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  1. So, how much "moola" did Ortiz win? Asking for a friend.
  2. No, it is not a "necessary evil". College football was just fine before this NIL bullsh*t.
  3. Tom Pettiti........ my people are now in place.
  4. Sorry, but I’m not driving 5 hours to tailgate. I want to see some UNT football!
  5. And when the top tier P4 programs come looking for a "pushover" non-conference game, just say no. Or, set the minimum "take home payout" for the "cupcake" team at $5,000,000+. Otherwise, the P4's can go pound sand. Or, sit in the corner with their P4 buddies and pound something else.
  6. N.I.L., open borders transferring, deep pockets to pay players until the players get better deal$, then they're gone to the highest bidder. No thanks. Truly sad what is happening.
  7. Is that per day? Per month? Not much money. My wife spends that much in a week of shopping. Maybe I just don't understand.
  8. I'm a bottom-line type of guy. How much will UNT get?
  9. Yes, they have. Especially their football coach. Texas State could be a Big 12 addition someday. Don't laugh! I'm dead serious.
  10. Wait! Are we now saying that a kid that went to Kilgore JC (right in our backyard) ended up committing to Troy, we had a shot at him, but now he's going to New Mexico State? Did I read this correctly? If so, we suck!!!!
  11. I don't see us winning more than four games this year. Sorry, that's what I predict.
  12. 1956 Tulane vs Mississippi State Tulane Stadium (Home of the Sugar Bowl) Note- my oldest brother was a student at Tulane
  13. As Chief Inspector Clouseau would say…. I suspect no one……I suspect everyone!
  14. Hot Damn! That Judy's on a roll now.
  15. You are talking about $MU. They could buy their way into the top Power Conference.
  16. This was so effective last season. NOT!!!! Get some defensive with size. You know, Mean Joe Green size!
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