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  1. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Is size overrated?   

    Are we talking about the size of the pay check? Because it appears that no size is not over rated in that regard to Chavis either. 
    Holy Cow what are they paying Chavis? And shit lets face it at the highest levels the Size is plenty fast. 
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  2. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Home game tailgating help   

    Just wow!
    Ok I will have my ball at Tailgate.
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  3. KingDL1 added a post in a topic UNT's best attended 2015 home game?   

    What is the lowest attendance we can have? 
    Is it based on butts in seats (tickets scanned at gate) or tickets sold? 
    How many tickets are automatically reserved for students? Total season tickets and game day packages?
    I know our numbers last year where higher than actual fans in seats so I am guessing it is tickets sold.
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  4. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Another crappy thing about this crap schedule   

    You mean those that make to Tailgating on a normal homecoming, We may have 300 people, this year it will likely be 200 but when you have an AD like ours what can you do. I don't worry about the die-hards. I kinda think there will be a sudden leave for personal reasons or retirement of an AD coming soon to a University near you.  
    Mark it is really nice of you to be concerned about our tailgate on homecoming though.
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  5. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Another crappy thing about this crap schedule   

    Who are we losing? Did I miss something?
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  6. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Windows 10 - Looking great so far   

    Anything new here? I figure we will do what I always do and wait for the first service pack.
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  7. KingDL1 added a post in a topic UNT Homecoming Theme 2015 - Portland State   

    Here and a T-shirt fan has never had endearing quality to it.
    Implying bad fans to me, but experience says that our causal fan would rather attend Texas OU parties than go to a North Texas game. Homecoming is one of our better attended events and if the last 15 years as thought me we will have a big hit to this attendance. 
    Seems that you are instructing on what it takes to be a good fan to me.
    Maybe you should read what your write and then join us in reality of what happens here, not what should of, could of,  or would of. My interest is not what you would do if you can understand that, I know if someone is on this board they are usually more than a casual fan. I don't need to know you are dropping cash because its your wife's birthday to prove it. Follow? 
    This schedule was totally avoidable and I have been mad, this just put me over the top. This 12 straight games and two body bag games and Tennessee late, nearly a death sentence to our team. Only five home games. Rice game starts at 1:30 pm if it is hot our normal base wont make it.  We better come out of the gate hot because it is only getting worse. 
    Several said what a fan does so it is implied that fans that don't follow these rule are not good fans. Look above. 
    I am really sick of what is going on and the "lets make lemonade out of lemons"  and burying my head in the sand is not for me. 
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  8. KingDL1 added a post in a topic UNT Homecoming Theme 2015 - Portland State   

    Wow are you telling people of fan board what a good fan is and you are the roll model?. Should we have a competition on who is the best UNT fan ever, well  after your done patting yourself on the back of course? 
    I doubt many are worried about anyone on this board being at game  or what your definition of a good fan is. Unfortunately  we depend on the masses for most of our attendance or what most may consider the casual fan and worse for us we deal with a fickle North Texas casual fan group. Nothing about this season is scheduled well and now setting this game against Portland on Texas OU weekend as our homecoming is just another insult to injury. 
    Or as fans we are not supposed worry about coaches, ADs, play-calling, recruiting and scheduling? Maybe we should just take a few lines  from the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" 
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die:
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  9. KingDL1 added a post in a topic UNT Homecoming Theme 2015 - Portland State   

    You are right I am worried about attendance. I am not worried about the quality of the Fans as defined in this thread. 
    Well I wish we had enough Super Fans to fill Stadium each home game. But back to reality, unless I missed something. Hell we have a Stadium smaller than our student body and we can't fill it in the best of times. 
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  10. KingDL1 added a post in a topic UNT Homecoming Theme 2015 - Portland State   

    Sorry KRAM1 I don't agree, I think playing Portland state for homecoming is a hit against the normal homecoming crowd, maybe not a huge hit just another hit. 
    But I will let you define what a True Fan is, I am worried about my experience in reality watching games at NT and how our attendance tends to fluctuate. 
    So just to be clear we are playing a FCS Team for homecoming the same day as Texas - OU game. So yes it is hit on its own and big hit against the Texas-OU.  
    Is your mind still Boggled? 
    So our theme should be our AD is an idiot and should be fired. 
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  11. KingDL1 added a post in a topic UNT Homecoming Theme 2015 - Portland State   

    This schedule just gets worse and worse. This may end up being the worst attended season in 15 years
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  12. KingDL1 added a post in a topic What will our attendance be @SMU?   

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  13. KingDL1 added a post in a topic What Happened At A Texas Frat When They Thought No One Was Watching   

    Sounds like a setup. 
    Do a shot and push-ups them bastards! 
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  14. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Most people don't want ESPN on the cable system!   

    I hate espn and what they do to sports
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  15. KingDL1 added a post in a topic Water do you have it yet?   

    Bridgeport is full plus now!
    Possum Kingdom at one point was up a nearly a foot higher, I guess  they are dumping water like crazy same I guess for Granbury? Where are you UNT90, Mike have you been washed away?
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