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  1. Here's a little nugget of bowl info for you to ponder- in 1977 there were 13 bowl games. ( 3 or 4 networks carried them?) 2021-22 there are 43 bowl games.
  2. You guys dwell on this win over nutsak way too long. I expected a win. Time to move on to better opponents. nutsak? f'em.
  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. And I guess political leadership(?) is the reason for the extremely high taxes in CA.
  4. Yeh, I almost peed on myself reading the title.
  5. I was looking for a "cow dung" trophy that would go to the loser of the UNT-nutsak annual football game but couldn't find anything. In my "research" for such a trophy I came across a lot of weird shit that countries do with cow dung. It's disgusting. Stuff that would gag a maggot!
  6. I want to see Drummond get a chance at QB.
  7. Answer me this: what changed after the first half of the season when the loses piled up? What switch was turned on for the team to reel off those five straight wins? Whatever was said or done, this football team took note and was on fire!
  8. Anyone else watching and listening to the game on ESPN+? These guys are having a love fest for nutsak, evening while the birds are getting drubbed. Just sickening!
  9. nutsak is going to come out with both barrels blazing. Hope we can hold on to this game.
  10. Hold them on their 1st position of the 2nd half and we have a really good chance of deflating their willpower to win.
  11. Go Celina! There's just something about the bird Aubrey uses on their logo.
  12. From the Austin-American Statesman This should go well. "The University of Texas athletic department will begin paying athletes directly a maximum-allowable total of $5,980 per academic year as a result of legislative changes tied a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the school announced. Starting with the 2022 spring semester, all “eligible” athletes — those who are cleared for competition — will receive $2,990. The second payment of $2,990 will be made in the fall semester. These direct payments, legally deemed to be “additional financial assistance,” were made possible by recent NCAA and Big 12 rule changes that stem from the Alston v. NCAA decision reached by the Supreme Court in June. This money is payable on top of the assistance athletes get in the form of an athletic scholarship, which covers tuition, books, room and board."
  13. Try a fake fair catch? Oh, wait......
  14. Welp, I've seen that strategy work before. But what do I know.
  15. Score more points than nutsak.
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