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  1. MGN: on Beat Writers and SL's time

    Shit Mike what the hell are you talking about? Its kind of funny given who the Mods are? I did not see any of the Mods liking the previous regime, There might have been some that felt the horse was beat so much that there was not a horse, hamburger meat left to beat, and most Mods even agree with you. Don't point fingers at everyone . I do like your vigilance keep us from repeating anything that RV and previous administrations did. There are some good things happening and I am getting in a much more positive Mean Green Mood, I need to be out of the negativity for a bit and enjoy this ride that I believe will just get better for the next two years. A couple more might need to go in the AD and Recruiting needs to be better I agree. Happy? I do know 90 is not alone in the guys that have been here a long time, there is a negativity either in the front if not the back of everybody's mind that that UNT is a split second away from the next opportunity to shoot ourselves in the foot again or to return to "little ole North Texas" and we will except excuses and bad results.
  2. Helmets

    I liked the helmet I hope they make a mini
  3. I would love to beat the tar out of Tech and I think we still lead the series with Texas Tech, I know we can do it , it is only a matter of will we do it? SO are we "little ole North Texas" or are we going to be a winning solid program. Is this the "New Denton"??? I would like to play some teams that matter. I am mixed on Army I am not sure they really matter enough for the injuries their style of football generate.
  4. Nickname ideas for QB Mason Fine

    Guyton is the devil I mean fighting chicken in that scenario From now on, it's Magic Man and El Diablo
  5. Took a peak at the new AP & Coaches polls

    Did you see Troy has 4 votes?
  6. 2017 Attendance

    There were more stadium last night forsure. @UNTflyer how are you? Missed seeing your posts
  7. Rice Game Question

    Independence Bowl reps were confirmed to there around at least hour and a half before the game and I was told a few other bowl reps were floating around later. All wins are important as they go toward a final record that in one way or another are used to grade a team. Even if it history or recruits. Rice needs to be a victory. I also think if we beat Rice and FAU we might have some votes in the top 25 heading into a bowl game. If we don't take Rice and dominate we won't. I figure votes in the top 25 have to help our coaches recruit.
  8. Classless

    It was ruled targeting at first then rescinded? And even said the player was ejected. What in God's name would make them change their minds as he lays there with his bell rung. I saw so many holds in front of refs tonight go uncalled for Army I love playing a team and the refs if makes the win so much more satisfying
  9. UTSA Hires new AD

    I am not sure I could wish RV even on those guys and UTSA might deserve him.
  10. There was plenty of info going around at the time from insiders and even comments straight from Smatresk himself that made it damn clear that RV was not part of the hire and that RV's days were limited. RV was horrible and lazy. Smatresk did a great job with Littrell and RV should not get credit for something like this simply because his walking papers had not been publicly formalized. Having to live through the whole RV era was embarrassing. He was not a true AD, and the TCU people had him right.
  11. Well believe what you like, in this case you would be wrong.
  12. RV might have still been there but he had absolutely nothing to do with Litrell's hiring.