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  1. Liberty just tied Syracuse 21-21, 14:31 left in the 4th.
  2. Recruiting. We cannot get a steady stream of quality recruits to play at North Texas year after year. The kind of recruits that make a difference. The recruits that “want” to play here. NT, the University, has some kind of reputation that sticks with us year after year. Teachers college, music school, whatever.
  3. Just get a new head coach at UNT.
  4. I was there too. And you know, those uniforms look really good when you win the game. Just sayin.......
  5. All of this conference shifting/expansion talk and UNT football is down the toilet. Bad timing for the good guys.
  6. “Texas Armadillos on the waiting list.” https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32252439/college-football-bottom-10-week-3-misery-loves-company-edition Surprised we didn’t make it.
  7. I agree. I don’t really give a rats ass about what uniforms we wear.
  8. Thanks for the memories Plummer.😭 Those were good teams and Dickey was a good recruiter and coach. Anyone who thinks otherwise is full of crappola. We had so many good players back then. I remember one game at Fouts where we were clearly the superior team and had the game clearly in had by halftime or into the 3rd quarter. Dickey sent in the 2nd team offensive linemen for a good part of the remainder of the game and they performed like “road graders”. Unbelievable job of opening holes for our running backs. Fun times. Wish we could recruit and coach like that again. Had it not been for our Athletic Director at the time, who’s name I will not mention, no telling where this program would be now.
  9. So a fan sees the problem but the coaches on the sidelines and in the press box do not? What kind of staff do we have?
  10. I will always appreciate McCarney for getting us to a bowl game and winning the damn thing!
  11. Escondido Golf and Lake Club, Horseshoe Bay, Tx
  12. Sounds like a plan. Bet heavy, win big money, then donate your winnings to UNT Athletics to help buy out the the Littrell contract. It’s a win win! Good luck.
  13. Have you read what the TCU head coach is asking donors to do? Pay the players.
  14. I was scared to open this thread. La Tech will blister UNT.
  15. On a positive note, we saved money by not needing Boomer as much this time. Saved money on gunpowder.
  16. I’ve been watching Rice get manhandled by Texas 58-0, late 4th quarter. We will not beat Rice this year.
  17. Mountain West Conference is just chomping at the bits to get UNT in their conference.
  18. And to think, I felt bad that I did not renew my club seats this season.* * My wife is not interested in the games and I hated to make the 6+ hr drive “to Denton”. I had 50 yard line seats since Apogee first opened. Gave them up this year.
  19. Thanks, but I'm near Austin. Everything is Orange out here.
  20. The way UNT does things we'll keep Littrell for the length of the contract. By that time and our sterling record, the MWC and AAC will have passed us over. It's our MO.
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