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  1. KingDL1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    I was thinking hockey
  2. KingDL1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Are you talking on TV?
  3. That is so sad. I threw up a little in my mouth. Are you employed by the school to tow the company line? Or just in line to brown nose? Seriously though. There is no excuse not to be up for UTSA period end of story! Hello! For those that don't have selective company memories, this team has a track record of being flat after a really meaningful win. New York is not really much further to travel than South Florida. New York at least is not as hot and the area is gorgeous. Plenty of teams travel further. Now we have to build schedules based on style of play seems like a slippery slope, who knows what style of play a team might employ a few years down the line.
  4. What is liberty? Replacing a recognizable winnable team with a no name is not what I was hoping for. Why would we even travel there? Are we sure we are there to play football, I was told they only play basketball? I am the saddest because I wanted to go to the away game at army this year, West Point is in the same county I was born in. I had not made the trip yet.
  5. I think it is more of a great drink of water after being in the great drought of Benford for so long. While I think some might want to make this the best thing since sliced bread most still know where we are. Lots of good still, we received more practice with a new coach. Regardless of tournament we still won it. More winning helps a team know they can win. Finished season on a high note. Biggest plus Harry got me to go to my first Basketball game since the Mid 80's, first time back in the Pit since my graduation ceremony.. I think this tournament is well worth the money and I would think worth the extra practice alone. I agree the kool aid was flowing a bit but nothing wrong with that after what our Basketball Fans have endured
  6. I could have done without RV all together. Timing was his biggest ally in my opinion, and the Barnett Shale. RV was over his head the entirety of his stay and should have been removed before Dickey. All the buildings built were happening with or without RV and would likely to have happened much faster with a guy who knew how to raise money and get things done. If we had an AD for that time period that knew what he was doing we would have "The 74" to bitch about instead of the 17 RV sucked up to.
  7. The Cowboys are screwed by Jerry until he has nothing to do with the Cowboys The Mavs by Cuban to a lesser degree The Stars are working on it, after this implosion I expect almost none of the players are safe. Spezza, Roussell, Lehtonen, Shore, Richie and more are probably on the block. Maybe everyone but Klingberg on the Defense. But I think Tom Gaglardi is great owner. The Rangers I lost faith after they fired Nolan.
  8. What a team implosion Killing me This season is all done
  9. KingDL1

    CBI championship shirts

    Are DVDs still a thing?
  10. KingDL1

    I Could Cry

    Even better to oversell to a full 11k loudness
  11. Thank you! Nice to see a top 15 crowd or so after the last several years. Goes to show have something to get excited about and they will come.
  12. 6,291 in attendance how did that rank?
  13. KingDL1

    I Could Cry

    Did I read it held 9797 and opened March 27, 1973 - a great 45th anniversary
  14. What does a counselor say? Have you ever considered you might be a non-gender-binary person. Have you considered changing your name to Pat?
  15. KingDL1

    Big Question

    Lots of other issues also, I don't like beating up the Old Mac too much he had tremendous obstacles to over come. Did you see the size of RV? All kidding aside I do think RV was a huge burden on the coaches without recruiting budgets and someone to keep the coaches fired up among lists of other issues that lay a RV's feet.