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  1. Sorry pal. Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange was called the Golden Triangle long before that mall in Denton. But really, who gives a shit? Houston lost tonight!
  2. Only one that I know of. Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange, Tx. The originals. The rest are all fakes.
  3. Bad stuff down there in the Golden Triangle. That’s where I’m from, and that’s why I moved out to the Hill Country. Been through too many hurricanes and more rain that I care to remember in my lifetime down there. Hope my relatives come out OK.
  4. King is going to be tough to contain. He’s really talented.
  5. Very nice! Here’s his bio. High School:• Played both tight end and quarterback while leading Brewer High School to a bi-district appearance in his senior season. • Passed for 1,226 yards with a 57.5 completion percentage and ten touchdowns, while rushing for 188 yards and two touchdowns, according to 247 Sports. • Hauled in 15 passes for 144 yards. • Earned Academic All-State as well as the District 3-5A Utility Player of the Year. • Also earned first team all-district basketball honors at Brewer.
  6. CMJ, I appreciate the "War Memorials" slide show you posted above. Thanks!
  7. And the cheerleader babes? We’re the cheerleader babes nice too?
  8. King is fast and elusive. Gonna be tough.
  9. Tx Tech??? This kid is back for more???
  10. Similar uniform that we wore in dismantling Army in 2017. Just saying.
  11. Regarding MR. ENGLISH, we need to move on.
  12. So you’re telling me that this guy named Harvey is our only option back there? No one else can play the position?
  13. No, damnit! That is not acceptable! Fans and students have, for the most part, have been very supportive of NT football. We provide scholarship money/donations to these student athletics. Two families provided millions of dollars to help fund a beautiful, comfortable indoor practice facility for our athletics. I expect players to give 110% effort the whole damn game! And the coaches should do the same. We pay Littrell a ton of money to lead our football team and make good “in game” decisions. Do your job coach! Saturdays effort may keep me from attending the Houston game.
  14. Shortest highlights on record.
  15. Guido didn't live up to "la familia's" expectations and standards. He is not longer with us. We now have another member, uh, cousin, that handles that end of the business. Rocky Marino.
  16. Sorry to disagree Plummer, but many of us older fans suffered when NT dropped down a division in 1981(?). Many of us simply quit following NT football. Oh, a casual glance at the Sunday paper football scores. Couple that with poor leadership at the top at NT. We went through hell during those 1AA years(yes, there were some highs), and to some extent, during the climb back to FBS in 1995. Again, poor leadership at the top. We finally have the right mix and the results speak for themselves. But the bottom line is this: Screw SMU and UH!! I don't give a rats ass about those schools and hope we beat and pound the living dog shit out of them! GO MEAN GREEN!
  17. That's what I was thinking. Fine may be working behind the scenes on a "slice pass", or the "hard draw pass" that will officially place him at the top of the Heisman list and winning that prestigious award.
  18. Ho! Ho! Ho! Green Giant! Beat smu! Note: Prefer the white pants too.
  19. People noticed that more than the numbers Fine put up against ACU.
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