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  1. Oregon AD to Phil Knight: DO SOMETHING!!!!!
  2. He lost it last year to a guy that didn't show up in Denton until August
  3. If someone submits 'Hey baby' I will cut a bitch
  4. I was at the FAU game in 2018, it was quite cold. We didn't lose that game. That was a lame assessment.
  5. Who's the 3rd guy off the bus (after Randy White). I'm guessing Franco Harris but not sure.
  6. They were doing it in the 80's when I was stationed at Bergstrom (it was an AFB before it was an airport).
  7. No one mentions Port, which is not surprising since he never seems to stay in one place.
  8. I don't recall a coach at UNT who has had to deal with NIL and outright player poaching to this degree more. Not intended as a "defense" but it is a fact of college coaching life now.
  9. If you go to Rosa’s Cantina stay away from Felina. She’s trouble.
  10. This isn't bad at all. 2 October afternoon home games, all CUSA road games are Stadium, which means DFW area broadcast (Channel 21 or 27, can't remember). No weeknight games.
  11. I've seen some 7th Grade teams use the large Youth ball and some use a NCAA ball. Take the one that fits him best now, since that will allow him to best use the mechanics that he will be taught
  12. The Raiders schedule was announced today, they have a home game on the afternoon of 9/18. I'm guessing that means we'll have a day game there on the 17th.
  13. Mandalay is literally right across the freeway. I just wish we knew what time the game is to make travel arrangements, I only plan to stay 1 night.
  14. Players are already sitting out the end of seasons. What's a few more games? And it's easy to see someone declaring themselves out for the bowl game, but might reconsider for 20-K or so
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