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  1. MeanGreenTexan's post in Jackson's major achievments during UNT tenure was marked as the answer   
    UNT Dallas is/will be a drain, but it is almost necessary as it strengthens the North Texas SYSTEM.  Otherwise, we could be easily acquired by another system.  There are only 4 standalone Universities left in Texas (in my opinion, 2 of them need to join the NT system).
  2. MeanGreenTexan's post in UNT Fan C-USA Perception Poll was marked as the answer   
  3. MeanGreenTexan's post in Looking at Kason Martin, UNT's Newest Quarterback Commitment was marked as the answer   
    I've seen the whole highlight tape, but re-watched the first 30 seconds and saw 4 throws (1 with a pump fake).  He dropped the ball down to his belly/hip before winding to throw on all 4 throws (all w/a clean pocket) in that same highlight clip you watched. 4-for-4.  Don't need to watch more.
    Not saying Harrell can't fix that, and Martin couldn't turn into an all-conference player like Brandon Doughty... but speaking of Doughty, take a look at how he keeps the ball at chest level or higher in all of these throws with a clean pocket, keeping an eye on where the ball is the instant before he goes to throw:
    This is what those guys are talking about.

    If someone is taking the time to "correct" you, then it likely means they value your opinion and want to make sure it's "correct".  The tape don't lie.
  4. MeanGreenTexan's post in DRC (updated): Kason Martin talks about committing to UNT was marked as the answer   
    Brett's job is to report the news.  Not make UNT football look as good as possible.   I believe you're looking for this link:
  5. MeanGreenTexan's post in DRC: Wednesday practice notes was marked as the answer   
    @Brett Vito
    So help me... if this article gets UNT in some hot NCAA water, I'm coming to rob every parking pass you ever thought you had.  
    You wont even be able to park in your own driveway when I'm done with you.

  6. MeanGreenTexan's post in Villarreal to open sushi restaurant was marked as the answer   
    Don't worry, you likely won't see any advertisements for his establishment because "sushi sells itself".

  7. MeanGreenTexan's post in New GMG.com Site Feature: Leaderboard was marked as the answer   
    You have my permission to kiss the royal hands. Whichever you like.

  8. MeanGreenTexan's post in TV for this Sat. was marked as the answer   
    We have a bye this week.   We're at Army 10/22.
  9. MeanGreenTexan's post in UTEP Game Kick Time was marked as the answer   
    I'm guessing the host knows when their own kick time is.

    I'm also guessing someone in our AD is not good at time zones (or basic arithmetic), and dreads DST changes.

  10. MeanGreenTexan's post in Missouri almost came to Apogee was marked as the answer   
    I think a brand new AD will have 30 minutes to spare after hours to call into a podcast for the most ardent supporters of his program.
  11. MeanGreenTexan's post in NT Daily covers UNT Fan Meeting from Monday was marked as the answer   
    Second, this was not the Athletic Department's doing...   This was Trip Kuehne & Mike Sicuro.   They got word out exactly where it needed to go in order to get the target audience they wanted.   It was not something they were going to blast an email out to 1000's of people for.
  12. MeanGreenTexan's post in Cell phone car mounts was marked as the answer   
    I dunno, but I would definitely not recommend using a cell phone mount for your new gun.
  13. MeanGreenTexan's post in MGB: Did SMU take a very subtle shot at UNT this week? was marked as the answer   

    More to Emmitt's point above, UNT fans showed up to Ford last year even though our team was not very good the prior year.  SMU doesn't travel anywhere... they can't even travel a decent chunk of fans to Denton.   I believe it's because they are not a winner, and the fan "demographic" at SMU simply cannot be associated with a loser.  If SMU were 10-2 last season, I think you would see Apogee split 50-50... If not more red than green.
  14. MeanGreenTexan's post in UNT gets visit from Tyara Warren was marked as the answer   
    I heard she told the coaching staff @ UWV that she would rather be playing in Denton because North Texas is a vastly superior school, or something like that.
  15. MeanGreenTexan's post in Will failure in recruiting lead to another losing season in 2015? was marked as the answer   
    I think you can say the same about West Texas. Tech is going to get their pick, but after those, there are alot of good players.
  16. MeanGreenTexan's post in Green and........Black for Halloween? was marked as the answer   
    Hey guys,

    I don't have cool-awesome software to design some cool-awesome uniforms, but here's what we should definitely be wearing for Halloween, and I think it's really cool-awesome because I designed it myself!

    What do you guys think? Pretty awesome huh?

  17. MeanGreenTexan's post in Tulane football begins homecoming week on a high note was marked as the answer   
    He's pregnant.
  18. MeanGreenTexan's post in The need for more hype during UNT games was marked as the answer   
    "Hype" = whippersnapper word for "Pageantry".
  19. MeanGreenTexan's post in North Texas or UNT? was marked as the answer   
    You sure??

  20. MeanGreenTexan's post in Peterson has big news --soon was marked as the answer   

    We're waiting!
  21. MeanGreenTexan's post in Texas Douche spotted at Jupiter House today! was marked as the answer   
    I believe the purveyors of the term "<big 12 school> douche" can help us with a handy definition of what makes someone said douche since they are highly esteemed here on GMG.com (well, by most).

    To the best of my recollection, it is:
    1. Someone who obviously did not attend the school who's apparel they are wearing.
    2. Someone who changes their apparel with whoever the winning flavor-of-the-week happens to be.
    3. Someone who shows up to UNT games decked out in their <big 12 (and now SEC) school> gear despite not attending the school they are sporting.

    In the photograph posted above, in order for the gentleman in question to be labeled "Texas Douche", we are able to sift options 2 & 3 since this gentleman is wearing UT gear (certainly not a winning flavor of the week, maybe in 2006, but not today), and he is at Jupiter House Coffee shop, not at a UNT sporting event. We must be able to deduce that he did not attend the university. With the information we're provided in the photgraph, it is simply not possible to label this man "Texas Douche". "Avid Longhorns fan"? Yes. "Texas Douche"? Unknown.

    The child is another case study. He obviously meets the criteria of not attending the school he is sporting. However, he is not yet old enough to dress himself and/or buy his own clothes, so he cannot be labeled a douche either as his apparel is purchased by the gentleman in question.

    Hope that clears things up.
  22. MeanGreenTexan's post in Is UNT "One Player Away" ? was marked as the answer   
    If so, his name is Brock Berglund.

    If no, Lord help us all.
  23. MeanGreenTexan's post in JUCO ROUTE was marked as the answer   
    Hey Wardly,

    You may want to check TX St. commit list...

    We signed 5 JUCO guys.

    They signed 10!
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