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  1. You think? Can you imagine being a $5mil a year TCU supporter and your head coach says you're not doing enough? I've been told when Amon Carter was expanded and the Suites built, it took a $1 million dollar per year donation to get and keep one of those suites. Some of the suites may have required a larger donation. If I heard wrong, someone please correct me.
  2. Louisiana Tech is a legend in their own minds.
  3. But does Gary still have the passion, the fire, and desire to continue coaching? And will young men respond and listen to a Gary Patterson.
  4. True. And some of our players may think they are better than they actually are.
  5. San Antonio is a super large city with many corporations and high paid execs. Many are utsa Alumni. I feel sure plenty of money is there.
  6. Any great plays UNT that will be on Sportscenter?
  7. Are bowl officials at this game? Gosh, I hope so.
  8. Wren needs to stay at North Texas. Period.
  9. And one of the best programs(football for sure), Louisiana Tech, just wandering in the wilderness. Surely some conference will pick them up.
  10. Phewww. Those are some hard records to go through. We really had some terrible teams.
  11. Do the kids coming out of high school today even know who Dion Sanders is?
  12. Now I remember why I quit going to Vegas or across the border into Louisiana. Rigged tables.
  13. Until this post and link, you were my friend. Now I hate you! I took my family to that Rice game. How embarrassing! Did I mention that I hate you?
  14. "UNT needs a win to keep its bowl hopes alive and will pull through in a close game." Wait. What?? Bowl??
  15. Nice offensive line play.
  16. Yep, that’ll do it. Asbestosis is a gamechanger. Would be costly to remediate a structure like the Pit.
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