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  1. Thanks. I just needed a refresher on the name change subject. I remember being pissed that "Southwest Texas State" was able to change their name to Texas State Univ.
  2. I don’t have the book on North Texas’ history. Can you give me the “Cliff Notes” answer to the ‘61 name change?
  3. If you have continued problems with the Athletic Dept., make sure Wren Baker knows about it. He’s the man that can fix the problems with Athletics. Email Wren. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
  4. WAIT!!!! Have we signed on the dotted line with the AAC yet?
  5. SMU tailgating is equal to or better than LSU tailgating? That right there is a joke of a statement! I've seen LSU tailgating in person. Hell, they tailgate on the lawn of the LSU President's on campus residence! SMU. Give me a break!
  6. 501 smut fans at a game in Tuscoloosa.
  7. As my Sicilian Dad (may he RIP) use to say, “He who has gunpowder gets to shoot”. And SMU has a whole lot of gunpowder.
  8. If true, and it happens, good for SMU. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
  9. Lamar’s problem is that in SE Texas, high school football is much more important than Lamar football. It would not surprise me if they dropped football again.
  10. Lebrun needs to renounce his American citizenship and play for the Chinese national team. I’m tired of people like him.
  11. Lofton update(hope this is not an old update) Lofton
  12. With everything going on, I've lost track of where UTEP is headed? Remain in CUSA? Hope they end up in the Mountain West.
  13. Damn! That's a nice basketball arena. Is that a high school court?
  14. The "UT" in UTEP keeps them alive in the sports arena.
  15. Can litigation be made against those two conferences? Monopolizing ($) college football? Asking for Harry.
  16. LongJim, that's some good looking, mouth-watering "Q".
  17. It's hard to imagine the PAC 12 Conference without UCLA and Stanford.
  18. nutsak cannon will offset any stadium negatives.
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