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  1. Wife, daughter, son-in-law toured the Jameson Distillery in Dublin last year and it was very interesting.
  2. First and foremost, we have to have a consistent winner. At home or away. Remember, a winning tradition in football has been spotty at best.
  3. That's what's known as the "limp talon".
  4. Remember the phrase I coined years ago, "Defense Wins Championships". Well, I could have coined that phrase!!
  5. North Texas is losing recruits to Incarnate Word?😒
  6. My biggest problem is there is no longer a sense of loyalty and pride for the University that furnished you with a scholarship/education to begin with. It's all about following the money trail. Forget the education. Sorry. I'm just old school, finding it hard to adjust to today's college football environment.
  7. Preach on brother! Agree. These players, in some cases, my be leaving for money, or the chance to play for a P5. Either way, I don't like it one bit. I certainly won't follow Gaddy's career any time soon. I say, "Bah fahn culla"!
  8. How rude! Adler, I can call my people. Just say the word.
  9. His name alone gets him a 87% pass completion rate his first year.
  10. No, no. Nederland(TX) High School Bulldogs.
  11. The girls won? How in the hell did that happen?
  12. Join a branch of the military and see the world. The experience will make men out of boys.
  13. NIL Concert at UNT sounds interesting. Let's see.....don't we have some musical talent that has come through UNT over the years? Maybe they could donate their time and talent to further UNT Athletics. Don Henley comes to mind. Norah Jones. I guess she still around on the music scene. Who else?
  14. Make it easy for the customer(students) to get into the game. Have them show their student ID.
  15. Someone give those Denton players $5G+ NIL money I'll bet they think twice about leaving Denton.
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