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  1. Well stated, and I agree with you 100%!
  2. Wonder if Tylor has any regrets leaving UNT?
  3. I’ve never pulled a hamstring in all my years of walking to the frig, getting a snack or drink, then walking back to watching TV.
  4. In the post above yours, that guy with the pom pom is a pretty large human. Any chance he's played defensive tackle before?
  5. I hate to be the party pooper, but before we anoint him the recruiting savior let's see what he brings to the table/field this coming year. He's good with the internet stuff. Show me results on the field. That is all.
  6. Memphis considers themselves a “legacy” program when it comes to sports and the AAC. Meh.
  7. Thank you! I'm more worried about our defense and the 3-man front we will probably use again.
  8. Oh, I had the Arkansas game on my mind.
  9. Then he's not much of a horse. He'll wither and die(fired).
  10. Fake punt? Who would do something like that???
  11. Fans should not have to intervene with the Dallas or Fort Worth Newspapers in something like the lack of coverage of UNT Sports. Don't we have an Athletic Director that gets paid the big bucks?
  12. Seems to me one of the 100+ staff members of the UNT Athletic Department should be on top of this kind of crap coming out of Dallas, or wherever.
  13. Welp, Houston, UT, SMU seem to know about Port Neches-Groves football for some reason. But hell, what do they know?!!
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