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  1. Recruiting “reimagined”. God I’m sick of hearing everything is reimagined!
  2. Is it possible your wife going by herself? I'm just trying to help you out.
  3. Wonder what our supreme Commissioner, Judy McLeod, have to say about this issue? Has anyone heard from her lately?
  4. Max Duggan. So that’s how a good college QB is suppose to perform.
  5. Tanner Mordekai transferring. I know this is not UNT related but this will hurt smut.
  6. I believe we have an "official" green color. I don't recall the "Pantone" number, but we do have an official green that is supposed to be used.
  7. IMO, UNT should have dropped the regional designation of "North" and re-named the university to Texas State University. Well, we sat around with our thumbs up our as$#$ and Southwest Texas State University did the right thing. UNT is truly its own worst enemy.
  8. You mean to tell me the Asian Dating sites are questionable? Say it isn't so!
  9. Like they say in Russia, “tough shitski”.
  10. A nutsak grad will be working in our Athletic Dept.? Seriously? That's like storing US nuclear warhead info in a pack of Chinese tofu!
  11. I dunno. Maybe to relive his personal memories of the infamous College Inn?
  12. In all the years of my reading posts on Go Mean Green, this post is the most interesting and makes the most sense. Thank you 97and03!
  13. Guys, this trashing of Aune is getting old and should stop. Put the blame where it is truly deserved. Seth Littrell.
  14. UNT is taking the move to the AAC seriously. I like what going on.
  15. Agree. I couldn't have said it better. I would never diss a UNT player who gave it his all.
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