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  1. Should be interesting.     
  2. Stars Win! Stars Win! Happy New Year!!!!
  3. Not exactly football related

    You go Emmitt!
  4. Happy New Year! I look forward to this New Year of Mean Green Football! I am excited, plenty of risk but I at least I like the energy of the new Football Staff. I look forward to Rick Villarreal and the rest of the AD getting the axe and a whole new clean slate for a brand new start for our entire Athletic Department.  Happy New Year Mean Green Nation. 
  5. Coach Chico update

    Lets see Chico as a possible QB coach in the OVC, I can't see him getting it but that is a hell of a fall already.  
  6. New Year's Resolution

    Bill, Mark will make sure to tell what is Positive and Negative, Just like not every solution is a good one, and some solutions can make the problem worse. The line sounds like a good way to encourage people to stick their heads in the sand rather than think for themselves. 
  7. Why did they go back to Druidia? And crash land on Vega again? A robot with secret plans/map for the resistance  lost in a desert? TOO Much!    I saw it today at Look on their Evolution screen in 2D, good but another damn death star? How about a doomsday machine? I would have rather had a fleet battle. Or an new weapon for a large class battle cruiser. Or the alignment of three super cruisers  to lunch a control beam. Just something new.  Rey is Luke's daughter?  2D was awesome did not see anything 3D could do but distract. I did enjoy my recliner and large armrests.  I would say the first 3 are much better especially if you could upgrade the CG and modern techniques in filming with sound.  I liked the new lightsaber. The new R2D2 ball version. I don't understand the squealing beeping and not a real language.  Why does the federation/sith,  the empire/emperor, and the 1st Order/Snook (Ha!) have the same ships, tie fighters, shuttles,  plans and storm troopers? Can we get some new bad guys after while? Blowing up planets seems like no profit, less beings to control or tax.  Can the Jedi get their training together? 
  8. Merry Christmas...

    Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! MEAN GREEN NATION
  9. This should be intense tonight, I hope we hammer Chicago.
  10. Grade the Littrell Hire

    It is an open poll isn't it? Not  90 yet anyway.