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  1. .....FOR I HAVE SINNED A GREAT SIN! I found myself, in public, wearing dark blue shorts.....and...........an orange shirt!!!!! The colors of satan's team!!!!! Arrrgghhhhhh!
  2. I'm for real turf, grass stains on uniforms, dirt, mud, and water puddles.
  3. Siggers turned his back on his UNT teammates.
  4. Stay true to the brand? This guy is a friggin marketing genius!
  5. I think you're correct. I used to enthusiastically rush to the store to buy Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine as soon as it hit the stores. This year, not so much.
  6. Played in four games and ended up All-District. Impressive.
  7. I dunno know. He looks a little gimp-knee to me.
  8. I figured it was still sitting about 5-10 miles off the California Coast.
  9. Judging from those price changes I'm thinking "Bidenomics" for the increase. From $19.99 to $27.00? That's a big increase.
  10. Mason left Lauren behind for Canada? What was he thinking!!??!!
  11. I’ve got a flat screen TV in my study that’s larger than those little things at Apogee Stadium.
  12. "He’s not pitching in any money." Do we know this to be a fact? "Same RV that oversaw one of the below average athletic departments in FBS." We've always had a below average Athletic Dept up until the last 4-5 years. Think of the school President we had during his tenure, up until Smastrek took over. meanrob, I understand what you're saying, and you are correct. I'm for giving RV a second chance, just not at running our Athletic Department.
  13. I have a totally new respect for Rick Villarreal. All the flack he caught from many on this board, including me, probably should be thankful that Rick stuck with UNT and continues to support UNT. Thank you RV.
  14. HEB is the real deal. I will say that their own brand is showing up on the shelves more and more. Especially when the Covid thing was at it's peak. Still a great place to shop.
  15. I hope Oscar is in full playing mode. He is a talent that I can't wait to see unleashed this season, "injury free". Run Oscar, run!
  16. Thanks. I just needed a refresher on the name change subject. I remember being pissed that "Southwest Texas State" was able to change their name to Texas State Univ.
  17. I don’t have the book on North Texas’ history. Can you give me the “Cliff Notes” answer to the ‘61 name change?
  18. If you have continued problems with the Athletic Dept., make sure Wren Baker knows about it. He’s the man that can fix the problems with Athletics. Email Wren. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
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