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  1. Classless

    Can’t put one ahole’s actions on the whole team. Much respect for Bradshaw. I don’t know how that dude can function Sunday - Friday. He’s not only popped on his run plays, but everyone else’s as well.
  2. Nothing brings quarreling brothers together quicker than a Tapout-wearing, Frost-tipped, loud-talking, unfortunately-endowed dude picking on one of your own. here’s to life-long friends!
  3. Don’t remember the number (just under 27k). 2nd largest ever in Apogee.
  4. Perfect at home!!

    Goal #1 ACCOMPLISHED!! Supplemental goal on deck in Boca Raton 12/2. Goal #2. TBD, but very-much in sight.
  5. Pure Class

    Oh, it was called... just some total moron in a booth somewhere (who is hopefully no longer employed by C-USA tomorrow) reversed it.
  6. I’m really going to miss Trevor Moore. I really hope he gets a shot in someone’s camp next year.
  7. If he’s not playing dirty, he’s talking. Non-stop talking.
  8. I would not expect ARMY to be the most undisciplined team we face all year, but these dudes are some hotheads.
  9. Lots of folks here wondering the same... I’m inclined to agree. We’re too embarrassed to play it in front of servicemen.
  10. We would need to look more at what he did at Houston... link to that?
  11. UTSA Hires new AD

  12. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    If this plays out, and they decline a bowl due to cost, they need to just admit what's happening and drop down.
  13. I agree with bad people doing hoodrat stuff, or crazy people doing something irrational. I'm all for taking a closer look at that portion of the equation as well. However, if your purchase of another gun being delayed by however long in order for a thorough check to be done (who knows what could happen between the last time you bought one and now?) could help save any lives, is that worth it for you? I mean, I may be wrong, but I highly doubt homeboy that shot up the Church knew a "Hacksaw", or anyone like him, to get one illegally... this assumption, just by judging him by his extremely-gooberish looking face. I think it's unfair to just hide behind a "supreme" constitution and completely dismiss any dialogue with: "I have this right, you can't take it away".
  14. Wouldn't it be prudent, being a country of laws, to examine those laws and make sure they're up-to-par with where our society needs them to be? As they stand now, they're not working. Count me in the group that believes we should be able to have guns for protection/sport/etc... I have them myself. But also count me in the group that believes guns should be very difficult to obtain. If you're a good guy and would like a gun, you should have no problem passing a stringent vetting process that could take a while (a month? 2 months?) If you're a felon, or diagnosed with a mental issue, it should be virtually impossible to pass the same vetting process. And for people who skirt those laws for convenience or money, they should be prosecuted at a punishment level that would force them to put safeguards in place to make sure it never happens.