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  1. Exactly! White or all green helmets with the appropriate logos.
  2. Houston will always be known as "Cougar High".
  3. Please dump the black helmets, chrome helmets(chrome helmets have run it's course). Only helmets should be all white or all green. And the Son of Worm can be added. And the American Flag on the back. I'm Sicilian and I would never put this on a helmet.
  4. Well, looking back at their football record over the past several years, if that defense is what they have been running call me unimpressed with a 3-man front. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/syracuse/index.html
  5. And Traylor has earned it. Good recruiter, good coach. Getting quality players to go to that dump school? He has to be good.
  6. What actually is an "immoral victory"?
  7. Is it possible to do this for a "defensive coordinator"? Emmitt wants to know.
  8. And I see where that basketball powerhouse Lamar Univ knocked off nutsak 90-82.
  9. This regurgitated thread is downright depressing. We passed on Jimbo Fisher for how much money?
  10. What happened to UNT's Medical School? Wasn't it in Fort Worth?
  11. Or..... For you wizards of the financial world, calculate the Mean Green's return on investment since Capone has been part of UNT's staff.
  12. Should Capone get another year? Is this a trick question????
  13. This is why Boise States is successful and can do these things. https://broncosports.com/news/2023/8/18/bronco-athletic-association-boise-state-athletics-announces-second-record-breaking-fundraising-year
  14. Happy Veterans Day to all who served.
  15. Is our goal to drop back down to Div 1AA? If it is then we are right there. I have never seen such a pathetic UNT team in all my years of following UNT football. Seriously guys, this staff is running the program in to the ground. Embarrassing.
  16. Noah , aka “hammer leg”, kicks a 71 yard FG for the win!
  17. Just tuned. Looks like a decent crowd.
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