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  1. New coach will bring in a staff.
  2. The bench has good players on this team.
  3. We are minutes away from being everybody’s homecoming.
  4. I’ve said it here before. If Seth Littrell isn’t fired, I’m going to buy GA season tickets and sit on the 50 in some chumps empty seat, lower my donation to the minimum to keep my basketball seats, and designate my donation to Grant’s program. Yes…I understand that action has a negative impact on soccer, softball, golf, etc. However, the UNT administration isn’t listening to fans. They only listen to the people who give enough to name the buildings after and they bitch about the people who don’t come to watch their .500 team barely beat Rice. Tell me I’m the problem…call me a fair weather fan. I. Don’t. Care. Everyone knows Seth is the problem…I am not the problem.
  5. I’d vote for FCS if I had a vote. But we have a 40,000 seat stadium!
  6. 7-6 Opponent Points-409 UNT Points-441 In games vs teams with .500 or better record: 1-5 Opponent points 225 UNT Points-159 We sucked vs anyone who could play football at an average level. We weren’t an average team this year…we were the best of the crappy teams we beat. The hype at the end of the season was completely unwarranted. Anyone who thought we had a legit shot at this trophy was drunk! We lost to 6-6 SMU by 38, to to 5-7 UNLV by 31, and to 6-6 UAB by 20. We dominated the shit out of TSU, 5-7 FAU, 3-9 LaTch, and 4-8 FIU. We aren’t attracting many quality DFW recruits, we aren’t developing our QBs, we run the ball between the tackles on 4th and 1 with complete predictability. Seth is disengaged on the field and just can’t seem to make the puzzle pieces fit…whether that’s his staff, recruiting, being friendly with fans, being open with media, etc. we need new blood. I’m done talking about it.
  7. He didn’t even do a post game with Dave or Hank on the radio.
  8. When Bob Huggins retires, Wren will get railed out of town in 2 seconds if he doesn't hire Joe Mazzula. The WVU faithful won't hear of anything else!
  9. No, but we will forgive his past sins!
  10. What does he deserve as a .500 coach? A .500 salary? Wren should offer him a lowball contract with a buttload of bonus opportunities for wins and trophies. $850k per year with $120k per win over FBS teams, $150 for a P5 win, and $300k for any post-season win.
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