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  1. Happy Birthday Cerebus!

    Have a very Happy Birthday!!!! Stop by tailgate I can set you up with a shot or more tomorrow!
  2. Sounds like John is cooking Picanha on the spot so that should be pretty damn good. Go Mean Green!!!!!! Tailgating! Let the party begin.
  3. Although I got to Texas as fast as I could before I was 6 months old.
  4. Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    I think we are ready to eat our guts out after the last two weeks
  5. Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    North Texas - 54 UAB - 17
  6. See that might be why I did not know of it? Now I will stick with Texas cuts, I do eat a New York strip once in a while. I was also born in Orange County NY.
  7. We are getting our plans set! Last tailgate I tried my first tri-tip steak I believe at point bank. It was good. I had not seen that cut before. This week we will have at the very least - Balls. More to come!
  8. injuries

    Tequila has also been known to work in quantity, chilled shots.
  9. Food in Denton

    We should keep an up to date list of the all the mom and pops restaurants , and the regional seated service restaurants in UNT/Denton area. Maybe bars as well for the night before, or after an early game.
  10. Do You Believe In The Mean Green?

    I would love to see the Mean part again, I have not seen Mean in a while
  11. 24 hour rule

    Is the 24 hours to the beginning or the end of the game
  12. Perspective

    I am not sure I have enough tequila for a bad season
  13. Perspective

    In this case the only stats that matter is the final score and our lack to get back in the game kills me. We were not competitive last night, shit you want a bright spot we had more fans in the stadium than SMU I think and I am sure we could get louder.
  14. Looking for bright spots

    There you go blame the customer, see how well that will works in business. It is the AD's responsibility to get those donations, hopefully Wren will. RV stopped at 17