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  1. Brett really nice article thank you! we definitely need to clean house in the AD department, I only wish it had been five years ago or more. I will take it now if I have to.
  2. Only at North Texas would this scenario even be a consideration. Makes me sad and I am not buying football tickets until I know who we hire as AD, and then I will decide if I still want to purchase.
  3. Not sure what the hubbub is about our goaltenders, I like having two. Stats support it if a single goalie plays to many games they fail in the playoffs. Demers and Russell have been learning from the goose on how to run a suckfest. Yes we have a shot god I was hoping a healthy Seguin would be available tonight.
  4. That was a heart attack on blades We better get into position in defense zone, this panic scramble is death. Too easy to keep the puck in our zone, It is an inexperienced team's mistake. Everyone on the stars is deep in our zone and the blues defensemen have a field day holding the blue line.
  5. Because I had wanted us to move to CUSA long before the announcement, I was never a fan of the Belt. So my wish was a bit tarnished from start.
  6. They are young and making lots of young guy errors, four guys behind the net in our zone. Not covering the points and our zone, it is basic stuff. I wish Seguin and Eaves were back. Val Nichushkin has slipped a long way. He looked so good his first season, now he looks lazy reaching instead of skating and not turning it on. Hemsky seems to have a problem finishing off things. I realize Goose got our only goal today but he needs to skate out and get stronger and more accurate on his passing. He too is reaching alot and not skating hard those last two strides. I figure the following will move on this summer: Hemsky Goligosky Oleksiak The Blues may be the best team on the ice this year, especially in the west.
  7. Looks like Seguin is still out unless it is a ploy on Ruff's part.
  8. I am going to this one they better bring their A game, I wonder if Seguin and Eaves will be back.
  9. I think the Penn State is in damage control has opted to deflect as much blame toward Joe as they can over money, if Joe truly knew screw him but the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  10. I looked forward to Tulsa, Houston, and Tulane as away games to attend. I don't care at all about San Antonio or really Utep. So this to me, short of Rice, is almost as bad as being in the belt.
  11. The answer is you are assuming he knew, last I checked your innocent until proven guilty. It did not say there was allegedly a victim, but if the case went forward with any proof at the time Sandusky would have been in jail in 1976, the statement said that the victim allegedly told Joe and that is all it said. Everything else is speculation based on hindsight, I imagine if Joe had the advantage of hindsight he would have had Sandusky fry in 1976. Unless you think Joe was an active participant, because even if Joe was just worried about his legacy why would he not let Sandusky go way back then and move on? There are plenty of wholes here. What purpose does it do to convict Joe a dead man now what 4 years knowing or not? To hurt his family? He still can not defend himself. I don't like this guilty until proven innocent idea, especially if it is something like this. You believe Joe knew but that is something that is difficult to actually know. If all of College Football knew then maybe we should end all college football. This is some sick stuff yes, should Sandusky get special punishment I think so. I think we should rewrite the constitution for special case daily torture for this.
  12. Don't do that, the depression rate is too high around here.
  13. Really this all stems from this; The report stems from a single line in a court order on a related insurance coverage case, which states, one of Penn State’s insurers has claimed “in 1976, a child allegedly reported to PSU’s Head Coach Joseph Paterno that he (the child) was sexually molested by Sandusky.” Can you people read? Can someone explain to me what allegedly means? Because that word must have changed from what I was taught, the key part was that it indicated absolutely no proof. So the meaning of allegedly must have mean something completely new these days. Joe is dead and can't defend himself, stuff like this is sad. Joe is not the bad guy, it is Sandusky that needs to burn. By the way I have no real love of Joe but this kind of bad accusations are irresponsible and there seems to be a trend for tearing down legends and find way to deflect for others benefit . A dead guy can't defend himself very well. As if enough smoke is fabricated there must be fire. At the end of the day I really don't care what happened at Penn State 40 years ago.