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  1. KingDL1's post in DRC: Despite bitter ending, UNT made tremendous progress in Littrell's first season was marked as the answer   
    Nothing Bitter about it to me. Great game wish we had won. What we were down a running back, plus our starting running back had the flu. Played without our starting QB  and missing two top receivers on the team. With what 68 scholarships, the first year into a new system with a new and very young coaching staff, coaching a one win team from 2015. Holy shit I am delighted.
    Now I am expecting 7+ wins next year and a bowl win. 
  2. KingDL1's post in I'm Here to Eat So Much Crow Now was marked as the answer   
    Its been a while for sure, depending how you want to look at it 38-46 years since we had a road win against an out of conference opponent with a winning record at game time during the regular season in the full D1, D1a, Major College(university) level.
     Took Seth Lettrell and staff 7 games.
  3. KingDL1's post in Mean Green Fall Scrimmage #1 in Review was marked as the answer   
    I really liked the speed of the practice there was no screwing around the offense was working on precision, something I may have never seen before at North Texas.
  4. KingDL1's post in DRC: Apogee five years later Part III (new AD will arrive at key time) was marked as the answer   
    Brett really nice article  thank you!
    we definitely need to clean house in the AD department, I only wish it had been five years ago or more.  I will take it now if I have to. 
  5. KingDL1's post in Chico and Skladany get 2 year extensions was marked as the answer   
    Wow I couldn't care less about who inherited what, the best point of this whole thing and kind of getting lost is the Coaches Pay is finally getting much more competitive. Its the down the road scenario I really like we will be in better shape to pay the next head coach because this higher rate coaches pay has been added in the budget. I do hope Coach Dan can lead us to bowls for a long long long damn time. But the next time it comes to finding a new head coach and assistant coaches we can make more attractive offers, and be selecting from a higher caliber pool than I feel we have had to choose from in the past. I think we are taking a real step forward and out of the bargain basement.
  6. KingDL1's post in Ballz State, we roast Balls here. was marked as the answer   
    I got my menu down for those stopping by.

    Sausage stuffing balls (We grind the pork ourselves and roasted in the morning)
    Brats (I soak in beer overnight)
    My slow smoked baby back ribs (Smoked with a combo of oak, apple and pecan)

    John is featuring his:

    Tequila Chicken
    Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies
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