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  1. If only NT90 and El Guapo would weigh in on this thread. Sigh.
  2. Go a few days early, bring your sticks and play golf at Pebble Beach. Shouldn’t set you back too much. LOL!
  3. Maybe they’re thinking of UTRGV?? Now that would be a highly anticipated series.
  4. Let’s get the Abilene Christian win first. Has anyone looked at the AC roster. They have some really big players. Big D-backs, big linebackers, big running backs. Are they good? I dunno. One game at a time folks.
  5. Daddy, I couldn't agree with you more. The discussion I created had more to do with where we are(CUSA) and what teams we might consider lining up with should a CUSA/SBC merger take place. Would such a merger move us upward? I don't think so either. Would being a member of the AAC or MWC be an upward movement for UNT? Absolutely! I'm just trying to be practical about our current conference affiliation and how we can possibly improve it, or make it easier for the fans. Sure, going the MWC route would be a tougher trip for our fans, as would an AAC affiliation. But I would take either of those conferences in a heartbeat. The reality is, as far as I know, neither of those conferences have contacted UNT about moving West or East to CUSA. Edit: Make that East to the AAC.
  6. The first time I heard the “Go back to the Bronx, Detroit, Cincinnati” statement, I heard it to mean go back and clean up your own states/cities first. Never heard the Somalia comment.
  7. Short of moving to the AAC or MWC, based on "swapping teams" with the Sunbelt and being more regionalized, what would be your ideal 10 team conference? UNT, La Tech, Arkansas State, USM, UTEP, UAB, nutsak, WKU, Tx State, RICE Edit: Forgot about Rice. Eliminated Troy
  8. Hate to suggest this, but we should be bringing in some JC linemen(both OC and DC) for the past several years. I don't like to do that but top shelf linemen are at a premium theses days. To me, they are a big part of making or breaking a great season. At this state of the Seth Littrell era, we should not have this much trouble bringing in top linemen.
  9. Need an on line site folks for like me and El Paso Eagle. And many others.
  10. I dunno guys. Fine can throw, but can Fine take an NFL hit? Wish he was a little heavier.
  11. Going to step on some toes, but the "light the tower" is so "UTish".
  12. Cancelling distribution and sales of these Betsy Ross Nikes could cause a major hit on the Viet Nam economy. Jobs will be lost. WGAF
  13. West Dormitory- 1st year Curry House-near campus at the time, off Avenue B and Mulberry St.- one summer Oak Street Apt Plantation House Apt
  14. We have arrived!!
  15. Need a visual. Work on one.
  16. I’m pretty good at Angry Birds. Could I get some scholarship money and go back to college?
  17. And who could forget the great protection for Steve Ramsey, #61, Glen Holloway. R.I.P,
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