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  1. What?? Jim I know how to handle my balls.
  2. I keep thinking I am about to wake up or maybe I am in a coma somewhere.
  3. I know but some thought the hit on Del Rio was blatant, others thought Wheeler was pushed/falling into him. One man's blatant is not next man's idea of blatant is all. Mmmmm French Toast, damn but I have no syrup.
  4. @SilverEagleBill I am buying in.
  5. No problem at all, it is just some subjects here take on a life of their own.
  6. Very nice and I agree, thanks for posting this Video, I had not seen it yet
  7. That is a conversation better suited for the eagles nest not the football forum.
  8. so hard to answer, it depends on the situation. Is it repetitive? Was it real or a bad call? Keeping intensity, a coach would know most of the time if something is intentionally cheap or not I hope. I imagine depth would play on how free a coach would be to pull a player to cool off. Yesterday we got stuck with that personal foul facemask on the D that extended an army drive, on the replay it was clear it was not. The call I guess worked out because of the Pick we had a play or two later. I liked @ipd054 answer.
  9. Brett I got all pumped again after reading your articles. Very nice.
  10. Such a situation should be a bump in expected attendance, good weather and I could see a very loud stadium.
  11. Is there a point to this question as in a play or player?
  12. The question should be does he get 1500 yards? Does a conference championship and bowl game count toward the season?
  13. So many to choose from, the stepping up has been amazing. What a day!
  14. It is still nearly mind blowing we are here at this point in the season and talking about this with all seriousness. Such a change from last year I think I am going to start blocking out last season. I sure hope I am not about to wake up.
  15. Looks very cool, great game, not too much more to ask for except for the weather to clear.