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  1. Agree. What I saw was a very good FAU team. But still proud of our team.
  2. Those are not impressive incentives. Those incentives should at least be doubled.
  3. Got to find a way to keep Coach Burton. It takes money. How do we pay him more so he stays.
  4. Chico looking for the black game jerseys that Dickey left behind?
  5. I agree. What's the big deal about Louisville? Yes, they have had some good teams. And good crowds and support. They just don't move the needle for me. For me, they are still Missouri Valley Conference.
  6. Well, if we roll out that 3-3-5 defensive, or whatever the hell it was, I have my doubts if our next season in the American will be successful.
  7. Rick, I want to know how much "moola" you earned playing the part of the Armadillo mascot? You must have been rolling in the dough after that gig.
  8. I was just testing you guys. I knew we were going to win this one.
  9. No it does not! We’re on our way to losing this one the same way we lost in Denton. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. GJ Kinne knows what he is doing. I'll leave it at that.
  11. Looks like a good crowd.
  12. We are giving this game to NutsaK. Need to lock ‘‘em down.
  13. Besides Ortiz and Munoz playing the LIV game, do we have any other UNT golfers on either the LIV or PGA Tour? BTW, I do not watch LIV anything. Hate it.
  14. UNTLifer is on his "A" game.
  15. Thanks for all the good recruiting work that you do. It's all good! Carry on.
  16. So, is Chandler Morris coming to UNT or going to Texas State? We're going neck and neck with Tx State-San Marcos? That's just sad.
  17. Regarding UNT football and basketball, I get this sick feeling that the wheels are falling off. Someone convince me that I wrong.
  18. Hate to see this. Seems like he was good for the Athletic Department.
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