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  1. Beyond infuriating that we haven't figured it out....... Years and years go by, nothing but an old rendering from an old Master Plan. It makes 0 sense that UNT doesn't have a program... In DFW hotbed, relatively cheap tuition since most scholarships aren't full, NCAA male sport catered to the G5's to compete nationally, and the sparkle of a new program/park. Email sent to Wren.
  2. chances of Junior Lofton playing at La Tech next season just dramatically lowered.
  3. Extenuating circumstance with an ill family member definitely played into Reese's decision as well. This group is well aware that they're capable of doing something extremely special together. Maybe I'm being naive, but I really do have a strong feeling that everyone is back, including Drez.
  4. offseason priority number 1 imo
  5. the man has been the closer all year, even in the games where the shot making wasn't there (LaTech at home). Best shot creator on the roster by a mile, creates for others, has showcased the ability to hit big time shots, yet the fanbase has the audacity to question the staff as to why our best player still plays in a Tourney game. smh
  6. if you're questioning the staff as to why Tylor was still in the game despite struggling, then again, i question your basketball IQ...
  7. the back and forth, up and down mood swings from some on social media is exhausting...... Especially when they have 0 knowledge of hoops. Glad Tylor said something, we all think it.
  8. yeahhhhh, miss me with the team could use a loss take..... No need for a humbler, just win, GMG
  9. It's happened before, force their hand by winning the next 6 and creep into top 30 of NET.
  10. Hypothetically, say we win out.... you're talking about a 24-4 team that never lost a true road game. In that scenario we still couldn't afford a bad loss at conf tourney, but say we lost in Semis or Finals (UAB or La Tech) and were 25-5 or 26-5 and had a top 40 NET..... I'd be irate if we got left at home.. as it stands, we aren't an at-large, but keep winning and raising the hype and rip off the next 6 and you make it very hard on the committee to leave you out.
  11. need to finish this thing off and win by 30+, a win by only 20 will probably drop us a seed line 😉
  12. Stansbury might not make it out of the season. At halftime of their game, Seth Davis was saying UAB has CUSA's best chance at an at-large, but also mentioned us a candidate and that we needed to win @ UAB to have a real shot. 10 games, can the good guys run the table?? Sure, unlikely, but I'm ready to root like hell for it.
  13. When do we seriously start talking about an at-large bid to the Dance?? Wouldn't imagine given the record and NET ranking, that we are too far off from the bubble as it stands right now.... Helps AAC, ACC and PAC are down down. Add in the fact we are about to play 3 more quad 1 games in the coming weeks, and I very much think we are close to controlling our own destiny. Currently sit at 12-4 with 12 games left. Go 11-1 over that span w/ the L being @ UAB or @ La Tech and you're 23-5. Committee would have a very tough time leaving us out. Obviously dreaming here, but that's what you do on fan forums. Let's win the CUSA tourney yet again, but if we fall short, how awesome would it be to have a shot to be called on Selection Sunday?! GMG
  14. Thoughts from a basketball loving GMG fan......... ANY AND ALL CONFERENCE ROAD WINS ARE HUGE! Vegas had a 3.5 pt line for a reason. I don't care if you're in the Big East, B12, or the freaking MAAC, every coach will sign up for road W's. Thought JJ was tremendous, what a boost getting a double digit scoring night from him. Abou was spectacular and I can't help get excited about his future in Green. As for T Bell, the back to the basket is by design. other teams are switching live ball screens and Mac uses TB to space, draw doubles and distribute. He's very capable in that roll, just can't have the ball stick as much. Rebounding was a plus all night, just a Grant team being the toughest team on the floor. Didn't like the 16 TOs, that's a recipe for disaster with this team and absolutely can't do that Saturday. Also, better start hitting FTs at a higher clip..... All and all, big win to set the table for Saturday, going to need all the shot making come tomorrow.
  15. The whole "GMG" growth has been awesome, don't remember it being that prevalent when last enrolled in '14. I commonly just say the three letters, it rolls very well together....
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