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  1. That’s why I don’t give 6 figure donations to Athletics. Well, one of the reasons.😐
  2. I think college football and college sports in general has passed me by. I’m getting less and less interested.
  3. "We didn't block, we didn't tackle". Just a guess.
  4. I was hoping icy whites for the Navy game. Remember, we beat Army, at Army, with the whites.
  5. La Tech has lost a step or two with their new coach.
  6. I’ve been saying that for years. Like him or not, the Dickey years gave us some good offensive/defensive linemen. Players with good size and abilities. I miss that.
  7. You left out one. Where I come from the “4 ssss” are “shit, shower, shave, and shampoo”. Just passing on important information.
  8. Brett. What was I thinking! Thanks for confirming that he’s still the UNT beat writer.
  9. Silver, I did say “good UNT teams”. Not, good “winning” teams. I know, “ whose on first”. Those teams did bring the fans out. And no, I would never advocate dropping to 1AA again. No conferences with SFA or Lamar U. We live or die in FBS. Just my opinion.
  10. Good UNT teams will bring the fans out. Think about the Mason Fine days. Fun times. So long ago.
  11. What is Brian Vito’s take on this game? BTW, whatever happened to Vito?
  12. Maybe these transfers were thinking that by playing for a "big school" they would immediately become NFL material. LOL!
  13. ACU has scored on 3 consecutive drives.
  14. Watching on the computer. Looks like a good crowd.
  15. Or Under Armor. Just change sources. Screw Nike and the Chinese! *Under Armour may come from the Chicoms too.
  16. What happened to Brian Vito?  Is he still with the DRC, or did GMG run him off?

  17. Hate to suggest this but isn't this why previous UNT coaches went after good, experienced OT and DT from the Junior College ranks? We've had some good ones in years past under Dickey and yes, even Coach Dan McCarney.
  18. Might have been just a lot of hot air to land the UNT job.
  19. UNT 50 ACU 23 Only a 27 point win because NT gives playing time to the bench. “The Leg” Rauschenberg kicks a 75 yard field goal.
  20. North America University? Never heard of them either. Probably be invited to the AAC in a few years.
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