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  1. Are we talking dancing girls or is that a Martini shes shaking?
  2. Ice Cold and I am a happy campier!
  3. Interesting Does that make Brett official
  4. I am excited about Hitch he might be a short term solution or longer we will see, we know he can get the job done. The specific stats of when supported do not support that. Like a QB's Stats might be great when he has time, but say same QB is missing his entire Oline gone and his stats suck. Is it the QB or the support? The stats on our goaltenders are near the top of the when supported. If that were not the case I would agree with you. I look forward to a new system.
  5. I was never off the fence with Ruff I saw to many issues that were only beat with shear talent, not a maximization of talent. I like Hitch but he is now 65 and I think he said he was fully retired. I thought Hitch should have been offered the short term job to finish our season after the blues let him go. I think he could have turned this ship around for the playoffs. I am excited to see what happens.
  6. I would say is lack of support of the goaltending, we have good goalies when supported even this year they ranked 6th in the league at even strength. We had so many odd man rushes and breakaways. Plus defense is more suspect in the overly aggressive offensive scheme they were running. Ruff allowed for many mistakes to be made all four years that were never fixed, and the defense pairs changing and healthy scratch never seemed to stop. The mistakes killed us and when we were not scoring our way past them thede mistakes would bite them in the ass. To many passes, to much dump and chase, lack of back checking, 4 men behind the goal lines on both ends. Oh my god the entering the offensive zone blind drop pass that was taken away 50 percent of the time. The onslaught of passes without a shot on goal during the powerplay, the injured Jamie Benn being played on the kill seemed a bit much. The list goes on and on. But good news is I firmly believe we have the talent to be a championship team. I figure that one of our goalies is serviceable but they are burned out from lack of support, but depending what we can attain in the offseason after this supplemental draft we may have a new goalie in place. Now a new coach might invigorate Kari or Antti I am not sure. But I am looking for a disciplinarian coach and one that can play more to our strengths. I hope to see us play a more physical defense and just a more defensive minded philosophy. I would love to see some of our basics cleaned up.
  7. Search for replacement to begin immediately by Sean Shapiro / Correspondent 2:50 PM Share DALLAS -- Lindy Ruff will not return as Dallas Stars coach for the 2017-18 season, general manager Jim Nill said Sunday. Ruff's four-year contract expired after this season and was not renewed. The Stars finished 34-37-11 for 79 points, the second-lowest point total in a non-lockout season since the franchise relocated from Minnesota to Dallas in 1993-94. In 2015-16, the Stars had the Western Conference's best record and reached the Western Conference Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where they lost in seven games to the St. Louis Blues.................
  8. Sounds like we are off to a good start.
  9. It is what is valuable to me, and the 14 years at the top level I think turning offenses in football is a big deal. Having one wining year at s Sunbelt school could be a fluke, and just a lot of money on GM. To me it is not just the stats, it was playing at OU, the time SL spent at different programs and what he contributed. I am giving you my reasons is all. But good news is Basketball can swing to winning fast, one season with some luck. Football takes time like to build an Offensive line. I hope GM is a Super Coach and has us in the tourney next year.
  10. It seems to get the job done.
  11. He implied a ban as far as I know there is not one.
  12. I was under the impression that was about fixing the pay structure that was in place for the assistants, and what SL did his first year with his own salary to help increase the pay for the assistants he hired. I heard this a few times but it could be make believe I am not sure.
  13. Not sure what you are saying, odds are excellent there is always better choices out there in someones opinion, whoever we choose.
  14. What? It does not matter what happened here, it is what their resumes were before these coaches stepped foot at UNT. DMac was a savior at Iowa State as a head coach, he was brought up as an assistant under Hayden Fry. What each coach accomplishes here is a different question.