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  1. 2018 Scrappy's - Vote Now!

    too early. Softball is tied for first with an obvious freshman of the year candidate
  2. Friday Boasts Best Student Incentive Yet...

    Let's not forget the Mean Green Cue Cat giveaway...who still has theirs?
  3. DeAndre Torrey reels off a 55 yard TD run

    No defensive players were outside the hash marks on the far side. This was a touchdown at the snap.
  4. Riley Dodge named new Southlake Carroll HC

    Heard that Steve Lineweaver (former Euless Trinity HC) is joining Riley's staff at SLC
  5. Raining like hell in Dallas tonite!

  6. Ding. Forgiven or charged off loans are taxable income to the debtor.
  7. I think they left about the same time as the Brylcreem Boys (the frat guys with the white shirts)
  8. NMSU

    Weren't there back-to-back kickoff returns in the Kansas St game at Fouts in 2010? I remember Chancellor returning a kickoff and then K St returning the following kickoff for a TD
  9. Cooley's All Time UNT Basketball Team

    Shouldn't Josh White be somewhere on this list?
  10. How many games could we have won if...???

    Under that defensive alignment (4-3) or the current 3-3-5 ? With DeLoach or Reffett as DC?
  11. Thou shalt feedeth me when thou art at the goal line of thine enemy Does Garrett survive this grievous football sin?
  12. Next 24 hours

    They're a lot like Indiana or Kansas, football is not #1 there.
  13. '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    Good Call. I spent 2 winters about 20 miles from Champaign. You don't want none of that.
  14. Where Y’at. What Hotel is everyone staying at?

    Wyndham Garden on Baronne. No more than 5 blocks from Team Hotel, Bourbon St or Superdome.
  15. My take was 'Every G5 coach with a winning record is automatically a candidate for every opening".