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  1. NCAA Transfer Rules could be changing

    Gotta agree. The transfers will work both ways y’all. Guyton would get recruited by TCU & bolt. Very bad idea.
  2. looks like UTEP found a QB

    Hope Locksley is good at taking written tests & likes gigantic playbooks!
  3. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    Y’all must’ve had Mom/dad’s money or have blocked it out or something.
  4. Who is your favorite 2018 signee?

    ah yes. I had it in my mind that he redshirted... still hard to believe Fine is a TRUE Sophomore with his level of play last year.
  5. Who is your favorite 2018 signee?

    Poor Pearson will only have 1 season (EDIT: 2 seasons) to play... if he does.
  6. C-USA Updated Pomeroy Numbers

    That USD win on the road is really helping this ranking. Indiana St. also helping.
  7. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    That doesn't sound like it could compound the price of a 6-pack of ramen noodles 20-fold or anything. Do y'all not recall the kind of money you had as a college student? The struggle is real.
  8. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    Paging @FAU Connoisseur Happy with this replacement for Kendall?
  9. Probably not, but I gotta think Baker's basketball coaching connections are very wide (himself being an Eddie Sutton disciple), and he could have found another guy that would be a good coach as well. Who knows the real reasons why he kept Benford (the fake reason of poor team morale was a joke). Probably money-related. We like McCasland because of what he's done here, and because he's ours, but I doubt he's the only guy that could turn around this team. It was a tough season to endure (very obvious lame duck year), and McCasland appears to be the real deal, so water under the bridge now, I suppose.
  10. 10th On Field Assistant

    That sucks. If Brown happens to get raided, I certainly wouldn’t mind giving him a shot.
  11. Without a doubt, out of the dudes that truly redshirted, it’s gonna be Fulp. With as thin as the LB corps is, he should contribute quite a bit.
  12. looks like UTEP found a QB

    UTEP was 0-12 last year. They just lost a high-round OL draft pick to graduation. Locksley, as good as he is, won't be winning them a bunch of games by himself. That is a very bad TEAM.
  13. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    He chose SMU over Ivy league the first time. I'm betting he'll choose an FBS school again. From there, it depends on what he wants to study. Think he'd be interested in accounting?
  14. At least Obama was a Senator from Illinois who knew how politics worked. I think; actually, I HOPE, we're all learning a valuable lesson over these past 2 years: Just because a dude isn't a politician doesn't mean he's a better option than a politician. Everyone who loved/loves this guy, loved/loves him because he's a political "outsider", and doesn't think like a politician. Well, unfortunately, that also comes with a general lack of thinking before speaking.
  15. looks like UTEP found a QB

    Good for UTEP. Their QB last year was really bad. He'll be an immediate improvement. Not enough to win a bunch of games or anything, but better than weekly 30-pt beatings scoring less than less than 10 pts.