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  1. Regarding making decisions, I would have been good working at CUSA right now. You see, before I got married to my wife, we dated for like 6 years. You just can't make quick decisions.
  2. I speak the language that you UNT heathens will understand.
  3. So many good hitters in UNT football history. Oldtimers remember Johnny Mata, Chuck Mills, and names of others I'm too lazy to look up. Joe Green comes out on top regardless of position. He was one mean dude.
  4. If available, we should play Army.
  5. Boom! I’ve suggested the same thing on this very board! Why name it a “scholarship fund” and not the “North Texas Athletic Fund”, or “Foundation”? Words can have different meanings to different people.
  6. Besides, she has a smile on her face.
  7. My Mother died of Alzheimer’s. She was 89. Terrible, terrible thing to witness.
  8. And we told him that when he decided to play football up there. He didn't listen!
  9. Did I just hear that PAC12 players want 50% of the revenue? And long term health insurance. or is this old news? ”The group is asking the Pac-12 to distribute 50% of each sport's conference revenue evenly among athletes in their respective sports, to give six-year athletic scholarships and for the ability to transfer one time with impunity.”
  10. Must have been some guy named Herman.
  11. "I’m concerned what this means for the little guys in college football." Am I the only one who is offended by the aggie AD's use of the words "little guys"?
  12. Don’t cut Ehlinger short. I watched him play in person on several occasions and he’s an excellent QB.
  13. And Clooney has never impressed me in the pros. At least the years he spent in Houston. Always injured.
  14. Due to the fact that UNT was always in the shadows of the old Southwest Conference. "The conference in the State of Texas". Recruiting wise, and with very few exceptions, NT could not go up against the teams in that conference for top players in the State.
  15. The Washington Jokers? Seems appropriate(both sides of the isle).
  16. Corbin Epps. Now that was good player. Only player know to mankind that had "muscles" in his ear lobes. Seriously!
  17. Good for $23,839 each.
  18. DT, if you think those blitzing, 235+ pound linebackers and 300# defensive linemen caused you chaos in the backfield, you ain't seen nothing yet!!! Congratulations!
  19. Maybe if we used all of the terms we hear daily- 2020 “Reimagined”; a 2020 “Re-boot”; 2020 “Restart”. Any others that I missed?
  20. Mother fu.............................. Never mind.
  21. Question is, will the "Cowboys" be next on the chopping block? You know, many of us oldtimers played "Cowboys and Indians" as kids.
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