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  1. My wife of 41 years is dated, but I love her dearly.
  2. Good point EP Eagle. UNT players need to concentrate on winning the scoreboard points, not "styling points". And we fans are just as guilty.
  3. CUSA just needs to close it's doors and go away. The remaining teams will just have to go Independent for a while. Someone smart will surely pick up La Tech, Western Kentucky, and UTEP.
  4. Wish I could but I’m 6 hours from Denton. Forgive me Eppy.
  5. What am I most looking forward to in the AAC? A new head coach in football before we start playing in that conference.
  6. Smut sure plays dirty football. At least I think so. Lot of questionable hits by the smut defense.
  7. Or, ride out the Seth Littrell disaster until the contract ends, regardless the outcome of the games. We need the money for entry into the AAC. Unless some deep pockets Alumnus steps up and rids us of Seth. We can’t continue with Seth.
  8. Awwwww! Kind of brings a tear to your eyes.
  9. Just like Tulane was in the SEC decades ago. Now they are just another smu. But I have more respect for Tulane because my brother is TU graduate from long ago.
  10. Thats what I’m thinking. God forbid we go after top quality recruits that would make a difference in game planning.
  11. ODU hangs consistently hangs their hat on basketball from years ago. Glad we'll be rid of the bastards!
  12. And if you visit the AAC message board you will see UNT receives many compliments for our facilities.
  13. MeanGreenRoadrunner, your "orange" stylized Eagle symbol is very disturbing. Just saying.......
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