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  1. Just put an athletics fee on the student's Fall Semester billing. $200, $300, whatever number. If they don't like it, tell them to go to another school. Talking out of my ass, I would think an Athletics Fee is a necessity at any major university.
  2. Holy refinery smokestacks! I’m from Port Arthur! If you don’t mind, send me a message to identify yourself.
  3. Jefferson County? What town?
  4. Having been in the Army for a short stint, I look forward to playing them again. I was born in Jefferson County(Texas).
  5. Judging from his other offers I'd say our chances are pretty damn good.
  6. He would have been better off donating that money to UNT Athletics.
  7. La Tech is a shell of what they once were. New coach I guess.
  8. And that's not a bad move either. The SunBelt is a pretty good conference.
  9. I think I’ll pull for Temple over smut. Who’s with me?
  10. Well I can certainly remember this game- 2004 - SOUTHERN MISS VS. NORTH TEXAS 12-14-04 Southern Miss 31 North Texas 10 So. Miss was a force back then. I attended that game and thought we were playing USC! They had some big ole boys on the team.
  11. I watched some of that game tonight. Sad, sad. A shell of what they once were.
  12. "Decommits and commits to Texas St". Lord have mercy! Lose a top commit to Texas State-San Marcos. What did I tell you guys about Coach Kinn?
  13. I heard GJ Kinne give a speech last summer. I can see him doing really well at Texas State for as long as they can keep him.
  14. Someone call Darrell Dickey to find out where he bought those generic black uniforms back when. Surely the company has generic whites.
  15. Watching UAB vs NutsaK game. NutsaK looking good as usual. Is Frank Harris a 10th year Senior or something. He’s been the QB at NutsaK since forever.
  16. Bottom line question: Since the introduction of all black uniforms, how many football games has UNT won wearing the all black?
  17. I have to admit you are almost correct. A machete is my blade of choice.
  18. This is what I plan on using. One can never be too safe.
  19. I’ve always said if we could get a $25.00 a year donation to UNT Athletics from every living teacher that graduated from UNT we would no problem funding and supporting UNT Athletics, or even adding baseball.
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