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  1. UAB game recruit visits

    Yep, & if we have any LBs in the house, I hope they get to mingle with All-Pro LB Zach Orr as well!
  2. UAB game recruit visits

    Rucker/Dove coming? Maybe bringing a certain teammate that touches the ball every time on offense?
  3. Trevor Moore’s Replacement

    Inquiring minds would like to know the answers to both of these questions.
  4. Who Is This?

    Now at Jackson State
  5. DRC: Friday Q&A with Steve Irvine

    Lots of big talk in there (Bowl eligibility? Don't talk abou-Bowl eligibility? Are you kidd'n me? BOWL ELIGIBILITY? I just hope they can win another game!), NFL players... but when it came time to put a score down, he just couldn't do it. BTW... UNT is going to be a huge step in UAB's road to "bowl eligibility". If you can't win this one, you ain't gonna be bowl eligible.
  6. The Daily Dragon Predictions for UNT-UAB

    A power run game, plus a 335 defense bringing blitzes from different places is a recipe for busted plays. I expect a few busted-play long runs by UAB's RBs. Hopefully our secondary can recover quickly enough to keep them from the end zone on those long plays.
  7. Battle Flag Giveaway

    It looks like the photographer just told him he saw Mason's ex-girlfriend eating lunch with another dude earlier.
  8. I doubt it goes like that. I bet he lets the coaches know he would like to play DB. Then, the coaches will explain to him what they like about his tape at WR and explain that his best chance to play at the next level is at WR. Maybe they like him as an "athlete" and would be willing to try him at DB. Who knows?
  9. The Daily Dragon Predictions for UNT-UAB

    Replace "UAB" with "UNT", and replace "UNT" with "SMU", and it all looks remarkably similar to this board 2 weeks ago.
  10. Battle Flag Giveaway

    I would be much more excited about this without the text along the top/bottom borders.
  11. Trevor Moore’s Replacement

    And why isn't he playing somewhere else now?
  12. '18 Joe Babros DE Saddleback College

    Class of 2015, so must be a redshirt Sophomore this year? That's odd for a player to need all 3 years at a JUCO before moving up to FBS (if they move up at all), right?
  13. UNT vs UAB is the UDD Game of the Week

    Not surprising at all. Pretty close to what's going on here:
  14. Trevor Moore’s Replacement

    Yeah. I've seen Kenworthy get a hold of some when he's not rugby-kicking.