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  1. Like you, I’ll be a first time bball season ticket holder, and for the the same reasons. Hope to make a few games in Denton. I’ll probably give the rest away on GMG.com. did you simply call the ticket office?
  2. Which tells everyone how important Coach McCasland is to our BB program.
  3. They don’t show up because UNT is not a consistent winner in football. Bad hires, whatever. And if we want to continue our success in basketball, we better hang on to McCasland. Coach Mac is a family man and a church-going man? Great. Build him a Chapel for crying out loud!
  4. And UNT leadership, top to bottom, including the school President, should be looking in the mirror for why we have failed. And the fans and community too.
  5. Reading your post, why did I have flashbacks of UNT driving “the Buick”?
  6. I thought we were on our way. UNT vs Indiana
  7. Let me just say I'm glad we don't play Incarnate Word this year.
  8. Arkstfan, you always have good insite into college sports. And you're always welcome here. Do I hear and amen?
  9. Hope we can move past Incarnate Word soon.
  10. CUSA commissioner Judy is probably on top of this conference realignment stuff.
  11. Unionization will ruin college sports. Remember the price you paid this year for those Club Seats and between the 20 yard line seats. They are about to double. This is going to be bad for sports. Really bad.
  12. Who is this Judge Judy you speak of? 🤪
  13. If you can keep those teams intact I’d say pretty decent league. My guess is So Miss, Louisiana, and possibly Rice could bolt. And no, we are not above playing any of those schools. At this stage I just want these things to happen- belong to a very competitive conference, win a conference championship on a regular basis, go to a meaningful bowl and win, take down a P5 on a regular basis, average 20-25,000+ at Apogee, and be in a conference that I don’t have to stream on Facebook, Stadium, are some other random streaming service. I want to be on TV on a regular basis and win on TV. Become part of the sports worlds conversation the morning after a big win.
  14. Off topic for this forum, but from what I learned from a person a long time ago who happened to be the top man at the Houston Council On Alcoholism and an alcoholic himself at one time, was that a person doesn't have to be sloppy drunk all the time to be an alcoholic. The fact that he/she feels the need to always have/want to drink, even just one or two drinks every day socially, actually makes them an alcoholic. Maybe drinking effects people in different ways, dunno. But that's what I learned from this particular person.
  15. Geez untjim1995, good summation but depressing in so many ways. We've made so many bad hires over the years. When does it stop?
  16. Oahu Eagle, go follow the Rainbows. And learn their haku.
  17. Ha Ha! Harry probably spit out his coffee this morning, thinking of banning me forever!
  18. For Seths type of money he may find living in our state just fine. He was my choice when we were last searching. He would be my pick. https://jsugamecocksports.com/news/2015/9/12/FB_0912150019.aspx
  19. Uh, I think I have to shovel snow.
  20. A Snake Pit thread appears every year from some of us who experienced that great “battlefield for NT basketball”. And it truly was. Coming out of a small Catholic HS that couldn’t afford a basketball team I was truly lost when I attended my first NT game as a Freshman. Many of the guys I met that year came from parts of the country where basketball was king. Midwest states and up East. NT recruited those parts of the country, as did most members of the Missouri Valley Conference. Saw many of the star players mentioned by others, plus Rubin “the Rube” Russell, Creston Whitaker, and so many other greats. The Snake Pit was a great experience for this fan!
  21. Cost savings to help pay for Littrell’s contract.
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