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  1. the Honda's are very quiet less likely to tick off your neighbors
  2. Was the place kicking any better today?
  3. The system should always have been in place to bring the net up and down, the net interfering with the view to the screen should never happened in the first place. Whoever came up with what we had was riding the short bus.
  4. The jumbo tron is made of emitter panels I bet they are hard to crack and if they do they just change one small panel last I looked they are getting the emitters down to .7mm and they close the gap on them and you can make relatively small 4k screens now. My AV guys just installed one and he sent photos really cool stuff. The refs in Pro ball will hold a kick until the net is up. Seems like I have heard them ask for the net to be raised before during a pro game.
  5. This a bit dated now it came out in May but I just saw it recently. Pretty cool stuff could really change the game, can you imagine what his would do to healthcare alone. These macromolecules utilize a "Triple play" action on viruses in order to wipe out a wide variety of viral organisms. The first of these stages is attraction, in which proteins from the virus are drawn to the macromolecule, negating the ability of the virus to infect healthy cells. This is followed by prevention, which builds natural protections in the body. This is accomplished when segments of the macromolecule resembling the sugar mannose bind to healthy immune cell receptors, activating their fight against the viral invader. The third attack of the macromolecule, neutralization, alters the pH inside the virus, preventing the invader from replicating. Assuming it works as well as the researchers say, the macromolecule couldn't come soon enough to handle frightening outbreaks like Zika, Ebola, and chikungunya. But it hasn't quite come yet. "My gut feeling is, something like a wipe, something like a hand cleaner is going to be relatively straightforward to move to market," says Hedrick. "It you market it as a true antiviral, I would imagine it would take 3, 4, 5 years maybe maximum." Getting the macromolecule into humans, where it uses all three of its powers, would require clinical trials than could extend over several years.
  6. I hope this net pulley system is one that can go up and down at the games, I hate the net being in front of the scoreboard, it is so half assed. I was bitching about it to Harry at the scrimmage.
  7. Wren Baker needs to buy a big Texas sized broom and clean house baby from one end to the other, then come through and steam clean it. Rebuild it from the ground up.
  8. No at least not after seeing Rodge in person, he was fast but not durable and not particularly accurate, plus he did not have a deep ball. After seeing these QB's during this scrimmage it felt more like serious college football to me. They were threading the needle, I don't think I remember a QB that could do that with a quick release in the years I have been watching. Plus they all have arms on them, they don't have to float the ball up in the air to hang a receiver out to dry on deep throws. I was shocked I tell you just shocked to see this kind of players at the Mean Green Scrimmage.
  9. I am excited about our QBs for the first time ever.
  10. Congrats Zach! Zach is also a natural leader, he seemed infectious with his great work ethic and attitude.
  11. I really liked the speed of the practice there was no screwing around the offense was working on precision, something I may have never seen before at North Texas.
  12. There were more people there than the last home game? I saw Brett there and a few others up there. I like our QB situation for once, we will see how they do. Our place kickers better get it together.