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  1. Nice article on Carlos and his brother. Carlos and Alvaro Ortiz
  2. College football is poised to go down the toilet just like the NFL.
  3. Birmingham vs New Orleans Not bad football. I think I’d rather see Mason Fine play in the USFL rather than the Canadian Football League. Maybe more exposure in the USFL? I mean, who actually watches the CFL?
  4. On the other hand, McCasland and Hodge could both stay and build a basketball dynasty! Hey, I can dream, right? RIGHT????
  5. Guess we can kiss Hodge goodbye after this year. Or sooner
  6. Vote for Fritz Hager from Tyler, Texas. He is the son of my niece. I guess that makes me his Great Uncle!
  7. Jim Ed Norman (UNT) also had a big career with the Eagles as "orchestral arranger for the group in 1973".
  8. Trey should get a lot of playing time at UT. They have like 20 running backs on their roster.
  9. Agree! BTW, what was the name of that "bozo" Athletic Director that came up/allowed that..............logo to be used?
  10. That win over the Univ of Indiana at Apogee was sure nice. My memory is foggy…..who was our QB for that game? McCarney was coaching, correct?
  11. I was thinking DRC subscription to read the article. My bad.
  12. Who does Moikobu replace? Or, is he an addition to the staff?
  13. Question. What's to keep a big "cigar smoking" business owner from putting a big time recruit on the company payroll?
  14. Children, he’s leaving UNT. At this point, what difference does it make? His mind is made up.
  15. QB position at UNT, post Mason Fine, is nothing more than a "cluster****".
  16. The down vote is for him committing to Texas.
  17. What Jr College was UAB playing in that game? I couldn’t recognized the team they were playing.
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