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  1. I think they left about the same time as the Brylcreem Boys (the frat guys with the white shirts)
  2. NMSU

    Weren't there back-to-back kickoff returns in the Kansas St game at Fouts in 2010? I remember Chancellor returning a kickoff and then K St returning the following kickoff for a TD
  3. Cooley's All Time UNT Basketball Team

    Shouldn't Josh White be somewhere on this list?
  4. How many games could we have won if...???

    Under that defensive alignment (4-3) or the current 3-3-5 ? With DeLoach or Reffett as DC?
  5. Thou shalt feedeth me when thou art at the goal line of thine enemy Does Garrett survive this grievous football sin?
  6. Next 24 hours

    They're a lot like Indiana or Kansas, football is not #1 there.
  7. '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    Good Call. I spent 2 winters about 20 miles from Champaign. You don't want none of that.
  8. Where Y’at. What Hotel is everyone staying at?

    Wyndham Garden on Baronne. No more than 5 blocks from Team Hotel, Bourbon St or Superdome.
  9. My take was 'Every G5 coach with a winning record is automatically a candidate for every opening".
  10. DRC: UNT headed to New Orleans Bowl

    This is a very Villareal-ish outcome.
  11. The Changing FBS Football Landscape

    The next 'big' change IMO, will be a ban on all blocking below the waist anytime/anywhere on the field. The rules are already moving that way at a steady pace. Low blocking is already banned from behind (clipping), when engaged with another player (chop block), and during all return plays (after a change of possession). When not otherwise prohibited, starting this year it can only be done from the front, defined as between the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock position (from the perspective of the player being blocked). My guess is the complete ban on low blocking will happen within the next 5 years.
  12. Let's Talk About the New Orleans Bowl

    Bad date slot (too early) and SBC opponent. No...unless we were in a situation like last year and happy to get anywhere. There should be much better options this year (and next).
  13. Aggie fans bring up Seth Littrell

    Tennessee just filled too. Need to talk up Chad Morris to Aggy.
  14. UTSA Hires new AD

    I stopped by Rowdy Talk to see if they had any flags left, but apparently everyone came and took them all.
  15. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    forecast at game time is winds from the north gusting to more than 18kts. Might not happen. Generally, a static line jump would not occur with those winds, but the GK's might have their own weather criteria, since they are HALO