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  1. I think it was to pull the trigger early. I am also worried that he has not cleaned house in the AD yet. I am sure we will have a new coach but this should happened months ago.
  2. Is this a joke? There are 5 days left who gives a crap. He needs to go coach a junior high JV team if that.
  3. I am worried that Baker is afraid to step on toes or hurt anyone's feelings.
  4. I would say there is no benefit in keeping Benford, but giving him his walking paper early just sends a message that things are changing and that can not happen soon enough from any point of view.
  5. Firing benford would only help their grades, at least there would be hope. At this point it would make no difference as silly argument above. 6 days and the player know just as well as we do.
  6. So we seek to be a bottom tier Law school to produce budget Lawyers? Perfect
  7. it worked well for our law school. Shouldn't we be looking for the best students possible and let diversity work itself out.
  8. But what? No tailgating?
  9. A week from tomorrow!!! Oh, do a little dance, make a little love Get down tonight, whoo, get down tonight, hey Do a little dance, make a little love Get down tonight, get down tonight, baby or
  10. I would just like to see what we pay be more competitive for the assistant coaches so we can attract and maybe hold a bit longer the better ones we have. Didn't Seth take a pay cut to help his assistants out? Was this a righting of that wrong?
  11. Single digit days baby!