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  1. they could let goose sit the rest of the playoffs and I would be much happier
  2. GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2:00 pm
  3. Yes the divisional seedings is goofy but the wildcards are conference? So strange, if the Stars take the blues they can take the Cup.
  4. Young team I hope they learned something, glad to be done with the Wild. Goose just kills me, he had been directly responsible for several goals. Goal two and three last night were on him, he took the player not the pass and he was on the weak side. Hemsky passed from behind the net to right in front of the for the 4th goal. He should have been credited with the assist. Goose did the same thing a game or two ago, as Defender goose to far into his career and way too expensive to make these kind of mistakes.
  5. GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they win the series tonight
  6. Please do not Hijack GMG Threads

    Why is this the most interesting thread in the football forum I have read this off season?
  7. Yes nice! First away postseason win since 2008! Jim Nill is amazing.
  8. The bitter beer face commercials were bad enough can you imagine the muddbutt commercials?
  9. Yeah Baby Yeah!!! What was that a Klingberg to Spezza with a minute left or so? What a way for finish, we don't need no stinking tie breaker!! 109 and all alone at the top.
  10. I don't know the actual number, the 17 is an interesting topic but I got the impression it might be a bit tighter group yet. Not sure reallyjust nauseous now a couple of names were referred to the most over the different conversations.
  11. I wish I could but it would out people and cause more problems.I am sure a ton of denieal and spin. White knights would come out of the wood work and on and on.The stuff I was told if true and I do believe it is,just blew my mind. It kind of really made me lose hope in a way that truly hit my core a new low for my Mean Green spirit. I hope Dwayne is right and Littrell pulls a miracle out of his ass. That may help get others involved to break the circle. Sorry I am just disheartened.
  12. This leads to such a dilemma, if we get too successful it could lead to more and bigger donors. If RV did his job it would lead to moreand bigger donors. Which means our puppet masters become smaller fish in a bigger pond. Puppet masters no likey. To keep their control they need to keep North Texas Sports relatively stable at our current level of winning and losing.
  13. Well St Louis won also , good win for the Stars! I guess we will see if they can win the Division Saturday.
  14. I have been away from the board for a while the negativity the constant reminder that RV has not been show the door was more depressing than I needed. It seems one thing leads to another, even though I was trying to get away from this messI have been hearing more and more from people in know and what would be considered Dentoninsiders. If true?It is worst than UNT90 thought, well at least a lot worse than I thought. I don't think it is RV at all, I think it is, from what I can tell, a handful of donors playing Jerry Jones, They are only big fish in a small pond (they really like it), and it is not that they support RV but they actually control RV and pull his strings. Rick is simply a puppet, a stooge, a lackey, just a pawn in this show.This situation has become so inbred that it is hard to fathom that it can be fixed. I don't know how North Texas Athletics got to this place but it had to start with RV being incapable and mostly spineless, could be a the chicken or the egg situation but we are there now. Can we fire Donors? Can a president come in and replace this puppet to solve this situation? It is a problem and we need some of these guys to just go away. This is a prime example of Money does not mean you have brains. We need ofcourse a good hire at AD with a good house cleaning in the whole Athletic Department.Then we need Donors that believe in him and let this new AD do his thing, not play puppet master. I am more disgusted than ever, it is nearly defeating to me to hear some of what goes on in Denton. If any of the puppet masters are reading this, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!