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  1. Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

  2. Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

    Was the old golf course originally part of the UNT campus? Or was it acquired a long time ago?
  3. Disappointed at Attendance

    A nationally relevant program doesn't need a super fancy venue though. Look at St. Mary's tiny little venue. It looks like a high school gym:
  4. Disappointed at Attendance

    Agree. I just don't think a new arena is critical to that development for b-ball though.
  5. Disappointed at Attendance

    I'd rather see several other projects completed before a new b-ball arena though. Tennis still needs a Center court, upgrades at ALL facilities on the old Liberty campus. Upgrades to the Athletics Center (especially the weightroom & lockerroom). Heck, I'd rather see baseball started up before a new b-ball arena.
  6. Disappointed at Attendance

    The Super Pit is not going to be a part of the attendance equation for B-ball. I hope a new b-ball arena is at the very bottom of WB's priority list. Sure, it looks bad when we're not playing well, but it fills up pretty well when we're playing good b-ball... imagine what it would look like if we're playing great b-ball? With as big as it is, it could actually turn out to be an advantage if NT were to go on a Wichita State/Butler-like (or heck, even a St. Mary's/Creighton-like) run. It would constantly be packed, bringing in a lot of money due to the amount of seats available. Just win. It's definitely old, and could use more updating, but it's not a deterrent like Fouts was for football.
  7. Mercer (3/19/18)

    Still have Bo McCalebb nightmares. Those were Buzz's teams, right?
  8. As long as this guy is in his position, we're good.
  9. Mercer (3/19/18)

    RPI disagrees with y'all by quite a bit.
  10. Kermit Done at Middle

    Benford could have coached here for 20 more years and he would have never had the OPPORTUNITY to do so.
  11. Frank Wilsonโ€™s UTSA starts over again

    It appears their leadership would rather charge their students $500/credit hr before they ever let that happen. Only so many KFC Buckets will help.
  12. South Dakota Game MVP

    Couldn't have done it without you @KRAM1!
  13. These are the young ladies that guide the football recruits around at games. I don't really know of anything else they do.
  14. 2019 HS - Jalen Jackson - 5'10" PG

    Excellent! Welcome aboard Mr. Jackson!