. Schools like SMU have been graduating students for decades with degrees that usually result in high paying jobs, with many becoming Corporate leaders of major corporations. Engineering, Medicine, etc. They have been producing graduates in these fields for decades. These people make big money! And when these money makers become CEO's, or some other high paying job, they make more money. I personally know an SMU graduate that played ball for SMU, then became a big time executive with a global oil company. He's got more money than God! Sure, he probably started his first job in Siberia for some oil company, but that's what they do.
  5. Unionize Dartmouth basketball? Good move basketball players. Do they realize that the union leaders will be the ones that benefit the most financially? Stupid idea.
  6. Who is the CEO of the football team that allows the defensive coordinator to continue with a 3 man front? Fire the DC if he doesn’t change to a 4 man front!
  7. My people could make him an offer he could not refuse.
  8. This caught my eye on ESPN. Highly disturbing to me.
  9. Alamo Dome is right in line with other top notch indoor college FB facilities.
  10. After watching that last game I’d say they should talk about tackling and turnovers all night long!
  11. Yes. God forbid they use a picture of him wearing UNT clothing.
  12. Have you ever listened to Kinne talk in person? Not too long ago I heard him in person. I'm old and was ready to suit up for him! He's on the same track as the nutsak coach.
  13. Taipei? Oooooo! Lot of goody, goody bang bang!
  14. I have no patience with a hire like this one! The way we lost is inexcusable!!! Piss poor tackling. No blocking! We have a stable of proven backs and no one can block for them? Are you kidding me? Yet, a “new head coach at Texas State- San Marcos got the job done against Baylor. UNT lays an egg! Unacceptable!!! Is this is the best Mosley could get? Pathetic.
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