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  1. No carbon fiber, no black helmets, no chrome helmets. Our colors are green and white. So................. Green or white helmets for me. Or, some combination of green and white helmets. Thank you. Old School "DeepGreen"
  2. Screw Memphis! Who do they think they are? I still think of them as Missouri Valley Conference material like the old days.
  3. Yes, our returning defensive coordinator. That is an exciting thought.
  4. Another bad season by Morris should put him in the unemployment line.
  5. Back at you KingDL1. Happy Independence Day. I’m in Florida enjoying the beach with my family. Occasionally going to the beach, watching all the beautiful babes in the skimpiest bathing suits ever! What a site!!!
  6. Enough of this PAC nonsense with two teams. Honor the rapper and call it “2PAC”.
  7. It gets under my skin to see the prices of items these days and the UNT hat is a perfect example. My guess is that this hat is made in China for little or nothing. That being said, it's a great looking hat I'll probably purchase one knowing that I'm supporting UNT Athletics.
  8. "2026 4-star Aledo RB Raycine Guillory decommits from Texas" "The 5-foot-9, 165-pounder is the No. 184 overall prospect and No. 15 RB in the 2026 cycle, according to the On3 Industry Ranking,"
  9. Is this prison fielding a football team this year? From "The Longest Yard" I think I broke his "f.ck.ng neck"!
  10. I don’t care about uniforms. Just win! Correction. On further review, I would take issue with the Darrell Dickey all black uniforms.
  11. Yes. Dartmouth. Thanks for the correction.
  12. I could be wrong, but Connecticut comes to mind.
  13. And I made the All-Star team as a lineman at St. James Catholic School in 8th grade! Take that!!!
  14. I am so turned off by the turn college sports has made. Sad, sad.
  15. So, how much "moola" did Ortiz win? Asking for a friend.
  16. No, it is not a "necessary evil". College football was just fine before this NIL bullsh*t.
  17. Tom Pettiti........ my people are now in place.
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