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  1. Jason Bean

    hmm... I'm not sure I completely agree with this. I see what you mean, but I also think a defense will always have to choose how to they want to defend. Yes, they can come up with a game plan that may be able to put a particular aspect of an offense at a disadvantage but in doing so they (the defense) also put themselves at a disadvantage. Only the special defenses have the ability to completely shut down an offense, and thankfully, we wont be playing to many of those teams. I think we are very close to having the type offense FAU had last year. Unstoppable, at least in CUSA.
  2. Jason Bean

    Hopefully he will come here with the attitude of getting better while waiting for his shot. In 2 years, if his arm strength, accuracy, and ability to read the defense are anywhere close to what Mason Fine was like as a sophomore ; he will be the next great QB at UNT. We will get to see what a truly unstoppable offense looks. (WRs who can get open, QB who can find the open receiver or extend/make a play with his feet, and a RB who could break it open on any play) We were pretty close to this last year. I think if we can keep Littrell until 2022, we will be able to score at will.
  3. Littrell and Wilson both applied for Tennessee

    So does anyone know which schools Littrell turned down? I keep reading he had offers and turned them down. I read the same about Wren Baker. Any ideas?
  4. Who is your favorite 2018 signee?

    Jason Bean/Kason Martin I can't decide!!! I'm excited about them both. I know Kason Martin has been getting a lot of love on here (and rightly so), but please don't sleep on Jason Bean. With the right coaching, Jason Bean could become one of the most unstoppable players North Texas has ever had. I truly believe we will win our first CUSA championship with one of these guys as our quarterback! Go Mean Green!!!
  5. Rewatched UNT vs UTSA Game

    I agree with almost everything your saying. The exception being I loved the motion pop to Guyton. I think plays like the pop as well as the QB sweeps on goal line really caught UTSA off gaurd and, to some extent, kept them from completely packing the box and overloading the A and B gaps (which they still did anyways). I think it was a moderately successful attempt at keeping the defense honest. I love talking the X's and O's!!! So much to discuss and learn from! GMG!
  6. Oklahoma State (12/3/14)

    What channel is the game on?
  7. Dajon's Twitter Comments

    "Starting not to care" we have no idea in what context he is saying this. Could be talking football, could be talking females. who knows.... we have got to let this guy grow. this is all apart of the maturation process. He has to mature just as much mentally as he does physically. Dajon is hitting the wall many freshmans hit when thrown into starting positions.He's realizing that he cant just out-athlete everybody and force plays to happen. He's probably also regretting not being as focused during spring ball. Part of being a student-athlete is being a student! He's got to study the game, he's got to do his homework. He just has to break through the wall! once he breaks through mentally i believe the football will follow.
  8. MGB: Five thoughts

  9. June Jones

    So June Jones is looking for a job.... Would we even consider hiring him? Maybe as some type of offensive assistant? QB Coach? Future OC? Would he even come here? (Just trying to make thru the bye-week)
  10. June Jones Drinking Alone

    June Jones lives in hotel in Addison during the season. Hilton Hyatt i think.
  11. RV needs to be held accountable...

    umm.... me, you, and most of the people on this forum thought that North Texas would be the type of team that loses no more than 4 or 5 games, and that if they had early season success against the big boys could get some top 25 looks. We all had pretty high expectations for this team and somewhat rightly so because the team is packed with talent. but they have a brand new rookie head coach. Benford is still trying to figure out what works, give the man some time. Now, we are probably not going to have some fairy-tale season where we go undefeated the rest of the way but I would rather be bad now, get things together and be hot with a deep, healthy team at the end of the season. And we may not have Tony Mitchell after this season but there will be other opportunities for national exposure. I agree with all the stuff about poor coaching and the players being pissed.... I just don't think we should run the guy out of town after 8 games.
  12. RV needs to be held accountable...

    hmm...could you possibly be over-reacting? Benford has only been a head coach for how many games now? (8 i believe) I'm just saying....on some level WE helped create this monster that is probably the most over-hyped team in North Texas sports history. We definitely didn't down-play it. I believe Benford is still trying to figure out how to most efficiently place the players around TM. Hes going through some growing pains and unfortunately its at the expense of a really talented basketball team.
  13. Creighton watching party!

    Can anybody come? do have to be an alumni?