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  1. Good thing these folks are not in the Corporate/Business world where key, make or break decisions must be made in much shorter time frames, Hours, minutes?
  2. Remember the old “jump pass”?
  3. *Hide and watch. *Disclaimer - I could be wrong.
  4. My guess is that they will have the color “orange” added to their school colors. Sad.
  5. Same here. Impressive young man.
  6. Exactly what I’ve been thinking since this whole process started!!! Arrange a meeting with the remaining AD staff, come up with names of coaches you’re interested in, then contact them to see if there is a mutual interest. It’s not complicated. Money saved by not using a search can go into an assistant coaches salary/bonus pool.
  7. December 12 for sure. That's my birthday. Aka the immaculate conception.
  8. No question about it. Jalie must be replaced……NOW! I appreciate all she has done for North Texas, as a player and a coach, but she must be replaced immediately. WBB is a disgrace!
  9. Good luck Austin. Follow your dreams and prove the naysayers wrong. And thank you for your time at UNT.
  10. Don't worry about CUSA. I'm sure Commissioner Judy will right the ship. Louisiana Tech will be taking a hit in CUSA. Wonder if they'll land somewhere. SunBelt?
  11. OK! OK! You got me. I’m thinking the fan base, all of us who love Coach Cobbs. For a new coach to not retain Cobbs, wouldn’t that immediately strain the relationship between fans and the new coach? I guess if the new coach goes 12-0, plus a bowl win, we could all learn to turn the other cheek.
  12. Strike me down for thinking this, but what if the new head football coach decides not to retain Cobbs?
  13. I just caught the last few shots before halftime on ESPN+. Unfortunately we're down by 3.
  14. Game came on for about 45 seconds on ESPN+ then I lost it.
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